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660 Yuan Zhou’s Help

 Sun Ming let out a sigh of relief when he found Yuan Zhou agreed. Only then did he walk out of the restaurant quickly and go outside.

Needless to say, he naturally went to pick up his goddess.

"Really prioritizes hoes before bros." Yuan Zhou commented.

When Sun Ming came back again, he had brought the so-called "goddess" with him.

Of course, Yuan Zhou didn't especially go to meet her at once. Instead, he only raised his head and looked toward her when the goddess entered the restaurant during lunchtime.

The girl had a golden yellow hair parted in the middle. As it was bright-colored, it looked as if sunshine was spilling over it.

In contrast, her little face was rather pale. When she spoke with Sun Ming, a polite smile appeared on her face. Immediately, two dimples appeared on both cheeks and her lips were covered with a dreamy pink color.

She did look glamorous and extraordinarily pretty. Even her arms were slender and fair.

"Thank you for bringing me here. I heard it's very difficult to get a seat and eat here." The voice of Sun Ming's goddess also sounded clear and melodious and her tone was natural and poised.

"You are welcome, really. The restaurant is opened by my best friend. He has nothing but superb craftsmanship, so it's a little difficult to wait for a seat." Sun Ming was made a little dazed by his goddess's gratitude, but still, he didn't forget to answer her.

Of course, he said quite proudly when he mentioned that he was Yuan Zhou's best friend.

"Huh? This friend of yours is really awesome. He's now a very famous chef in our Sichuan Province," his goddess narrowed her eyes and said smilingly.

"That's for sure." Sun Ming nodded his head.

"Come on, let's get seated. My friend doesn't like being disturbed while he's cooking. I will introduce him to you next time," Sun Ming pointed at the two separate seats and said enthusiastically.

Between the two seats, there was a long-haired girl.

Sun Ming would never introduce Yuan Zhou to her before he successfully made her become his girlfriend. Otherwise, he would have trapped himself.

Currently, there was a big crowd of people on the internet who waited in line to be Yuan Zhou's girlfriend. They even figured out a happiness index.

It was the highest happiness index to be Yuan Zhou's girlfriend.

The reason was that Yuan Zhou could cook braised pork using rice, which could not only meet the demands of the gluttons but also keep them fit. It was simply great news for the females.

"Okay." The goddess nodded her head and sat beside Sun Ming readily.

She looked quite open and dignified, not bashful at all.

She's indeed very beautiful, Yuan Zhou looked at her up and down and commented inwardly before he started to cook.

"Chairman, the dishes here are very delicious. What do you like to eat?" Sun Ming reached out his hand and handed the menu to the goddess immediately in a flattering manner.

The title of "chairman" was a little strange, but Yuan Zhou knew the reason. This goddess was the chairman of the student union when they were in college. She was the kind of person who was very good at getting things done. Once the wind blew, she would make it rain.

So, the real name of Sun Ming's goddess was Tang Yi.

"Hmm. Since it's opened by your best friend, you order the dishes," Tang Yi said straightforwardly and neatly.

"All right. Let me order for you." Sun Ming nodded his head and was quite happy in his heart.

After all, he was ordering the dishes for his own goddess.

"One serving each of Phoenix-Tailed Prawns, Jinling Grass, Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork, and Translucent Beef Slices as well as two bowls of the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine and two cups of lemon water." Sun Ming didn't care about the money this time and ordered a lot of things.

"Okay. One moment, please. The dishes will be served in no time." Mu Xiaoyun took notes carefully at the side and then nodded her head.

"Hmm. Go ahead," Sun Ming said casually after he paid the money.

"It really costs a lot to eat here. Thank you." When Tang Yi saw the prices, she expressed her gratitude earnestly to him.

"You are welcome. The dishes are super delicious. You'll know that after you taste them," Sun Ming shook his head and then said.

"Hmm." Without saying anything more, Tang Yi just nodded her head.

For an instant, the two of them just looked at each other with no words to share. Luckily, there was another girl between them and thus they wouldn't feel too embarrassed.

Contrarily, the girl in the middle stole a glance at the two people very carefully. After all, they looked like two regular friends rather than lovers.

Therefore, the long-haired girl just looked at the two people curiously.

Sun Ming managed to get Tang Yi's phone number again at the recent college reunion. He had tried three times before he successfully called her out in the name of fellow students.

During the period, he just contacted her occasionally or followed her to whatever reunion she took part in. Only in this way did he become a regular friend of hers. During the process, he did nothing else but like Tang Yi more and more.

However, it was the very first time that the two of them came out together for a meal. Sun Ming was quite nervous inwardly.

Tang Yi wasn't really familiar with Sun Ming at first. At recent class reunions, however, she always caught sight of this person. Plus, they studied in the same college and both worked in the student union, so they began to get familiar with each other gradually and finally became friends.

Of course, it was the first time for the two of them to come out for a meal without others accompanying.

"By the way, do drink the stewed soup first when the dishes are served later. I asked this friend of mine to specially prepare the soup for you. Didn't you often stay up late these few days? Drink it and you'll feel better," Sun Ming turned his head and said to Tang Yi at the other side of the long-haired girl with an embarrassed expression on his face.

Sun Ming naturally had his own purpose to ask her to drink the stewed soup first. After all, the dishes cooked by Yuan Zhou were much too delicious. If she ate the dishes before drinking the stewed soup and made comparisons, she would definitely feel the stewed soup prepared by himself was terrible, but this problem wouldn't exist if she drank the stewed soup first.

"Huh? I think we are bothering this boss too much," Tang Yi was a little surprised. After that, she knitted her brows and asked.

"No, no, we are not. Don't worry," Sun Ming shook her head immediately and then said decidedly.

Of course it won't bother Yuan Zhou. It was prepared by me, Sun Ming ridiculed inwardly.

Nonetheless, he immediately became excited. After all, his goddess would drink the stewed soup prepared by himself in a while. He felt slightly thrilled only on thinking of that.

"Here are the dishes for you two," Mu Xiaoyun carried the tray and walked to the side of them and then said gently.

"Okay. Thank you." Sun Ming turned his head swiftly and helped to carry the dishes.

"You are welcome. Please take your time and enjoy the meal," After Mu Xiaoyun said that smilingly, she went away to do something else.

After the dishes were placed on the table, however, Sun Ming found there wasn't the stewed Black-Bone Chicken Soup with Figs prepared by himself. He looked up at Yuan Zhou and appeared a little worried.

"One moment, please. The stewed soup is supposed to be ready soon," Sun Ming said anxiously.

At that moment, Yuan Zhou carried a stew cup with hot pink floral patterns painted at the bottom in his hand and walked to them. Then, he set the stew cup down on the table.

"Here's the stewed soup," Sun Ming pointed at the stew cup and said.

"Thank you." Tang Yi uncovered the cup and smiled revealing her dimples that were partly hidden and partly visible. At the sight of Tang Yi's smile, Sun Ming immediately became stupefied at the side.

The girl seated in the middle looked at the cup and at Yuan Zhou back and forth for a while before she turned to look at Sun Ming. She appeared slightly puzzled.

After all, the menu of Yuan Zhou's restaurant was known to her very well. When did Yuan Zhou serve a new dish? She wasn't likely to know nothing about that.

Just when other customers saw Yuan Zhou carry out the cup and when they prepared to ask him about that with puzzlement,

Yuan Zhou, who set down the cup but didn't leave at once, said straightforwardly.

"The stewed soup is prepared by my brother Sun Ming. He told me to carry it to you and not to tell you about it beforehand."