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635 Lose Weight And Set Ou

 "Tengyuan Jiayuan, good day." Dashi Xiujie lowered his head and bowed to the man on the seat immediately after he entered the door. Then, he started to greet him.

"How are things going?" The man with the title Jiayuan nodded his head and then asked.

"Chairman Masheng has agreed. Don't worry," Dashi Xiujie nodded his head solemnly and said.

"Um. At that time, come over here and depart with me," when he heard the positive answer, Tengyuan raised his head and said to Dashi Xiujie.

"Okay. Thank you." Immediately, Dashi Xiujie revealed a look of excitement. However, he did his utmost to refrain from laughing out and answered him peacefully.

"Um." The man seated at the desk only answered him with a very simple word this time. Without saying anything more, he lowered his head and continued reading the book seriously.

Apart from Chef Chu Xiao, another man called Yuan Zhou will also attend the exchange of pointers meeting. He is considered to be a chef that can compete with Chu Xiao," Dashi Xiujie hesitated for an instant before he said that.

One could see from his words that this Tengyuan Jiayuan decided to attend the meeting for Chu Xiao.

As for Dashi Xiujie's thoughts or plans, he didn't know and didn't care, either.

"Oh? He can even compete with Chu Xiao?" On hearing that, Tengyuan became interested. He looked at Dashi Xiujie and asked.

"Yes. It's said that they once had a competition which seemed to end in a tie. However, Chairman Zhou from China seemed to be more optimistic about Yuan Zhou." Dashi Xiujie didn't mind exaggerating about Yuan Zhou this time.

Only in this way could he arouse Tengyuan Jiayuan's interest and severe comments.

As a matter of fact, he didn't know that Chu Xiao had lost to Yuan Zhou in that competition. Otherwise, Chu Xiao wouldn't have lingered around Yuan Zhou's restaurant from time to time.

"Okay, I got it. You can go back now." Tengyuan gave a look at Dashi Xiujie and then went back to the book in his own hand, not saying anything more. Then, he started to drive him away.

"I won't bother you anymore then. This is the basic information of Mr. Yuan Zhou." Dashi Xiujie knew this Jiayuan very well. Judging from how he behaved, Dashi Xiujie knew that he had an interest in this person. So he put down the information about Yuan Zhou directly without asking for Tengyuan's permission.

"Um." Tengyuan neither said anything nor checked the information.

Dashi Xiujie retreated out of the room respectfully and then closed the door gently. After that, he went downstairs and greeted the amiable old woman before leaving.

Along with the sound of "Ta Ta Ta", Dashi Xiujie walked out of the villa area unhurriedly. Then, he couldn't restrain himself from laughing out loud.

"Humph. It's really your good fortune to attract Jiayuan's interest in you." Thinking about Yuan Zhou being slapped in his arrogant face, Dashi Xiujie felt quite happy.

While the Japanese side was busy selecting the candidates for the exchange meeting, it was the last day of Yuan Zhou's restaurant being open for business.

This time, Yuan Zhou didn't leave covertly, but straightforwardly released an announcement, which said that the restaurant would be closed on 9th, and wouldn't be open for business until one week later.

As he released the announcement ahead of time, there were many customers in the following several days, especially today. As it was 8th, there were more customers.

It was just slightly past 10:00 in the morning. Some customers had started to line up outside Yuan Zhou's restaurant already.

"Come on. Let's go over there. That must be Yuan Zhou's restaurant." A plump woman with chestnut-colored short hair and wearing high-heeled shoes strode toward the people lining up directly. She was dressed in a navy-blue, short, down jacket and black slim pants.

"Ms. Feng, you ate a bowl of sugar-free oats, six fresh strawberries, and a cup of sugar-free and low-fat milk about 200ml this morning. For the sake of your health, I suggest you eat some light dishes for lunch." A man dressed in a business suit followed the woman towards Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Meanwhile, he took out a notebook and then said that.

"I know, I know." The woman nodded her head when she heard that, but she still continued walking towards Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Miss Feng, you did aerobic exercises for only twenty minutes after breakfast this morning. The amount of exercise isn't enough. For the sake of your graceful figure, please do not eat oily, high sugar, and high-calorie foods." Another man at the other side of the woman was quite eye-catching.

The man had broad shoulders and a narrow waist. On such a cold day, he only wore simple woolen clothes and pants, looking casual and muscular.

After all, the pectoral muscles left obvious lineaments on the knitwear.

"Okay. I still want an hourglass figure." The woman nodded her head. Of course, she still continued walking forward.

"Ta Ta Ta". The woman walked the quickest while the other two men at the side weren't in a hurry. In a little while, the three of them arrived at the line outside Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

The woman, namely the one called Miss Feng, walked in a hurry and got in the line.

"Hoo... I should have made it," Miss Feng took a breath and then said.

"Wait a moment. I can line up by myself. You don't need to go inside," Miss Feng said to the other two men who lined up with her together.

"No," The two men said in unison this time.

"All right. I will treat you both to lunch then," Miss Feng considered for a while and said readily, with her eyes glowing with excitement.

"Thank you, but the requirements cannot be altered. You can not eat fried food containing high calories and high fat," The two men said in unison again this time.

They seemed to have been bribed more than once and hence even knew how to answer her.

"No, I won't," Miss Feng waved her hand and answered affirmatively, indicating that she wouldn't eat that way.

While people were crowding outside Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Yuan Zhou trying to talk sensibly with Wu Hai though he felt speechless in his heart.

Of course, Yuan Zhou preferred to throw him out directly. However, Wu Hai couldn't be more shameless when faced with the foods he liked, no matter whether Yuan Zhou told him explicitly or hinted him indirectly.

"Boss Yuan, I can take care of myself. You just need to take me with you and of course, I will bring money." Wu Hai revealed a manner of "I can bear all the cost."

"The exchange of pointers meeting is held at public expense," Yuan Zhou said resolutely.

"Then I can help on other affairs, for example, we can go out and have dinner.," Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said smartly.

"Never mind. I can pay by myself." Yuan Zhou still refused as usual.

"It's not early now. Lunchtime is about to start." Yuan Zhou looked at the clock solemnly.

"Yeah, yeah. So Boss Yuan, just say yes," Wu Hai nodded his head and said approvingly.

"No." Yuan Zhou's answer still remained the same.

"Boss Yuan, don't you feel an ache in your conscience? After all, I have barely eaten meals seriously for two days and now you leave me alone for another one week," Wu Hai said bitterly.

"No, I don't." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and remembered Broth.

After all, his conscience had been eaten up by it.

"It's going to be 11:00 right away." Yuan Zhou straightforwardly reported the time.

"Alright. Let me retreat outside and go line up first. We can talk about this matter in the afternoon," Wu Hai went out of the door obediently and then said.

He didn't say that he would quit going to the exchange meeting. How could he feel alright while thinking that Yuan Zhou would be making so many delicious dishes there?

"..." Yuan Zhou stared at Wu Hai and became even more speechless.

"Forget it. Let me prepare the ingredients first," Yuan Zhou muttered in his heart. Then, he went back to the kitchen and started to prepare the ingredients required for lunch seriously.