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634 An Expert On Chinese Cuisines In Japan

 "Alright. You win." Ling Hong glared at Master Cheng while taking his money out. It seemed that he intended to keep glaring until Master Cheng felt ashamed.

However, Master Cheng didn't have any reaction. He just said to Yuan Zhou respectfully, "Let me get the car."

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"As expected, the disciple takes after the teacher." Ling Hong revealed a manner as if he was disappointed in humanity. .

"I wouldn't say anything if you don't pay for them. But even a pretty woman like me who has big breasts, long legs, and a firm ass can't even enjoy being treated to a meal? He's really a blockhead." Jiang Changxi stroked her own beautiful face and sighed with emotion.

"A pretty woman like you is very rare, but nobody dares to flirt with you. Other girls would have felt embarrassed upon hearing the men's dirty jokes. On the other hand, the dirty jokes you tell make the men feel awkward," Wu Hai paid the money neatly and said that without hesitation when he passed by Jiang Changxi.

"You are nothing but a virgin male. Of course, you wouldn't know the great points of a woman like me." Jiang Changxi rolled her eyes at Wu Hai charmingly. Then, she also paid the money and left.

"Tsk-tsk. She's really a three-lost woman and dares to say anything," Ling Hong came out last and added straightforwardly.

"Hurry up. Boss Yuan is leaving now." Jiang Changxi didn't anything more this time. Instead, she just pointed at Yuan Zhou and Master Cheng who were waiting for them at the side.

"Got it." Ling Hong was still angry, thus he turned his head away and said nothing when he saw Master Cheng.

The trip back home was very smooth. Master Cheng drove carefully and steadily thus Yuan Zhou was quite relieved.

For the hotpot in the evening, Wu Hai thought of a special skill on how to grab vegetables. If he could take the vegetables with higher frequency and a larger amount each time, he could eat most and also to his heart's content.

After he found the inspiration, his whole person reverted back to normal. As usual, he started to arrive early to line up for dinner. Of course, he didn't forget to steal some dishes to eat, either.

It was then the customers started cherishing the memory when Wu Hai crouched outside and looked for inspiration.

Time passed quickly. The Sino-Japan Exchange Meeting of Culinary Skills was to be held on the 10th of Jan. And now, it was the 8th of Jan. Yuan Zhou was preparing to leave for Shanghai to attend the meeting.

The exchange of pointers meeting started on 10th of Jan and ended on 18th of the same month. As the meeting wouldn't affect the Chinese Lunar New Year, it was considered to be pretty good.

While Yuan Zhou was preparing to leave for Shanghai at this side, those Japanese chefs were not idling, especially Dashi Xiujie.

After he was criticized by Yuan Zhou to be good at nothing last time, he managed to collect a lot of information about him. In the end, he decided to invite one of the most influential food critics to attend the exchange meeting. Right now, he was reporting his idea in Chairman Masheng's office.

"Chairman, please make sure to approve my request," Dashi Xiujie made a deep bow straightforwardly and then said seriously.

"Xiujie, have you considered this well?" Chairman Masheng knitted his brows and asked.

"Yes. Since that Chef Yuan was reluctant to give some pointers, I can do only do so." Dashi Xiujie appeared to be resolute.

"But has Tengyuan Jiayuan agreed to your request?" When Chairman Masheng asked that, he sounded both solemn and respectful regardless on whether it was the title he used or his tone.

After all, the title of Jiayuan stood for the pinnacle of achievements of a certain field in Japan. Jiayuan was not just a title on a strict hierarchy but also an honorary title.

Therefore, this Tengyuan Jiayuan was a person that has reached the pinnacle, one who studied Chinese cuisines. He outdid Chairman Masheng on both aspects, whether it be tongue or craftsmanship.

Only those kind of people could be addressed in this way. Besides, this title could be inherited directly by his immediate descendants.

"I think Tengyuan Jiayuan has no reason to refuse me," Dashi Xiujie said quite confidently.

"Moreover, Chu Xiao is also listed in the participants this time. Tengyuan Jiayuan is quite happy to go and try if his culinary skills have become better," Dashi Xiujie continued.

"All right. Then, I approve of you inviting Tengyuan Jiayuan to attend the exchange of pointers meeting this time." Chairman Masheng nodded his head.

"Okay. Thank you so much, chairman." Dashi Xiujie gave a deep bowl again and thanked him excitedly.

"Go ahead." Chairman Masheng indicated that Dashi Xiujie could leave.

Then, Dashi Xiujie went out of the office respectfully and left for Tengyuan Jiayuan's home. Of course, he took a cab there instead of going by subway.

"With Tengyuan Jiayuan being present, we seem to be the big bullying the small. But that Chef Yuan is really hateful." Dashi Xiujie clenched his fist while sitting in the car.

Judging from his appearance, he felt still felt furious the moment Yuan Zhou was mentioned.

"What does a Chinese chef know about Kabayaki Eel? How dare he rebuked me?" There was obvious contempt in the eyes of Dashi Xiujie.

"And also that Chu Xiao as proud as a peacock. He will probably be scolded this time, too. After all, the tongue of Tengyuan Jiayuan isn't a common one." Dashi Xiujie was still preparing his scheme of killing two birds with one stone.

"Were it not for you always staying in Europe and Tengyuan Jiayuan being unwilling to take a long journey there, your reputation of not ever being criticized would have already been destroyed." Dashi Xiujie even turned his nose up at Chu Xiao, the youngest Michelin Three-Star Chef in history.

"Haha. Just wait to be discredited together with 'Malu' this time." Dashi Xiujie thought that complacently in the heart.

His goal was achieved while he was fantasising when both Yuan Zhou and Chu Xiao were criticized to be useless, revealing a smile.

Malu stood for b*stard. In the eyes of Dashi Xiujie, Yuan Zhou was a b*stard.

"You have arrived at the address," the driver reminded him in front.

"Okay, thank you." Dashi Xiujie lowered his head and thanked him. Then, he paid the money and left.

It was a peaceful and secluded villa area. All the houses were not higher than three floors. Some were basically hiding behind tall trees. And the whole wall appeared as grey as bricks, which made it look primitive and plain as well as solemn.

Dashi Xiujie took out his access card and swiped it to go inside. He walked forward for about ten minutes before arriving in front of a villa.

The iron gate in front of him controlled electronically. Dashi Xiujie rang the doorbell and the door was opened automatically after the people inside checked the monitor.

"Hello. I'm Dashi Xiujie. I especially come for a visit concerning the matter of the exchange of pointers meeting." When he walked to the front door, Dashi Xiujie straightforwardly bowed to the door respectfully.

After a sound of "Zhi Ya", the red wooden door was opened by an old woman.

"Come on in. He's waiting for you in his study. Hurry up." The woman's voice was gentle. She then pointed at the room on the left side of the second floor.

"Thank you." Only then did Dashi Xiujie enter the door and take off his shoes before heading for the second floor directly.

The door of the study was open. He could easily see the very big bookcase at the back stretching deep into the third floor. It seemed that there were two more big bookcases behind it.

On one of the bookcases was the conspicuous Four Famous Literary Masterpiece of China in both Chinese and Japanese, and even the English version could be seen. Below was a great pile of, The Analects of Confucius, Ta Hsueh, The Doctrine of Mean and, The Book Of Songs in various versions from different languages.

Just in front of the surprisingly big bookcase, a man dressed in a black montsuki was seated behind a desk with his back straight and upright. He had neat whiskers and looked no more than 50 years old with a face glowing of health.

"Come on in, Xiujie." This person greeted Dashi Xiujie in a steady voice. After saying that, he lowered his head straightforwardly and began to read the book again.

It was the Records of the Historian in traditional Chinese.

"Okay." Dashi Xiujie felt slightly perturbed, but he still walked into the room.

He was a Japanese man who had acquired the master-level title of Jiayuan with his great achievements in Chinese cuisines. He was even regarded by the Americans as the Japanese man who knew Chinese cuisines better than the Chinese on the magazine of Global Food.

Though this title wasn't approved in China, his capabilities could be seen from that.

Hence, Dashi Xiujie could be said to have made great efforts.