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632 A Tofu Shop

 The following day, Wu Hai no longer squatted down and observed the surrounding people. He waited at the very first place and ate breakfast seriously, just as usual. The same thing happened during lunchtime.

"It seems that you have gathered enough inspiration," Ling Hong said to Wu Hai.

"No. He just wants to eat hotpot in the evening," Yuan Zhou shut the door and said directly.

"It's still Boss Yuan who knows about me the best." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and nodded his head earnestly.

"He's preparing for the spicy hotpot in the evening. If his stomach hurts, he won't be able to eat a lot." Jiang Changxi shrugged at the side.

"That's right." Wu Hai nodded his head without reservation.

"I really overestimated a foodie like you." Ling Hong immediately became speechless.

"You aren't better than me, either. You are talking as if you are not a person like me." Wu Hai looked at Ling Hong in a contemptuous manner.

"It seems that Zheng Jiawei isn't here today," Ling Hong said calmly.

"Thank you for giving me a ride." Wu Hai opened the car door and got on the car right away, calmly admitting defeat.

At that time, Jiang Changxi opened the car door on the other side and got on as well. However, she was sitting at the back seat this time. Hence, she sat together with Wu Hai.

"Why don't you take the co-driver's seat?" While he was getting on the car, Ling Hong asked curiously.

"I heard the co-driver die even faster than the driver in accidents," Jiang Changxi fastened her seat belt calmy and then said that.

"Ho Ho." Ling Hong instantly became speechless. Then, he began to start the engine of his purple SUV.

A high-profiled purple.

It seemed that Ling Hong had learned from his lesson last time and didn't drive his sports car. Of course, such a high-profile color was undoubtedly customized by Ling Hong.

At the other side, Yuan Zhou and Master Cheng also walked to the street cross. The car they were going to drive this time was still the same one that Master Cheng drove when they had picked the vegetables last time.

A crowd of people had made an appointment to go out to pick vegetables. Originally, Yuan Zhou wouldn't have taken part in it. After all, he himself had vegetables to eat with the hotpot while others didn't.

However, Wu Hai had been drawing recently and moreover, he hadn't eaten anything for a few days. Therefore, Yuan Yuan went there impatiently to accompany them.

In the eyes of Wu Hai, the vegetables picked by Yuan Zhou were the best.

"Master Yuan, here's the car," Master Cheng opened the car door of the co-driver's seat first and said respectfully.

"Um. Sorry for bothering you," Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then said.

"You are welcome. I have learned a lot of things recently." Master Cheng said smilingly with a straightforward and good-natured expression.

"Will you also go to attend the exchange meeting between chefs from China and Japan a few days later?" Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then asked.

"Yes, I will. Thanks to your help, I have this opportunity." Master Cheng nodded and then started the engine.

"Boss Yuan, let's set off now," Ling Hong put his head out of the car and said to Yuan Zhou.

"Take care on the way there," Yuan Zhou nodded and then said that.

"I know. I'm still waiting for the hotpot this evening." Ling Hong smoothed out his hair with his fingers handsomely and then the car headed out.

Watching Ling Hong's car head out, Master Cheng followed slowly. He drove the car smoothly and steadily.

"It has nothing to do with me," after a moment of silence, Yuan Zhou suddenly said.

"Um?" Master Cheng was a little puzzled. After a while, he understood that Yuan Zhou was talking about the matter of the exchange meeting of chefs from China and Japan.

"Of course it has something to do with you. You let me learn more culinary skills as well as other things," Master Cheng said that solemnly when they were waiting for the green light.

"You cooked very well last time," Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of the food that Master Cheng was asked to cook last time and praised him.

"Um." With the smile on his face getting bigger and bigger, Master Cheng nodded his head excitedly.

"Drive carefully." After saying that, Yuan Zhou didn't say anything more.

"Don't worry. My driving skills are quite decent," Master Cheng answered him confidently.

"Um," Yuan Zhou nodded his head and still said nothing.

The drive the farmland in the countryside went very smoothly. After all, Ling Hong acted as a guide in front of them. As for the process of picking the vegetables, it was easy.

After all, you can't expect a female director of a company, a second-generation tycoon, and an artist to know any of the ingredients.

Therefore, all the ingredients were picked personally by the owner after they told him what they were going to buy.

During the process, this owner asked them again, "Are you going to go to his restaurant to eat hotpot, again?"

"Yeah." Ling Hong nodded his head.

"Tsk-tsk. There aren't even any vegetables in his hotpot. Why do you still often go there?" The owner of the farm indicated that he didn't understand it.

"We have no choice. Even the Rice Served in Soup from the Spicy Hotpot is awfully delicious," Wu Hai said helplessly while stroking his own mustaches.

"It must be a hotpot recipe or craftsmanship passed from generations ago. This boss has probably started to learn cooking even before he was born. Otherwise, it wouldn't be so tasty." The owner looked at Yuan Zhou and then sighed with emotion.

In his opinion, his culinary skills must be awfully wonderful, able to cook hotpot so delicious where customers had to buy the vegetables themselves. And Yuan Zhou was probably no more than 30 years old though he looked mature.

It was very common for the owner of the farmland to sigh with emotion like that.

"Well, that's probably true." Jiang Changxi refrained from laughing out and nodded her head.

The vegetable-picking process lasted around one hour before it ended. The vacant seats of both cars were all occupied by the vegetables on their way back home.

Of course, it was Wu Hai's proposal."

"I think the vegetables will be contaminated with the petrol fumes if they are put in the trunk. I suggest we put them in the car," Wu Hai looked at the vegetables placed neatly and suggested seriously.

Therefore, the back seats of Master Cheng's car were full of vegetables. So was the co-driver's seat of Ling Hong's car.

On their way back, Yuan Zhou suddenly said to Master Cheng when they passed by a place again.

"Stop here for a moment," Yuan Zhou turned his head and said.

"Okay, Master Yuan." Without asking for the reason, Master Cheng nodded his head straightforwardly.

Master Cheng truly drove very well. By the time the car stopped, he had just parked it in front of a shop.

And the car slowed down smoothly and steadily.

As Master Cheng was driving ahead of others on the way back, Ling Hong also stopped the car when he saw Master Cheng park at that spot.

"What's the matter?" Ling Hong got off the car and went up to him, asking that.

"It's Boss Yuan," Master Cheng answered straightforwardly.

"He's not going to pee, is he? We just came out from a shop. Something must be wrong with his kidney and I think he needs to use some tonics," Ling Hong asked with an evil laugh.

Wu Hai just looked at Yuan Zhou and said nothing while Jiang Changxi said straightforwardly, "I guess so. Even if you young people want to reward your five fingers, you should hold back a bit."

"Please don't say those kinds of words. I'm still a child," Wu Hai said shamelessly.

"No. It's time to eat snacks," Yuan Zhou pointed at a shop at the side and said straightforwardly.

"What?" Then, Ling Hong, Jiang Changxi, and Wu Hai all became stunned.

This was because Yuan Zhou was pointing at a tofu shop, a shop literally called "A Tofu Shop".

There were only a few tables and chairs in the shop. Outside the shop was a big iron pot, where there were white tofu pudding and clear broth that gave out white steam.

"A strange shop name," Wu Hai commented straightforwardly.

"Yes, it is." Ling Hong nodded his head.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou didn't explain too much to them. After saying that, he directly entered the shop.

As soon as they entered the shop, however, they all looked a bit dazed as if they had seen something outrageous.

"Only tofu pudding is sold in the shop," an old man said that without even raising his head. He had white hair and a ruddy complexion and was dressed in a black overcoat and singlet.