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624 Shameless

 Time passed quickly. Soon, the scheduled date of the meeting arrived.

In the evening, lots of customers behind and filled the restaurant, leaving not a vacant seat.

"Huh. Since the liquor isn't available today, why are they so enthusiastic to eat the fruits?" As soon as Chen Wei entered the restaurant, he was startled.

After all, it was already 10:00 in the evening. Usually, there were only some drinkers at this time of day and the customers would have already returned home.

"Aren't you early too?" Ling Hong glanced at Chen Wei and said.

"I thought Boss Yuan would be really busy, so I came early to help." Chen Wei patted his own head and said sincerely.

"Really? Why don't you ask what are we here for?" Ling Hong said smilingly.

"For what? Are you also here to help him?" Chen Wei found a good place and stood still.

"Yeah, you are right. We all come here to offer help because we also fear that Boss Yuan is too busy to complete his work." With his girlfriend standing at the side, Wu Zhou nodded his head and confirmed Chen Wei's guess.

Exactly. We are not picky at all. Just cut them open casually." A customer echoed at the side.

"I think so, too. Just lay them out randomly and we can take matters into our own hands as long as you provide a sufficient quantity." Another customer looked at Yuan Zhou with an expectant expression.

"Um, sure." Yuan Zhou nodded his head in an unperturbed manner.

After all, it was the system that provided the fruits this time. Of course, there would be no shortage.

"That's good. Boss Yuan, what should I do? Do you need me to lay the fruits out for you?" Ling Hong behaved as if he were really here to help.

"He's right. I can help to move the tables and chairs." Chen Wei patted his sturdy chest.

"Exactly. We all came here in advance to help you." The customers at the side all nodded their head and chimed in one after another.

"No, no, no. Boss Yuan, I know you felt lonely so I come to chat with you." With a big smile on her face, Jiang Changxi looked at Yuan Zhou and said.

"Thank you, but I can manage it myself. Please wait for a while and participate in the activity directly." Yuan Zhou ignored Jiang Changxi's words straightforwardly and answered the other people.

"Are you sure? My girlfriend, Mu Mu, is really good at doing the household chores." Wu Zhou revealed a proud look and said.

"No need." Yuan Zhou refused cleanly.

"It's merely a tasting of fruits. Why do I have to see others flaunt their relationship?" Yuan Zhou complained in his heart expressionlessly.

Obviously, it wasn't only Yuan Zhou that thought so. Other customers also had the same feeling.

"Hey, Wu Zhou. We are here to eat Boss Yuan's fruits, not to see you flaunt your relationship here." Ling Hong glared at Wu Zhou straightforwardly.

"No, not really. I'm telling the truth. Aren't I right, Mu Mu?" Wu Zhou said to Zhuang Xinmu beside him with a flattering tone.

"Stop it, okay? I still have to leave my stomach empty for the fruits." A customer said that with an embarrassed expression.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou opened the door of the ornamental sergestes wall landscape straightforwardly and went to the courtyard of the pub. It was better to work seriously in case Wu Zhou flaunted his relationship in his face again.

In the courtyard, the part-time worker, Zhou Sheng, was doing his work.

The tasting of fruits was arranged by Yuan Zhou like a buffet dinner. There were two long tables in the courtyard right now and there was nothing on them. However, later, it would be full of various fruits.

Nevertheless, Zhou Sheng was still making the decorative vines and binding them on the tables and chairs.

"Hello, Boss Yuan." Seeing Yuan Zhou walking towards him, Zhou Sheng greeted him with a smile, revealing his white teeth.

"Um. You are quite fast." Yuan Zhou looked at the decorations at the side and was quite satisfied.

"Of course. I'm professional in doing odds and ends." Zhou Sheng nodded his head and accepted the compliment naturally.

"After the tasting meeting commences later, you don't need to do anything. Just go and eat some." Yuan Zhou looked around at the layout and suddenly said that.

"Well, okay. Thank you." Zhou Sheng expressed his gratitude courteously on the surface, but in the heart, he was actually a little disappointed.

That's right. He came to work with the hope that he could eat the dishes cooked by Yuan Zhou personally.

Usually, many restaurants provided part-time workers with a meal during working hours, not to mention it was so late now. Therefore, it stood to reason for Yuan Zhou to provide a late night snack. And that was also what Zhou Sheng had always been expecting inwardly.

But now, he was only to be served with some fruits. Naturally, Zhou Sheng got slightly frustrated. The fruits weren't as attractive as Boss Yuan's dishes.

"You are welcome." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then went to the first floor of the pub to prepare the fruits.

The fruits provided by the system this time were all on the first floor of the pub. It might be because the amount was large.

Anyway, Yuan Zhou thought that was the reason. The system, however, didn't answer Yuan Zhou's question at all.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou took a knife with him when he went downstairs to the first floor.

The first floor of the pub was originally filled with wine jars. Now, there were a few more cabinets around the place.

These cabinets were as same as those in the kitchen, but these were a little more old-fashioned and a bit more plain. Furthermore, the doors were brownish red.

Every door was marked with the name of each kind of fruit.

"How rare for the system to be so generous." Yuan Zhou looked at these cabinets and sighed with emotion.

"Hua La". Yuan Zhou opened a cabinet marked with crisp melon first.

"Isn't this watermelon? Kou Kou Cui? But it looks to be smaller than the watermelon." After Yuan Zhou observed it carefully, he came to a conclusion.

"It is rare for the system not request any payment. I'm going to give it a try too." With a smile on his face, Yuan Zhou took up the knife and started to peel the crisp melon.

That's right. The crisp melon must be peeled like the apples rather than being cut.

In just a little while, an oval crisp melon that was totally peeled appeared in Yuan Zhou's hand.

"It looks no different from a watermelon." Having looked at it carefully, Yuan Zhou felt they almost looked the same.

The watermelon in his hand also had red pulp and the juice looked quite appetizing.

"Awoo." Yuan Zhou bit it directly and prepared to try if there was any difference.

Just as Yuan Zhou was tasting it and comparing it, the system suddenly appeared.

The system displayed, "Host, you just ate a crisp melon. The price is 500."

"Ahem, ahem, ahem. What did you say?" Yuan Zhou almost choked upon hearing that.

The system displayed, "Host, you ate a crisp melon ahead of time. The price is 500."

"500 IDR?" Yuan Zhou looked at the melon rind left on the ground and asked calmly.

The system displayed, "This system receives RMB only."

"Ho Ho. You wanna charge me 500RMB for a palm-sized watermelon? If I sell it to others at the price of 500 RMB, they will probably curse me to death." Yuan Zhou tried to reason with the system.

After all, he was a renowned businessman of decent conscience who always sold cheap dishes. He could never allow the unscrupulous system to ruin his reputation.

The system displayed, "The crisp melon isn't provided to you, so you must pay for the expense as an early adopter since you are eating it ahead of time."

"The expense as an early adopter? How much is the crisp melon originally?" Yuan Zhou suddenly had a premonition.

The system displayed, "The expense as an early adopter is twice the price of the food itself."

"I want to curse now, seriously." Yuan Zhou complained expressionlessly. He almost spat out what he had gulped down just now.

The system displayed, "Please refer to this price for other fruits."

"Ho Ho. Why don't you go and die?" Looking at the fruits that filled the cabinets, Yuan Zhou maintained a straight face and said.

The system displayed, "The money has been received."

"As long as you are happy." Yuan Zhou said speechlessly.

While Yuan Zhou was happily chatting with the system about the expense, Lee Yanyi was also preparing to leave his home when he found that the scheduled time approaching.

That's right. Now that he had received the invitation, he naturally would go."