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625 Mary Sues Fruits

 "What are you dressing so well for? Where are you going?" Lee Yanyi's wife looked at him and asked with puzzlement.

"I'm going to attend a tasting meeting. I'll be back soon." Lee Yanyi bent down to put on his shoes and then said naturally.

"Okay. Take care." The woman nodded her head habitually and then instructed him.

"Got it." Lee Yanyi answered her naturally, too.

Having put on his shoes, Lee Yanyi opened the door and prepared to go out.

"Wait, wait. It's so late now. What kind of tasting are you going to attend?" The woman reacted at that time and uttered immediately.

"A tasting of fruits at Taoxi Road." Lee Yanyi turned his head and explained.

"At this time of day?" The woman opened her eyes wide and revealed a surprised look.

"Yeah. That brat always does things unexpectedly. I even have to wait until so late to taste some fruits." Speaking of Yuan Zhou, Lee Yanyi's words were full of complaints but his tone was filled with admiration.

"Is he the talented chef you often mention?" The woman immediately realized who he was talking about.

"Yes, he is. I'm going to have a look. You sleep first." Lee Yanyi nodded his head.

"It's not in the evening. It is already midnight. You tell Little Yan to drive you there." The woman uttered and then said hurriedly.

"I told him beforehand already and he's now downstairs." Lee Yanyi nodded his head.

"Come back early." The woman walked to the door quickly and followed him with her eyes until he got into the lift."

Nevertheless, Lee Yanyi waved his hand to her, indicating that she could go back. At that time, the door of the lift closed.

"Nowadays, young people are becoming weirder and weirder. Why would anyone hold a tasting of fruits at midnight?" Lee Yanyi's wife shook her head and revealed a puzzled look.

Having instructed his wife to sleep early, Lee Yanyi went downstairs and got on Yan Jia's car. Then, they headed for Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Meanwhile, Yuan Zhou decided to forgive the system and ignore it at the side. He started to try the taste of every fruit.

"At least, I can afford the fruits. Let me try every one of them." Yuan Zhou first opened all the cabinets and then started to eat them all one by one.

For a moment, there was only the sound of Yuan Zhou eating the fruits continually on the first floor of the pub. Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou became angrier and angrier while he was eating them.

Because every time he ate a fruit, the system would remind him of the price of the fruit and how much he had to pay.

"Actually, you don't need to tell me. I don't really want to know how much money you have deducted from me. Of course, you can't deduct too much." Yuan Zhou bit off the last mouthful of the fruit and then said.

The system displayed, "It is the system's responsibility to remind the host."

"Ho Ho." Yuan Zhou didn't believe that at all.

With the knife swinging up and down in his hand and the pear skin falling off, Yuan Zhou asked the system.

"I not only pay for a fruit, but also have to pay for the expense to taste it first. Then why is the tasting today free of charge?" There was obvious discontent in his tone.

The system displayed, "Because they are customers while you are the host."

"What you said makes so much sense. So I'm the host and deserve to be cheated, right?" Yuan Zhou appeared quite speechless.

At the same time, he decided not to chat with the system anymore in case something regrettable happened.

After all, it wouldn't be good if he beat the system to death by accident.

Yuan Zhou straightforwardly cut the pear in his hand into thin slices, as thick as a 1RMB coin. Of course, every slice had the same thickness and size.

"Well, my skill is really not bad." Yuan Zhou looked at the pear laid out into the shape of a lotus flower and felt quite satisfied.

Every slice of the pear was half-moon-shaped and the pulp appeared as white as jade. Meanwhile, each slice was a little translucent as it was very thin. It looked both watery and succulent.

Having finished the plate presentation, Yuan Zhou stabbed a piece of the pear with a fork and stuffed it into this mouth hastily.

"Ka Ca Ka Ca". The pear emitted a clear and melodious sound when it was being chewed.

"It tastes so refreshing." Yuan Zhou couldn't help eating another piece of the pear.

The pear was different from other pears. With just a little chewing, the pear broke into little pieces and turned into the pear juice, which flowed into his stomach through the throat.

It didn't have the puckery taste of other pears. What it really had was the fresh and sweet texture. Besides, it felt incomparably crisp and tender while being chewed. Every time it was chewed, the pear juice burst out. The taste was fairly wonderful.

"The pear is so tasty." Yuan Zhou savored the taste for an instant and was quite satisfied.

No wonder it was provided by the system. It definitely had a remarkable source of origin.

"But, why are there only 8 kinds of fruit? Isn't that too little?" Yuan Zhou knitted his brows.

The pear was the last fruit that Yuan Zhou had tasted.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't really get the answer from the system. Fortunately, Yuan Zhou wasn't persistent in getting the answer. After all, there were several special fruits this time.

Having eaten the fruit, Yuan Zhou started to cut them. Some of them could only be eaten conveniently after they were cut into small pieces.

There was a long table in front of Yuan Zhou. It was packed with lots of plates and looked as splendid as a formal Chinese feast.

"Since there are only 8 fruits, I need to cut some more." Yuan Zhou looked at the cabinets and then thought of the number of people and confirmed the quantity to be cut in the end.

In order to maintain the taste of the fruit, Yuan Zhou couldn't cut them with the ironware. Therefore, he could only use the ceramic knife.

Yuan Zhou cut the fruits with amazing speed. In just two hours, he had packed the buffet tables with the fruits. Even the long table was packed with various fruits. Once the fruits out there were eaten up, those on the long table could restock them.

Of course, the fruits that were cut were those that would have no changes to the taste even if put out for a long time.

However, some of the fruits didn't need to be cut. For example, the lonicera standishii. Each of them was heart-shaped and looked very beautiful. They were directly laid out in the plate without any decoration.

"Everybody, please come on in for the tasting. Boss Yuan has got everything prepared." Zhou Sheng opened the door of the sergestes wall landscape from the courtyard and said to the customers that filled the main hall.

"It's finally done. You know, I didn't eat much for dinner. I have waited for these fruits for quite a while." The customers walked into the courtyard one after another.

"Sister, Boss Yuan's restaurant is so large and it's also very beautiful." Huang Li and his elder sister Huang Ling walked at the end of the crowd. As soon as they entered the door, Huang Li said to Huang Ling.

"Of course. Boss Yuan is the best chef that has the top craftsmanship around here now." Huang Ling nodded her head proudly.

"Then Boss Yuan's fruits are definitely very delicious, too." Speaking of that, Huang Li even started to drool.

"That's for sure." Huang Ling didn't support her younger brother with her hands even if he didn't walk so steadily.

"How I wish I could learn to cook from Boss Yuan." Huang Li lowered his head and said shyly.

"Boss Yuan doesn't take any apprentices. If you like, you can stand at the side and watch him cook." Huang Ling encouraged him.

"Um." Huang Li didn't say anything more, but took a few steps forward so that he could get closer to the countertop and also to Yuan Zhou.

"There are only 8 kinds of fruits in all. Yet, I am being cheated by this little brat to come here at midnight." While Lee Yanyi was muttering, he stabbed the fruits with a fork to eat with a hint of politeness.

"There's actually the Standish Honeysuckle. They are so beautiful!" Jiang Changxi and other girls were all attracted by Mary Sue's lonicera standishii.

The heart-shaped fruits had a good-looking appearance.

"Hey, don't stare at only one kind of the fruits. Remember what we have agreed on?" Seeing Jiang Changxi stand still in front of the lonicera standishii and couldn't help reminding her.

"I know, I know." Jiang Changxi waved her hand impatiently but kept smacking her lips. She was still chewing happily.

The tasting that was originally supposed to be noisy and boisterous just fell silent like that. All customers over there became quiet as their mouth were all stuffed with the fruits...