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629 As Smart As I Am

 After Zhou Sheng left, Yuan Zhou cooked a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup. As usual, he ate up the noodles and kept the broth.

But now, the amount of noodles cooked by Yuan Zhou was much more than before. It was almost equivalent to two bowls of his previous noodles.

"Luckily, I can never put on weight no matter how much I eat," Yuan Zhou patted his stuffed belly and said with a proud look.

That's right. What Yuan Zhou felt proud of was that he ate the midnight snacks every day but never put on weight. Moreover, he even had a 6-pack. A person like him was really very rare.

While thinking of that, Yuan Zhou stroked his own abdominal muscles proudly and felt rather satisfied. Only then did he carry the big bowl of broth towards the back door.

"Broth, come to drink your broth," Yuan Zhou opened the back door and shouted directly.

Although Broth paid no attention to Yuan Zhou during normal times, there was an exception, that was, when Yuan Zhou was carrying a bowl or had something in his hand

In just a little while, Broth walked in front of Yuan Zhou.

"Woof," Broth barked gently, indicating that he arrived.

"Here, your broth. These are two servings for you." Yuan Zhou took a few steps forward and then poured the broth into Broth's dog bowl.

From the broth, white vapor could be seen curling upwards. The color was clear and bright while the fragrance was faint and alluring. In the cold and dark winter night, the white vapor appeared even more obvious.

As soon as Yuan Zhou finished, Broth went to drink it by himself. Its pink tongue moved quite quickly as it licked the broth.

"Don't drink it up by yourself." Yuan Zhou said so every time. In the beginning, he could at least feel the contemptuous glint from its eyes, but later, Broth just ignored him.

That's right. Ever since Yuan Zhou knew Broth was feeding another dog with its own food, he had increased the amount of the broth. In this way, both dogs could drink some of the broth.

"Ba Zi Ba Zi". The sound of Broth drinking the broth was very short. In just a little while, the dog drank up half of the broth.

Without Yuan Zhou's reminder, Broth stopped directly this time. It held the bowl in the mouth and walked forward towards the trash dump that Yuan Zhou had discovered.

"This damn dog doesn't need me anymore ever since it got another dog," Yuan Zhou couldn't help but grumble.

After the daily grumbling, Yuan Zhou returned to his restaurant. He tidied up the furniture and went to wash up and sleep.

Early next morning, Yuan Zhou saw Wu Hai, who hadn't turned up for a long time, once he opened the door.

"Morning." Yuan Zhou greeted him.

"Um, morning," Wu Hai looked at the inside of the restaurant first before he answered.

Having opened the door, Yuan Zhou returned to the kitchen. Not long after that, the customers were led into the restaurant by Mu Xiaoyun and Zhou Jia.

"Boss Yuan, why didn't you ask me where I went?" Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and asked solemnly.

"You must have been out to earn money," Yuan said concisely.

"Okay, let's skip this subject. Boss Yuan, don't you feel an ache in your conscience?" Wu Hai covered his chest and said that with a look of heartache.

"No, I don't," Yuan Zhou carried the Lotus Root Starch to him and said neatly.

"Can we have a good conversation?" Wu Hai was speechless.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't care about him at all. He just continued carrying the Lotus Root Starch outside.

He didn't say anything until Wu Hai drank up the warm Lotus Root Starch in one go.

"Look. I wasn't present at your tasting of fruits, right?" Wu Hai stood up to offer his seat to others and then walked to Yuan Zhou.

Instead of saying anything, Yuan Zhou directly signaled Wu Hai to continue.

"So don't you think I deserve some compensation? For example, you treat me to dinner?" Wu Hai said as if it were obvious.

"Impossible for you to get any compensation," Yuan Zhou refused bluntly.

"Wouldn't you feel an ache in your conscience by refusing me so bluntly, Boss Yuan?" Wu Hai said with bitter hatred.

"No, I won't." After saying that, Yuan Zhou found that he had just answered that way. Then, he added, "I don't have that kind of thing."

"I've never expected you were this kind of person." Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou resentfully, "Was your conscience eaten up by a dog?"

"Yeah, it was eaten by Broth." Yuan Zhou was already immune. Having been scolded for so many times, he just didn't care about that anymore.

But Broth indicated that he had been wronged. Why were you so sure that your conscience was liked by the dogs?

As the tasting finished too late yesterday, Jiang Changxi and Ling Hong didn't come in the morning. And Man Man wasn't someone that came every day.

Therefore, Wu Hai did nothing but just pester Yuan Zhou to provide him compensation in the morning. He didn't have the chance to argue with the others.

At noon, however, the situation was different. Wu Hai became more exasperated especially when the customers found there was an extra option of dessert fruits on the menu.

"It tastes sweet and juicy as well as sour and tasty. It really is a top-quality fruit." Wu Hai ate up the dessert fruit and gasped in admiration.

"Of course. We selected it via voting," Jiang Changxi swallowed a piece of pear and said smilingly.

"Exactly. If we are not smart enough to make two kinds of fruit having the same votes, you could only eat one of them now," Ling Hong added.

"It's really not bad to have two kinds of fruit now. Though I felt so stuffed after eating 8 kinds yesterday," Chen Wei added intentionally.

"Yeah. The Standish Honeysuckle we ate yesterday really tasted good," Jiang Changxi nodded her head.

"Actually, I like eating that Niedzwetzky's apple more. Its color was distinct and its taste is much better than that of the other apples." Man Man also nodded her head.

"Wu Hai, which fruit do you like best?" The one that teased Wu Hai naturally at the side was Sister Wan who had her hair coiled up and revealed a gentle look.

That's right. Sister Wan was also present yesterday. She usually didn't have much sense of existence during normal times, but she often hit the nail on the head and gave people the last hit.

"Sister Wan, Brother Wu wasn't here yesterday." Tang Xi refrained from laughing out and reminded her seriously.

"I'm sorry. I forgot," Sister Wan apologized with an earnest expression.

"A drove of pigs! How do you have the face to show off?" Wu Hai was just indifferent to that at all. He pointed at those people and said loudly.

"Ho Ho. It's just a complaint from one that couldn't eat the fruit." Lee Yanyi jeered at Wu Hai with his genuine strength.

"You guys still haven't realized the point? What worrying IQ!" Wu Hai revealed an expression of "You are really so unwise."

Looking at Wu Hai behaving like that, a customer suddenly spat out, "That taunt is so piercing."

As for the several people that had been sneered at by Wu Hai, they nevertheless revealed a contemptuous look and decided not to talk to him anymore.

"Let me tell you guys. If I were here yesterday, I would definitely have discussed with other people and made all the 8 fruit have the same votes. In this way, all the fruit might be selected." Wu Hai said disappointedly. He was exasperated at their failure.

"Of course, it is quite probable from the fact that the fruit available now are the two kinds that received the most votes yesterday," Wu Hai continued.

"So why are you all so complacent? Essentially, we could have been eating 8 kinds of fruit." Wu Hai felt sad while thinking of the other 6 fruit that they couldn't eat anymore.

Once he said that, all the customers present became stupefied.

"It seems that his words make sense." Chen Wei reacted first.

"Yeah. Why didn't we figure out this method?" Man Man said thoughtfully.

"We are so stupid." Ling Hong was quite speechless upon hearing that. "

"Perhaps, Boss Yuan wouldn't agree," Jiang Changxi tried to talk rationally.

"Ho Ho. Not necessarily." This time, Wu Hai didn't stroke his small mustaches anymore. Instead, he crossed his arms against his chest.

"But thirty votes wouldn't produce equal portions for eight fruits," Tang Xi said in a daze.

"At least six fruits are possible." Wu Hai shrugged.

Having heard their conversation, Yuan Zhou was also considering this matter. However, he asked the system directly.

"If six fruits had exactly the same votes, would you provide six fruits as the reward?" Yuan Zhou asked quite curiously.

Nonetheless, the system stayed true to its style as usual and just ignored him.

Consequently, this matter became an unsettled case.