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630 Wu Hai Drawing Pictures

 "Haven't you all ever pass your mathematics exam?" Sister Wan tidied her bangs and looked at those people in surprise.

"What's the matter?" Man Man looked at Sister Wan with puzzlement.

"Little Jiang, you don't know too?" Sister Wan stared at Man Man for quite a long time before she turned her head to Jiang Changxi and asked her.

"What?" Jiang Changxi also revealed a puzzled look.

"So, you don't know that either, do you?" Sister Wan wasn't hopeful about Ling Hong at all.

"I've no idea what you are talking about." Ling Hong shrugged.

Sister Wan let out a sigh helplessly. Then, even Wu Hai looked at her curiously. And as Yuan Zhou was fairly sensitive to the word "mathematics", he also cocked his ears secretly and listened to her.

"There were a total of 30 people. If six people waived the right to vote, all the 8 fruits would have the same votes. Even if there weren't so many fruits, we could still have 7 fruits." Sister Wan said seriously.

"So, do you calculate the correct amount when you do business during normal times, Man Man?" Sister Wan looked at Man Man with a worried expression.

After all, Man Man opened a dessert shop and needed to do calculations frequently.

"Let's stop talking about that. Even if we know that now, it's useless. There are only two fruits right now." Ling Hong replied first. He said that naturally.

"Exactly. What's done cannot be undone. It's useless to talk about that anymore." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and revealed an indifferent expression.

He had totally forgotten that he agreed with Man Man's opinion of 6 fruits just now.

As for Yuan Zhou, he was stupefied for an instant and then continued preparing the dishes as if he had heard nothing.

"I was definitely affected by Man Man who isn't good at numbers at all. After all, I am someone who has gone to university," Yuan Zhou thought that confidently.

"Ai... My fruits are gone." Wu Hai cast his eyes up to the sky and sighed deeply.

As he was in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, however, he caught sight of the ceiling once he raised his head. Then, he became stunned immediately.

"Huh? Wu Hai emitted a light sound and then, he just looked up like that and no longer lowered his head.

A little while later, he stood up and even walked two rounds in the restaurant.

"Is he crazy?" Ling Hong looked at Wu Hai's behavior and his strange mutterings before asking Jiang Changxi at the side in surprise.

"That's quite probable. After all, this guy basically doesn't eat anything else cooked by others." Jiang Changxi nodded her head, seeming serious.

"You are right. So he went crazy because of the fruits?" Ling Hong asked again for confirmation.

"What do you want to do?" Man Man asked curiously.

Indeed. Though Ling Hong had a good relationship with Wu Hai in normal times, he had never cared about him much. In view of Wu Hai's current behavior, he figured there was definitely a conspiracy.

"Oh no. Boss Yuan, look at Wu Hai. He went crazy," Ling Hong grinned at Man Man and then turned his head to Yuan Zhou while saying that.

"Never mind. He's thinking about life," Yuan Zhou raised his head and took a look at Wu Hai before he said that affirmatively.

"What kind of life can he think about? Boss Yuan, why don't give me some fruits we ate yesterday so that I can go to persuade him?" Ling Hong spoke nonsense in a serious manner.

"He doesn't need it." After saying that, Yuan Zhou continued his work and no longer answered him.

"That didn't work. Wu Hai is really useless." Ling Hong shrugged and gave a contemptuous look at Wu Hai.

"I've never expected you are that kind of person." Man Man looked at Ling Hong and shook her head.

That's right. Ling Hong and the customers in the restaurant all realized that Wu Hai seemed to have some ideas, thus they didn't go to disturb him.

Nevertheless, Ling Hong intended to get some fruits by cheating Yuan Zhou, but he failed in the end. However, when he said that just now, he intentionally kept his voice down.

"Interesting. It seems that I can draw another painting based on this theme." Wu Hai raised his hand and prepared to stroke his mustaches, but in the end, he reached his neck.

Only then did he realized that he was still looking up. Then, he lowered his head.

"Pa Da Pa Da". Wu Hai walked out of Yuan Zhou's restaurant swiftly. It was a little cold outside, but it was sunny today.

Wu Hai began to walk around Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"From what angle should I draw it this time? What kind of angle can result in that kind of feeling?" Wu Hai walked around Yuan Zhou's restaurant quickly while stroking his small mustaches.

"Well, all right. Inspiration really came." Ling Hong shrugged and then went out of the restaurant.

Wu Hai always behaved like that. Whenever inspiration about Yuan Zhou's restaurant dawned on him, he always observed the restaurant from various angles like that.

The painting of People Passing by A Small Restaurant last time was drawn only after Wu Hai observed the restaurant for one whole week at the window of his art studio.

What's more, he would never stop until he got his line of thought as long even with the slightest inspiration. Now, it happened to again.

The regular customers of Yuan Zhou's restaurant were already accustomed to that, so was Yuan Zhou.

Artists all behaved like that.

"What kind of painting can he draw this time?" Jiang Changxi was quite curious.

"Actually, I care more about how much money the painting is worth," Man Man burst into laughter and said jokingly.

"Never mind. Anyway, it's unaffordable," Sister Wan said in a leisurely tone.

"Sister Wan, you can't hurt me where it hurts." Man Man looked at Sister Wan ruefully with a downcast expression.

"I'm actually talking about myself." Sister Wan nodded her head

Those people chatted as they left. They especially didn't say good-bye to Wu Hai, leaving him looking for his own inspiration.

Last time, he did the same at the window of his art studio rather than in front of the customers. AT that time, the people didn't really know him; therefore, they just thought that Wu Hai was a mad artist.

But they never saw it in action. This time, however, they felt it.

Because for the following two days, Wu Hai just stood in front of Yuan Zhou's restaurant like that. The key point wasn't that he stood there, but that he didn't go inside to eat anything.

He even stood there like that during the three meal times, which made people feel amazed.

In the end, Yuan Zhou made a call to Zheng Jiawei, but that didn't work, either. It made no difference, there was just another person standing at the door.

"He is not eating?" In the afternoon, Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and looked towards Zheng Jiawei, asking that.

"It should be because, he hasn't found his line of thought. If he does, he will eat," Zheng Jiawei came up to Yuan Zhou and said naturally.

At that time, Wu Hai had begun to move around again and meanwhile still appeared thoughtful.

"Um. Remember to feed him some water." Yuan Zhou thought of Broth that lived well on the broth and felt Wu Hai could also do that.

After he said that, Yuan Zhou started to sculpt. Considering Wu Hai was still moving around at the door, he left the door of the restaurant open for now. Therefore, it wasn't very cold by the door.

Not long after that, the classes for the primary school ended for the day. As usual, many children came to take the sculptures.

"Mom, look at that moustached uncle. He has been here for quite a long time," a little girl with a ponytail pointed at Wu Hai and asked her mother.

"That uncle is thinking about some very important matters." The woman helped to carry her daughter's heavy schoolbag. On hearing that, she crouched and answered gently.

"Who knows maybe I can help him." As the little girl often came to get the sculptures, she knew Wu Hai. Of course, she didn't know his name.

After saying that, the little girl ran up to Wu Hai.

"Mustached uncle, what do you want to know? Maybe I know something and can tell you. My teacher told me that we can learn from everyone." The little girl moved swiftly. Even before her mom had time to stop her, she said that to Wu Hai.