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628 Is It Worth It?

 "Okay. Thank you for your votes," Yuan Zhou slightly knitted his brows and said that after he regain his usual demeanor.

"You are welcome. Is there any problem with two fruits having the same votes?" Ling Hong asked casually.

"No," Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"That's good." Ling Hong nodded his head and didn't say anything more.

"Everybody, please take care," Yuan Zhou opened the door of the sergestes wall landscape and then said that.

Then, the customers walked out of the door one after another.

"You are welcome. I just ate a little more than necessary," Wu Zhou pulled Zhuang Xinmu and said contentedly.

"Exactly. Luckily, it was only fruits." Zhuang Xinmu couldn't help patting her own belly.

"Thank you, Boss Yuan," the customers said to Yuan Zhou while walking outwards.

"That's right. Thank you. Today's events really widened my knowledge." A customer looked at the empty plates on the table with satisfaction.

"It's the first time that I ate Boss Yuan's fruits for free. It feels great." The customers were basically all very satisfied.

The fruits were delicious. Good night, Boss Yuan."

"Good night, Boss Yuan."

"Don't mention it." Yuan Zhou answered them one by one.

"The fruits today are really nice. They were all at the best time to be eaten in terms of freshness, sweetness and maturity. They were truly very good." Lee Yanyi nodded his head to Yuan Zhou.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou thanked him.

"Didn't Chairman Zhou come?" Lee Yanyi suddenly found that Zhou Shijie, surprisingly, didn't come and hence asked conveniently.

"As it was too late, Chairman Zhou didn't come." Yuan Zhou said straightforwardly.

"Ah, yes. He's a well-known hen-pecked husband." Lee Yanyi spoke in a respectful tone yet seem to be laughing at him.

"Take care." Yuan Zhou didn't know what to say and thus had to see him off.

"Alright. I'm leaving, Yan Jia." Lee Yanyi turned his head and greeted Yan Jia.

Immediately, most of the 30 customers left, leaving only Yuan Zhou, Zhou Sheng as well as Ling Hong and Jiang Changxi who hadn't left.

"Hopefully, I can eat these two fruits again next time." Ling Hong pointed at the Hawaii Royal Pineapple and Crystal Pear that both had the same votes.

"Take care on the way back." Yuan Zhou didn't answer Ling Hong.

"I know, I know." Ling Hong looked at Yuan Zhou and then walked out of the restaurant happily as if he had got the answer he had wanted.

"Be careful on the way back." Yuan Zhou looked at Jiang Changxi who stayed put and said proactively.

"My driver is occupied today, so I have to go with this guy. Are you worried about me?" Jiang Changxi pointed at Ling Hong and asked sorrowfully.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou nodded his head decisively. Just when Jiang Changxi raised her eyebrows in surprise, he turned his head and said to Ling Hong.

"You must be cautious." Yuan Zhou thought of Ling Hong's money and his own and then said that.

"Hahaha". Ling Hong burst into laughter directly and mocked Jiang Changxi without hiding it.

"It seems you still don't know me well. Otherwise, you won't tell him to be cautious, but will tell me to be gentle," Jiang Changxi shook her head slightly and said with a regretful look.

For an instant, Yuan Zhou didn't know what to say.

"Boss Yuan, do you want to come to my place and repair the water pipes for me? In that case, you can get to know me better." Jiang Changxi revealed a manner of "I'm providing you with the opportunity."

"I don't think it is necessary. Stay safe. I'm closing the door." Yuan Zhou prepared to shut the door after he said that clearly.

"Hahaha. Go, let's go." Ling Hong smiled without restraint. He pulled Jiang Changxi and then left only when he found Yuan Zhou was truly going to shut the door.

"Ta Ta Ta". The footsteps of these two people faded away gradually.

"Boss, where shall I put these plates that have been tidied up?" Only then did Zhou Sheng come out. He pointed at a stack of empty plates and asked.

"Just put them on the conveyor belt. You can go back after you wiped the tables clean," Yuan Zhou pointed at the conveyor belt used for the bowls and plates and said in detail.

"How about I wash them before I leave?" Zhou Sheng felt a little embarrassed as he had worked for only a few hours but the salary was so high. Apart from that, he also ate a fruit feast.

"No need." Yuan Zhou returned to the kitchen and began to read a book after he said that.

"All right." Zhou Sheng now knew that Yuan Zhou wasn't a person that went back on his words now. He would never change his mind once he said that.

While Zhou Sheng was clearing the dinnerware as well as arranging the tables and chairs neatly, Jiang Changxi and Ling Hong, who had a rare chance to be together, found a new subject to talk about.

"It seems like that old man didn't come," Ling Hong said first.

"You mean the old man who came for Boss Tong?" Jiang Changxi suddenly reacted and asked.

"Yes, him." Ling Hong said with a frivolous tone. Obviously, he didn't like the old man at all.

"Did he get in your way?" Jiang Changxi was slightly puzzled about Ling Hong's way of talking.

"Let me ask you a question." When Ling Hong said that, they happened to be waiting for the green light. Therefore, he looked at Jiang Changxi and asked.

"What?" Jiang Changxi leaned against the seat lazily.

"Don't you think he let Boss Tong wait 30 years just for his own career?" Ling Hong said earnestly yet with a firm manner.

"I don't think so. He did so for his promise," Jiang Changxi answered positively.

"Women tend to be swayed by emotions. You definitely feel that kind of waiting is very beautiful." Ling Hong didn't really agree with Jiang Changxi.

"It's very beautiful. I don't need to feel that way." Jiang Changxi didn't care about courtesy. She straightforwardly said that.

"More than thirty years! How many thirty years are there in our lifetime? He's nothing but selfish. There's always somebody who will hurt you in the name of doing good for you." Ling Hong shrugged. Then, his car moved on again.

"It's merely a wedding dress. Can't she wear something else? Perhaps, Boss Tong was reluctant to wait for so long just for a wedding dress," Ling Hong continued saying.

"You are not Boss Tong. How do you know she was reluctant to wait?" Jiang Changxi answered back.

"If you were Boss Tong, would you wait for so long just for a wedding dress?" Ling Hong laughed at her. Apparently, he didn't agree with Jiang Changxi's opinion.

"Yes, I would," Jiang Changxi said that firmly and positively.

"You would never know what a wedding dress means to a woman like me," Jiang Changxi said lightly.

"How do you know Boss Tong is a woman like you?" Ling Hong was stunned for an instant and then contradicted her.

"How do you know that I don't understand Boss Tong?" Jiang Changxi supported her head with her hand and said that with a firm expression.

"I don't know whether you know about her or not. But as far as I know, Boss Tong was definitely reluctant to waste those years." Ling Hong adhered to his opinion firmly.

"What do you know about? You are just a single man." Jiang Changxi said with an arrogant but joking tone.

"Though I'm single now, I had many girlfriends before. Of course, I know," Ling Hong said proudly.

"Oh. I thought you meant you had been a woman previously." Ling Hong was straightforwardly made speechless by Jiang Changxi.

"I'm too lazy to talk with you." Ling Hong took a look at Jiang Changxi speechlessly and then continued driving.

"You just can't persuade me." Jiang Changxi corrected him primly.

"Ho Ho. You are now sitting in my car." Ling Hong changed the subject.

Then, the two people started to debate again. Both of them understood that it wasn't up to them whether the waiting was worth it or not. Only Boss Tong and the old man themselves knew that.