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631 Different Angles

 "I'm thinking how to draw this painting from another perspective," Wu Hai answered subconsciously.

"Mustached uncle, can you lower your head? I can't even see your face now," When the little girl found that Wu Hai was always raising his head while answering her, she pulled a corner of his clothes and said that.

"Why don't you go to take the sculptures?" Wu Hai lowered his head and prepared to turn this little girl away subconsciously.

As soon as he lowered his head, however, Wu Hai became a little stupefied.

"Mustached uncle, perhaps I can help you. But when you talk with me, you need to squat down. Otherwise, Beibei cannot hear you," the little girl said to Wu Hai in a serious manner.

"Squat down and lower my head? Yes, yeah, I got it. That's it." Wu Hai became enlightened at once and figured out from what point of view he should draw the painting.

Seeing a smile appear on Wu Hai's face, the little girl it a bit strange. Just when she prepared to say something, she was hugged into her mother's arms.

"Sorry, my child must have disturbed you," the young woman said, slightly embarrassed.

"No, never mind. It's okay. She's fine. She's doing pretty good." Wu Hai waved his hand continuously. Then, he turned around and ran back to his own art studio.

On hearing that, both the young woman and her daughter became a little muddled. What was going on?

"Sorry. His problem was just solved with the help of your little girl. I would like to thank you." Zheng Jiawei went up to them and started to salvage the situation.

"Er..." The young woman became more confused.

"This little girl is right. We can learn from everyone. You really helped that mustached uncle just now," Zheng Jiawei said seriously to that little girl.

"Did I? Great!" The little girl immediately revealed a big smile.

"Yes, you did." Zheng Jiawei nodded his head affirmatively.

"Mom, see? I helped others." The little girl immediately turned her head and asked her mum for praise.

Meanwhile, Zheng Jiawei turned to the young woman and revealed a grateful smile. Only then did the young woman feel relieved and began to praise her own daughter.

"It seems he will be able to eat dinner tonight," Yuan Zhou set down the sculpture in his hand and said that secretly.

Yuan Zhou was right. However, Wu Hai arrived even before dinner time commenced.

He returned after staying in his studio for only one hour.

"Boss Yuan, time to eat." Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou with a manner of solemnity.

"Um. When the time comes," Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then said that.

"I feel hungry now," Wu Hai said primly.

"Eat more later," Yuan Zhou continued.

"Don't you have anything special for me?" Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou bitterly.

"No." Yuan Zhou shook his head neatly.

Then, Wu Hai got dispirited and discouraged. Luckily, Zheng Jiawei had bought rice congee and returned by then.

After Wu Hai ate a little bit, he managed to wait until dinner time.

Afterward, Wu Hai turned on his new observation mode again. He took a cushion and got seated outside Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Furthermore, he only had one meal a day, which was lunch.

"This guy is really giving everything he has," Ling Hong looked at Wu Hai seated outside and said.

"That's for sure. After all, he's an artist." Jiang Changxi nodded her head.

"Seldom do we see Brother Wu work so hard. I am really not used to that," Tang Xi said that with an unnatural tone while eating the Egg Fried Rice.

"You must have been used to others fighting with you for food," Man Man said smilingly at the side.

"I think it is only because of the nutritious dishes in Boss Yuan's restaurant that Wu Hai isn't starving now." Ling Hong didn't agree with Wu Hai's behavior of working so desperately.

"Artists always have their own thoughts and persistence." Nevertheless, Man Man showed more understanding toward Wu Hai's behavior.

After all, she sometimes also needed one whole day when she prepared a new variety of cakes. Naturally, she had no time to eat anything that day.

"Hey. We'll eat the hotpot tomorrow. Do you join us?" Ling Hong walked out of the restaurant and said to Wu Hai who was sitting on the ground.

Jiang Changxi also followed him out and looked at both of them.

Wu Hai raised his head very slowly. He glanced at Ling Hong inch by inch.

"What are you looking at?" Ling Hong knitted his brows and said discontentedly.

"From this perspective, I find you always push out your chin unconsciously when you talk. You really deserve a beating with the way you talk," Wu Hai said seriously.

"F*ck off. Then, you better not come." Ling Hong instantly blew his top when he heard that. Then, he turned around and left immediately.

Jiang Changxi didn't hear clearly what Wu Hai muttered, but when she saw him looking towards her, she immediately said, "Don't speak. I only tell you one thing. Boss Yuan will go there tomorrow, too."

"Okay." Wu Hai nodded his head at once.

"Um. See you tomorrow." Jiang Changxi nodded his head and then left, too.

"People look really strange from this perspective." Wu Hai sat on the ground with his legs crossed and appeared quite interested.

That's right. What Wu Hai learned from the little girl was to squat down and look at others. In this way, he had a different point of view.

"It feels so vivid. Interesting." Wu Hai watched various people standing in front of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Somebody touched his own wallet from time to time in the line, obviously in fear of losing his wallet.

Someone sounded tender and gentle when he spoke on the phone, but his lips were curved downwards, his feet were tapping on the ground, and the other hand was in his pocket.

Someone else stood as straight as an arrow as if he had been specially trained while somebody else was counting the money placed carefully near his stomach.

Seen from the bottom up, people's faces all became longer. Some people didn't look so courteous as was seen from the front, but instead looked depressed.

"It's good." Wu Hai crossed his arms against his chest and appeared excited.

In normal times, Wu Hai left immediately once other customers left in the evening. This time, however, he didn't. He looked at the inside of the restaurant and then said loudly.

"Boss Yuan, Boss Yuan, quickly come out now," Wu Hai shouted loudly.

Yuan Zhou stared at Wu Hai who was quite active and excited now. He then considered for three seconds before he walked out of the restaurant.

"Dinnertime has ended." It was Yuan Zhou's first sentence after he walked out.

Nevertheless, Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and looked at Yuan Zhou with a serious light.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't have any reaction at all. He just stood like that.

About five minutes later, Yuan Zhou said, "You can see more clearly if you lie down."

Yuan Zhou said that indifferently. One couldn't tell if it was discontent or purely a suggestion.

"Good idea." On hearing that, Wu Hai suddenly got a shine in his eye. He immediately lay down as advised and started to observe the restaurant.

"The sky here really looks bright." Wu Hai lay down and immediately saw the sky.

"Yes. The ground also feels cold," Yuan Zhou nodded his head and said affirmatively.

"It turns out that you are the same outside and inside. No matter from whatever perspective, the indifferent face is still the indifferent face," Wu Hai suddenly sat up and said to Yuan Zhou.

"Of course." Yuan Zhou nodded as if it were obvious.

"You will never know how long I have practiced keeping this expression. This is top-level micro-expression management. How could you be able to see through it so easily?" Yuan Zhou appeared indifferent, but felt quite proud in the heart.

"Will you go to pick vegetables tomorrow?" Wu Hai suddenly asked.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Great. I'm going to eat the hotpot tomorrow." Wu Hai jumped to his feet immediately and prepared to leave.

"See you tomorrow." Wu Hai waved his hand to Yuan Zhou and walked towards his home.

"What a vigorous person!" Yuan Zhou was still very curious about this person who ate only one meal but was still so spirited.

Of course, he, as a prince charming, wouldn't speak out of turn and asked about that because that wasn't his style. In the face of others, Yuan Zhou had been maintaining his usual prince charming profile the whole time.

After all, only the prince charming was worth fighting for in this world full of incapable young and good-looking boys.