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623 The Reason

 "I told her that I would let her wear the nicest wedding dress in the world and then marry her. So I went out to work in order to earn more money." The old man drank up the warm water provided in the Welcoming Set Meal in one gulp before saying that.

"This tailor shop couldn't be afforded by anybody formerly, but I saved enough money after I worked as a coal miner for only a year." The old man said smilingly.

"Then why was Boss Tong still running the dry cleaning shop over here and you not coming back?" Unlike Yuan Zhou, Ling Hong asked more bluntly.

"I'm not finished. After I came back, I swore I would buy the most expensive cloth in this store to make the wedding dress. Nevertheless, not until then did I find it was only a small place and there wasn't any good cloth. Even the best tailor and the best cloth in that store didn't match Tong Tong." The old man was even a little indignant as he said that.

"How could such a wedding dress be called the best one?"The old man knitted his brows and said with an earnest look.

"So you changed another place to look for the good cloth?" Ling Hong asked.

"Of course. I just didn't find the best wedding dress in my heart. I wouldn't allow Tong Tong to wear inferior wedding dress when she married me. So I started to learn to make the dress by myself." The old man thought of the day when he took the scissors for the very first time.

"I thought I could make the best wedding dress for Tong Tong by myself since I couldn't find the best one." When the old man said that, he was full of confidence.

"The best? So that's the reason that you keep Boss Tong waiting for you for so long time?" Ling Hong kept silent for a while and then asked bitingly.

"I just wanted to give her the best things. And now, I am the best." The old man was suddenly baffled by Ling Hong's question. After a little while, he said seriously.

"Have you ever considered if it was what Boss Tong needed?" The way Ling Hong talked was quite impolite and rude, but he still interrogated the old man.

"She has every reason to wear the best wedding dress." The old man still thought so.

"All right. Even so, how can you say you are the best now?" Ling Hong almost died of anger because of this stubborn old man.

In his opinion, it was a total waste of time to wait for so many years just for a wedding dress.

But now, this old man was still insisting on his own idea. About that, Ling Hong became even more puzzled.

"Because I'm now the best tailor of wedding dresses worldwide, even abroad. I made it." The old man wasn't proud at all when he said that. Instead, he was quite serious.

With the seriousness in his eyes, he appeared as if he could finally live up to his promise.

He was neither conceited nor complacent.

This time, Ling Hong was stunned into silence. He didn't know what to say, but just looked at the old man like that.

"He's right. He is indeed the best now." Jiang Changxi suddenly said affirmatively at the side.

"Um?" Ling Hong turned his head and looked at Jiang Changxi.

"You know the wedding of the century for Kate M*ddleton in Britain, don't you? The formal attire of both parties were designed by him." It wasn't clear if Jiang Changxi sighed with emotion or gasped in admiration.

"When I was holding my wedding previously, I also once intended to invite him to design a wedding dress for me, but failed in the end," said Jiang Changxi.

"Well... Never mind." Ling Hong opened his mouth, but didn't know what to say. Therefore, he had to shut up his mouth.

The fact that the British Royal Family invited a Chinese designer to design the wedding dress could fully prove the fame of the old man

In a while, the restaurant fell silent. The customers were all eating their dishes seriously.

Even Yuan Zhou moved gently when he set down the dishes. He just turned around and did his own work without saying anything.

Nevertheless, the old man started to eat.

Having taken a bite, the old man smiled, "It's so delicious. Tong Tong definitely likes it very much."

Only then did the old man break the silence of the restaurant. Not until then did people start to discuss about him in whispers.

"The affection of those two people feels so touching. The most beautiful wedding dress! What a nice thing!" A girl sighed with emotion.

"Humph. Can you also wait for more than 30 years?" Immediately, another customer poured cold water on her.

"No, I can't. I will probably be beaten to death by my mum." The girl immediately stuck out her tongue and said naughtily.

"Good that you know." The customer revealed a manner of "You know it finally."

"I totally cannot imagine how she waited."

"Indeed. How many thirty years are there in our life? But Boss Tong made it." Another customer admired Boss Tong's persistence.

"No, no, no. I think this old man is more awesome. I just checked the information about him. Actually, he is only 56, but his hair has turned all white. God knows what exactly he did to reach his current achievements!" A customer took out his phone and read the main information about the old man.

"What do you mean? I thought he is at least 60 or 70." Another customer looked at the old man and then at the girl who read the information in surprise.

"That's true. According to the information, his name is Mo Kong and he's 55 this year. He is the distinguished designer of wedding attire specially employed by the British Royal Family. Apart from that, he has also a long list of titles of honorary designers of big brands after that. Besides that, he is the best designer of wedding attire in our country." The more the girl spoke, the more excited she became. That long list of titles straightforwardly shocked everybody.

"Wow, he's way too amazing." The customers all looked at the old man in surprise.

"Not only that, it says that he only designs wedding attire and is super professional and persistent." The girl nodded her head and then continued saying.

"I still can't understand why a good ending requires such a long time. After all, Boss Tong had to sacrifice all her precious years of youth." Ling Hong supported his head with his hand and knitted his brows with a look of puzzlement.

"Yeah. He also sacrificed all his efforts and years of youth to become the best." Jiang Changxi nodded her head and said seriously.

Ling Hong shrugged his shoulders and didn't say anything. Obviously, he still couldn't understand that kind of wait.

One waited for more than 30 years just for a promise while the other became the top designer of wedding attire in the world also for a promise.

Was it worth it to wait for 30 years for the most beautiful wedding dress in the world?

The one-hour breakfast time ended and the customers left one after another.

Even the old man went back to his position where he had been staying and continued waiting for Boss Tong who he wasn't sure would come back or not.

"If you had kept in touch with her, things wouldn't be like this." Ling Hong took a look at the old man. Then he turned around and left.

As for Yuan Zhou, he was indifferent to that. He just kept the door open and made sure the temperature by the door wasn't too low. Then, he started to prepare busily for the fruit tasting.

"This Wu Hai surprisingly left without saying a word. Fortunately, I have a backup candidate." Yuan Zhou looked at the second floor of the building across the street and became quite speechless. It had been dark for two days.

"He was definitely kidnapped by his sister." Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

Coincidentally, Yuan Zhou had got it exactly right. For the activity abroad, Wu Lin accompanied him all along. Wu Hai had been captured back to the airport for more than 5 times.

As for the reason, it was naturally because of the fruit tasting. Since there were all kinds of fresh fruits free of charge, it would be abnormal if Wu Hai could stay abroad obediently.

"Let me tell you again. Don't be so childish. Even if you tear the bed sheets, you can't go down, either. We are now on the 15th floor. Do you think it's the 2nd floor?" Wu Lin looked at Wu Hai in a speechless manner.

It was Wu Hai's 6th unsuccessful escape. Even with the help of the bed sheet that he had torn into pieces, he could only go 6 floors down and almost got stuck on a window.

"I'm just experimenting if this bed sheet is strong. After all, I have to sleep on it." Wu Hai stroked his mustaches leisurely and said as if it were obvious.

"Now you know the result, right? Take part in the activity seriously tomorrow. After all, you agreed before." Wu Lin turned around and left after she said that.

The door was shut with a loud "Peng".

"Sigh, my fruits. My heart aches so much. Boss Yuan is to blame. Why must he hold the fruit tasting meeting when I'm not there? Oh, no. My heart is aching." Wu Hai lay on the new bed sheet and stroked his heart instead of his small mustaches.

As for Yuan Zhou who was being muttered by Wu Hai, he had sent all the invitation cards to the customers and was just waiting for the meeting to start.

Before the tasting commenced, however, the old man disappeared.

What Yuan Zhou knew was that Boss Tong seemed to have come back but he wasn't sure. However, the old man did disappear.

Nobody knew if they had met or said anything even if they met. Yuan Zhou only knew that Boss Tong didn't come back to stay and the old man no longer waited. He had disappeared.

"I thought I could invite him to attend the tasting meeting this time." Yuan Zhou looked at the outside with nobody there anymore and muttered.