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627 Contrary To Expectations

 "I thought Boss Yuan finally discovered my beautiful looks." Jiang Changxi paused for an instant and then teased.

"What a pity that Wu Hai could not eat Boss Yuan's free gifts." It was Ling Hong who had never forgotten to tease Wu Hai.

"Never mind. I will send a message to Brother Wu directly." Man Man took out her phone and said solemnly.

"Tsk-tsk. You guys always do things like that. Why do you always send a message to him? Why can't you shoot a video and send it to him directly?" Chen Wei said that with a disagreeing expression.

"I've never thought you would be so ruthless." Ling Hong looked at Chen Wei with an astonished expression. Then, he continued, "But I like it."

"This is a great idea. It seems that I must eat some more to celebrate it. After all, it's Boss Yuan's free gifts that will only happen once in a blue moon." Lee Yanyi also chimed in with a solemn look as always.

"I've never thought Boss Yuan could be so nice, either." Wu Zhou sighed with emotion.

"Boss Yuan is indeed always so nice. But even so, you cannot bring fried rice bought somewhere else to this restaurant to eat anymore." Zhuang Xinmu straightforwardly counteracted his words.

"Mu Mu, I only did that once. Please, don't mention it anymore." Wu Zhou looked at his girlfriend with a pathetic expression.

"Eat some pear and relax. People tend to get angry easily in winter." Wu Zhou suddenly saw the pear slices similar to lotus petals on the table and thus carried a plate of them to Zhuang Xinmu.

"Humph." Zhuang Xinmu snorted coldly before she brought up the plate to eat the pear.

"Damn it. How can lovers make everything into an opportunity to flaunt their relationship?" Without saying anything, Yuan Zhou looked at Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu who were flaunting their relationship in public.

He smelled the sour and foul odor of love.

"I'm going to carry more fruits." Yuan Zhou nodded his head to the customers. Then, he went back to the first floor of the pub and carried more fruits outside to lay down on the table.

Of course, Yuan Zhou didn't forget the sentence the system had displayed just now after he left his customers.

"System, I must declare seriously that the characteristic of being shameless doesn't apply to me." Yuan Zhou said to the system seriously in his mind.

The reply of the system was simple but straightforward. There were only three ellipses.

The system displayed, "..."

"After all, I'm the supreme prince charming. When did I ever need pride? So the usage of the words 'shameless' isn't exactly right." Yuan Zhou directly ignored the system and continued saying that.

Then, the system was defeated by the shamelessness of Yuan Zhou. It straightforwardly became speechless and thus disappeared.

When Yuan Zhou found the system became completely silent, he began to prepare the new fruits.

Of course, he was quite complacent inwardly.

"Even if you are always deceitful, I can make the situation more favourable to me." Yuan Zhou thought that blissfully.

"This is bliss. I have eaten five plates of the red pineapple." Wu Zhou stroked his belly and said with a lingering thirst for more.

"Me, too. My dream of eating delicacies until I'm full in Yuan Zhou's restaurant is finally realized." Other customers said that one after another.

"If only I can drink his liquor until I'm full one day!" Chen Wei ate up a plate of pear in one minute and then he said with a regretful tone.

"It's really great this time. The fruits are fresh and sweet and don't even make your stomach bloated. Good." Even the sharp-tongued Lee Yanyi couldn't help saying that contentedly.

Just when these people were eliminating the fruits on the long table, Wu Hai was biting his glass and looking at his sister with a bitter look abroad.

"I didn't lie to you this time. Look! The fruits that are so rarely free just disappeared like that." The video sent from Man Man was playing in Wu Hai's phone.

"It's all due to your prior promises." Wu Lin wasn't swayed at all by his speech.

"Little Hai, can you catch the tasting if you go back tomorrow?" Zheng Jiawei thought for a while and then asked him.

"Of course not. I don't think Yuan Zhou will hold the tasting once more. When did you see him hold an activity twice?" Wu Hai put his phone down and said indignantly while stroking his small mustaches with one hand and his heart with the other.

In this case, Zheng Jiawei became helpless. He turned his head and looked towards his girlfriend Wu Lin.

"All right. Only Jiawei would believe you. Since it's the end of the activity, you are not needed. You can go ahead of us now." Wu Lin waved her hand and revealed a manner of "I can't stand it."

"Even if I go back now, I can't make it. These bastards not only ate the fruits themselves but also sent the pictures and video to me. They have completely forgotten that I often helped to eat everything they couldn't finish during normal times." Wu Hai suddenly lay down on the bed. "

Wu Hai straightforwardly classified his usual behavior of grabbing others' food as a good deed.

"If it is like that, you can go back after the activity is finished." Wu Lin said cleanly.

"But Little Hai hasn't eaten anything for two days. Let him go back earlier." Zheng Jiawei looked at Wu Hai's complexion and said to Wu Lin worriedly.

"It doesn't matter. Good people usually live to a hundred years while bad people for a thousand years. He won't starve to death so easily." Wu Lin said affirmatively and straightforwardly.

"You are really my sister by blood." Wu Hai instantly became speechless.

"Of course we are brother and sister by blood, but how great it would if we were not! Order a flight ticket for tomorrow and you go back alone." Wu Lin pointed at Wu Hai's phone and said angrily.

"Got it. I'm going to sleep now. Bye." Wu Hai directly rolled on his bed. He only stopped when he rolled one round.

Nevertheless, Wu Lin pulled Zheng Jiawei out of the room and left without hesitation.

As the tasting of the fruits was held around midnight, it would only last for two hours according to Yuan Zhou's invitation cards. In the two hours, the customers ate all the fruits on the table swiftly while talking about which one tasted better.

"Please write the fruit that you are most satisfied with over here after you guys have finished." Yuan Zhou reached out his hand and showed them the blank paper prepared on the table.

"After that, you can put the paper under the name of each fruit." Yuan Zhou said that while pointing at the 8 nameplates of the fruit names at the side.

"Got it. Don't worry."

"Exactly. We'll finish very soon."

"Go and take it. Remember to write the most delicious one." Ling Hong specially reminded them loudly.

"No problem." The customers all answered one after another.

The matters of queuing couldn't be easier in the eyes of the regular customers of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. They formed in line just in a little while and wrote their options in turn. Then, they started to vote.

There were exactly 30 people. Therefore, they didn't take too much time before they finished that.

Having done that, Ling Hong said first, "Boss Yuan, you can count the votes now."

"Zhou Sheng, go to count the votes for each kind of fruit." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then said to Zhou Sheng who was still enjoying the delicacy of the fruits at the side.

"Oh, okay. Right now." Zhou Sheng immediately nodded his head and took a few steps forward to the nameplates of the fruits and then started to count the votes one by one.

When Zhou Sheng was counting the votes, the customers at the side all appeared expectant and excited.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou didn't think too much. After all, he had never mentioned that he would take the most popular fruit voted in this tasting as the dessert fruit to provide to them.

Hence, Yuan Zhou had never thought such a situation would happen, either.

"Boss, this Crystal Pear has the same votes with the Hawaii Royal Pineapple. They got 10 votes respectively." Zhou Sheng pointed at the two nameplates of the fruits and said.

"The same votes?" Yuan Zhou was a little surprised.

That was slightly unexpected under the situation that there were so little people.

"Yes." Zhou Sheng nodded his head.

How to select one since they both had the same votes? Just when Yuan Zhou was thinking about that, the system uttered again.

[Side Mission] Hold a tasting of fruits and let customers select the most satisfied one by voting to make it as the dessert fruit. ( Completed)

(Mission tips: the time of the tasting can be at 24:00 of any particular day. Go and work hard for the reward.)

[Mission reward] Crystal Pear and Hawaii Royal Pineapple as the dessert fruits (Available to be received)

(Reward tips: still want more since you have been rewarded with the fruits? That's impossible.)

Seeing the information displayed by the system, Yuan Zhou was truly dumbfounded. Could there be such a thing?