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636 Please Teach Me How To Eat I

 "Lunchtime will start now," Zhou Jia and Mu Xiaoyun stood at both sides of the door and said at the same time.

"Here we go. It has begun. I have looked forward to the dishes here for quite some time. The Dongpo Pig Knuckle is said to be quite tasty. So is the dish of Translucent Beef Slices, not to mention the signature dish, Egg Fried Rice," Miss Feng mumbled to herself while looking at the people that went inside ahead of her.

"Miss Feng." The two men behind her said at the same time.

"I know, I know. I won't touch food high in calories," Miss Feng waved her hand and said with an insouciant manner. However, she was constantly counting the people ahead of her to see when her turn would arrive.

"Well, it's going to be my turn after another twenty people," Miss Feng thought that expectantly and securely.

"Uncle Wu Hai, you didn't make it, did you?" Mu Xiaoyun said to Wu Hai mischievously.

"No, I didn't. Can you help?" Wu Hai nodded his head and then said without hesitation.

"No. I don't help with anything my boss doesn't agree with." Mu Xiaoyun immediately pouted and refused him neatly.

"Little Yun, you know, I can actually go there and take care of Boss Yuan. After all, his EQ is too low," Wu Hai straightened up and revealed a serious manner. Then, he said to her solemnly.

"I don't believe that. Even you are taken care of by Uncle Jiawei. Last time, Uncle Jiawei told us that you don't even know how to pay your telephone bill without him." Mu Xiaoyun debunked Wu Hai's lie without hesitation.

"That's impossible. As long as I give the phone to the personal staff of the China Mobile Service Hall, they will help me to pay the telephone bill. Besides, Boss Yuan doesn't need me to pay his telephone bill. I can do something else," Wu Hai said lightly.

"But if you go there, you'll definitely bother my boss. So I prefer that you stay here and wait for Boss Yuan to come back." Mu Xiaoyun shook her head with strength and safeguarded Yuan Zhou's interest seriously.

"Little Yun, you won't be lovable if you don't help me," Wu Hai shook his head and said solemnly.

"Uncle, you'll be scolded by Sister Jiang if you do so," Mu Xiaoyun also said seriously with a straight face.

"I don't care." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and revealed a look of indifference.

"My boss won't agree. He's going there for some proper business," Mu Xiaoyun explained seriously.

"Me, too," Wu Hai nodded his head to express his agreement and then said that.

"Anyway, my boss absolutely won't agree," Mu Xiaoyun pouted and said that. After that, she stood aside and no longer spoke to him.

"If he doesn't agree, I will go there on my own." Wu Hai decided to depend on himself rather than others.

Wu Hai made up his mind to go and attend the exchange meeting. After all, he had accidentally eaten the bluefin tuna last time. Maybe something delicious could be obtained this time, too.

He was reluctant to miss the opportunity.

"It's really too small inside, but very clean." Miss Feng looked around meticulously as soon as she entered.

She especially looked at the flower rack for dust. After all, that place tended to have more dust than other places.

As soon as she looked there, however, she was quite satisfied. It was very clean and bright enough to reflect her image. Not a speck of dust could be seen at all.

"This way, please." Mu Xiaoyun led the three people to their seats.

Coincidentally, the three seats weren't together. Two of them were next to each other while the other one was separate and close to Wu Hai's seat.

"I will sit here and you two sit over there. Don't worry. I will pay your bill," Miss Feng pointed at the single seat and said considerately.

"Miss Feng, you and I shall sit here. Coach Qian can sit on that single seat." With a simple eye contact, the two men understood the thoughts of each other immediately. Therefore, one of them said straightforwardly.

"No need, really. You two sit together and I can sit here alone. I like the secluded place." While saying that, Miss Feng headed for that single vacant seat.

"Miss Feng, you promised us just now. Please don't be so capricious," Coach Qian, who looked muscular and well-built, shook his head and said disapprovingly.

"I'm not capricious. I'm doing this for your own good. If you two sit together, you can figure out a new plan," Miss Feng said that with a considerate look.

"It's unnecessary. Mealtime is also included in the working hours. And we can draw up the new plan after we get off work and return home," the cultured man dressed in the business suit took the notebook and said seriously.

"Also, if you continue to stand there, you will affect the boss's business," the cultured man said earnestly to Miss Feng.

"All right." Miss Feng turned around and looked at the two people. Seeing both of them appear resolute and not intending to compromise, she could only nod her head to show consent regarding their arrangement.

"Please take my order." Miss Feng ordered the dishes immediately once she got seated.

"All right. Please tell me what you want," Mu Xiaoyun went up to her and asked earnestly.

"One serving of Dongpo Pig Knuckle and Translucent Beef Slices for each of them; one serving of Phoenix-Tailed Prawns for each of us; one serving of Silk Twined Rabbit also for each of them and three servings of Egg Fried Rice," Miss Feng said that while ordering the dishes.

"Miss Feng, the dishes you are ordering are..." The cultured man in the business suit took out his notebook and prepared to say something.

"I know, I know. Also, three servings of Jinling Grass for us. This is definitely a vegetarian dish. After all, its name contains grass." Miss Feng ordered another dish immediately.

"Okay. Please wait for a moment. It won't take too much time," Mu Xiaoyun calculated the price and then said.

"Um. Thank you." Miss Feng nodded her head and then sat up straight to wait for the dishes.

"Miss Feng, the calories of the Egg Fried Rice is a little too high. You can only eat 2/3 of it at most. For other dishes, I will calculate the calories when they are carried out and tell you by then." The cultured man in the business suit took the small notebook and brought out the results on it.

"Let's talk about that later," Miss Feng neither agree nor refused. She just said that without giving an affirmative or negative answer.

While they were waiting for the dishes, the cultured man in the business suit and Coach Qian were all staring at Miss Feng earnestly in the hope that she would feel ashamed.

Yuan Zhou always cooked very quickly. However, the first dish carried to them was the Dongpo Pig Knuckle that Miss Feng had long been looking forward to.

With the bright color and thick gravy, the moderate-sized pig knuckle was just lying on the bright and smooth plate silently. When it was carried onto the table, it was still emitting the alluring fragrance unique to meat. The main point was that it didn't smell greasy at all. It could simply tempt people to commit a crime.

"Here's your Dongpo Pig Knuckle." Mu Xiaoyun carried the dish to them. Even before she set the plate down steadily on the table, Miss Feng had reached out her hand and pulled the plate in front of her.

"Awoo." She took a bite very quickly. That's right. She didn't use the chopsticks when she ate it, but directly used her mouth.

"Hmmm. The taste is soooo good. It melts immediately upon entry into my mouth. I haven't savored the taste properly. Let me take another bite." Miss Feng carried the plate up and straightforwardly took another bite.

"Miss Feng, Miss Feng. You cannot eat it anymore." The cultured man in the business suit was so shocked that his notebook even fell on the ground. He didn't react and only stopped her loudly when Miss Feng took the second bite.

"All right, all right. Shut up, please. Take a bite of the prawns and taste it attentively." Miss Feng used the chopsticks this time, but she used the cultured man's chopsticks. She picked up a piece of the Phoenix-Tailed Prawns that had just been served and then stuffed it into his mouth.

"Holy sh*t. It's so tasty." The cultured man in the business suit couldn't help swearing because it was really too delicious.

He couldn't help but receive the chopsticks and eat another two prawns.

"Wait. However delicious it is, you cannot eat anymore. According to your physical conditions, it's too greasy for you to eat. Please put it down," The cultured man in the business suit tried hard not to eat more. Then, he put the chopsticks down and said to Miss Feng.

Finally, Miss Feng lost her temper. She threw away the chopsticks after a sound of "Pa" and shouted at the cultured man, "I spend money to hire you not to let you tell me what I cannot eat, nor is it to supervise my exercises."

The next moment, she turned her head toward the cultured man and Coach Qian, "I spend big money on you so that I can eat and drink as much as I want and don't need to exercise, yet not get fat!"