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633 Im Still Young.

 "All right. Get us two bowls of tofu pudding," Master Cheng looked at Yuan Zhou and then said.

By then, Yuan Zhou had stepped aside and got a seat. Master Cheng naturally ordered the tofu pudding for Yuan Zhou and himself.

"I also want one bowl of the tofu pudding." It was Jiang Changxi who spoke and ordered the food immediately this time.

"Me, too." After saying that, Ling Hong started to stare at Master Cheng.

At the other side, Wu Hai first measured the old man with his eyes for a while stroking his small mustaches before he turned to look at Yuan Zhou. Only then did he sit down and say, "One serving for me, too."

"Okay. One moment, please." Only then did the old man raised his head.

However, he didn't have any unusual reaction. He just smiled at Yuan Zhou and received a courteous smile from him.

"Why did you only order two bowls?" Ling Hong stared at Master Cheng and asked.

"Of course. One for Master Yuan and the other for me," Master Cheng said as if it were obvious.

"What about us?" Ling Hong said discontentedly.

Even Jiang Changxi and Wu Hai looked at Master Cheng curiously at the side.

"You're the second-generation tycoon and hence don't need me to treat you. And as a director of a big company, Ms. Jiang doesn't need it, either. As for Mr. Wu, he also doesn't need to be treated. He seldom eats outside," Master Cheng said reasonably.

"That seems a little reasonable." Ling Hong knitted his brows and thought for a while and then he didn't ask anything more.

Nor did Jiang Changxi and Wu Hai at the side.

In just a little while, the tofu pudding was carried to them.

"Here's the tofu pudding and rice for you guys. The dipping sauce is over there. You can add it by yourselves. Don't add too much." The old man carried the tray to them and served all the five bowls of tofu pudding in one go.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou expressed his gratitude seriously and then went to add the dipping sauce.

"Are you the only one in the shop?" Jiang Changxi didn't leave immediately. Instead, she asked the old man.

"Of course. This shop doesn't have too many customers." The old man nodded his head.

That's right. This old man was the top wedding-dress designer who waited for Boss Tong at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"The tofu pudding tastes best when it's hot." After saying that, the old man walked away straightforwardly.

At that time, those who went to add the dipping sauce all returned.

"What's the significance of asking about that?" Ling Hong said with an expression of contempt. Without saying anything more, he directly prepared to eat.

As always, Wu Hai cared about nothing but the food in the bowl. He was looking at the bowl and was thinking solemnly if this dish was tasty.

Yuan Zhou and Master Cheng nevertheless prepared to eat it seriously.

"I'm not asking you." Jiang Changxi rolled her eyes at Ling Hong before she went to add the dipping sauce.

Yuan Zhou picked up a piece of tofu pudding with the chopsticks. It wasn't snowy white and tender as expected. Instead, it was a little yellow and had some tiny holes, which indicated that it had been slightly overcooked.

"Pa". Yuan Zhou put it in the dipping sauce gently and then stuffed it into his mouth.

It was slightly salty and spicy with the flavor of chives, which directly hid the overcooked state of the tofu. To his surprise, the taste was really not bad.

"Fairly good." Wu Hai ate a piece and uttered in satisfaction.

"Of course. Boss Yuan's recommendations are pretty good." Ling Hong also nodded his head.

"Yeah. Master Yuan not only has supreme craftsmanship, but also has very sharp eyes." Master Cheng agreed with what Ling Hong said very much.

As for Jiang Changxi, she didn't really taste the delicacy carefully. Instead, she cared more about other things, for example, the old man who was soaking the soybeans over there.

Yuan Zhou didn't look all around at all. Even if he sat on a bench, he kept his back as straight as an arrow. He ate a mouthful of tofu pudding and then a mouthful of rice, eating it evenly and quickly.

With this way of eating, it was actually the tofu pudding rice. One of the best dishes to eat along with rice.

"Pa". The chopsticks emitted a light sound when they were put on the table. Yuan Zhou had finished his meal.

"Take your time." Yuan Zhou set the chopsticks down and stood up.

"He simply leaves nothing at all in his bowl," Ling Hong took a look and then said.

In the eyes of Ling Hong, the tofu pudding was very common. He ate it just because he saw Yuan Zhou eating it so earnestly. Otherwise, he really couldn't eat it up. After all, he didn't acknowledge that person and of course, he wasn't interested in the common food that he cooked.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou ate up everything in his bowl except for the dipping sauce. The same goes for Master Cheng at the side.

Having finished his meal, Yuan Zhou stood up and went to the old man.

There was nobody else in the shop, thus they started to talk over here.

"This shop is yours." Obviously, Yuan Zhou was quite sure about that.

"Of course it's mine." The old man nodded his head.

"For what?" Yuan Zhou felt rather curious in his heart, but on the surface, he asked lightly.

"Didn't you hear Lan Lan speak about that?" The old man looked at Yuan Zhou curiously.

"Because of that promise." Yuan Zhou suddenly reacted.

"Yeah. Tong Lan once said that she would like to open a tofu shop in the future. This place is very close to the tofu workshop where we learned before. It's just a pity that the workshop has been demolished," the old man said that regretfully.

"Boss Tong might not necessarily come back." Yuan Zhou felt that Boss Tong might not necessarily come to see him.

He didn't know why, but it was his instinct. Sometimes, the sixth-sense of men could be quite accurate. For example, he could definitely perceive that if somebody commented that he was handsome.

"Exactly. How long are you prepared to open the tofu shop?" Jiang Changxi asked the old man while looking at him.

"Never mind. I'm going to wait for her just like now. Anyway, I'm still young. And there's no problem for me to wait another thirty years." When the old man said that, he appeared quite unperturbed.

"Young?" Wu Hai looked at the old man and said nothing.

Yuan Zhou and Jiang Changxi were speechless for an instant after listening to the old man's words. The feelings they felt were unique.

One single man waiting for thirty years?

As for Ling Hong, he straightforwardly rolled his eyes and revealed an expression that he was tired of talking.

On the contrary, Wu Hai was thinking of how to eat more vegetables in the evening. Speed was definitely foremost. Wu Hai nodded his head inwardly. He had to think of several methods to eat more.

Master Cheng's reaction was easier. He just stood there and waited to pay.

After a while of silence in the shop, Jiang Changxi broke the silence.

"Could you show me that wedding dress?" Jiang Changxi asked meticulously.

"No. It cannot be seen by nobody except Tong Lan." The old man refused bluntly without even thinking for an instant.

"All right." Jiang Changxi originally didn't think that she could see it, thus she just nodded her head.

"Boss Tong is no longer a girl at her age," Wu Hai said that abruptly.

"Who said that? As long as she hasn't yet worn the wedding dress, she's a girl," Jiang Changxi had barely said that when the old man said the same thing.

"Tong Lan is still a girl before she wears my wedding dress."

This time, both people surprisingly answered in unison.

"Oh." Wu Hai didn't really care about that. He continued thinking of ways to grab more vegetables.

"It's not early. Let's return." Yuan Zhou said that.

"Okay. I'm going to pay." After saying that, Master Cheng stepped up to pay immediately, not giving Yuan Zhou any opportunity to refuse.

Seeing Master Cheng pay the money, Wu Hai, Jiang Changxi and Ling Hong stood up and prepared to leave naturally.

At that moment, the old man suddenly said.

"You guys haven't paid for the tofu pudding," the old man looked at the three people and said that.

"Haw?" Ling Hong looked at the old man and then Master Cheng with a surprised expression.

"Oh. I only paid for the tofu pudding for Master Yuan and me," Master Cheng said naturally.

That's right. Master Cheng had only paid the money for himself and Boss Yuan.

He ordered for the two of them and thus paid for the two of them. Then, Ling Hong became speechless. Though he didn't like others to treat him, he didn't like to be stopped and asked for payment even more when he was about to leave.

Ling Hong felt now that it was unknown if Master Cheng learned any culinary skills from Yuan Zhou, but what was certain was he had learned how to cheat others...