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622 Im Very Curious

 After Boss Tong said that, Yuan Zhou didn't reply for a while.

A bit later, Yuan Zhou said, "Aunt Tong, please keep travelling around out there and take good care of your health."

"I know. I'm in good condition. Yesterday, I went hiking." Boss Tong's tone became peaceful.

"Um. Sleep early." Yuan Zhou said with a considerate tone.

"You, too. Young people can't always stay up late." Boss Tong instructed Yuan Zhou.

"Okay, I got it." Yuan Zhou answered quite earnestly.

"Don't interfere with his matters. Just let it be." In the end, Boss Tong mentioned the old man that waited for her.

"Okay. I will wait until you come back." Yuan Zhou gave an affirmative answer, indicating that he understood.

"I'm going to sleep. That's all." After Boss Tong said that, she hung up the phone immediately.

"Just as expected, people in Boss Tong's age group have all practiced hanging up on others often." Yuan Zhou looked at his phone that had been hung up and couldn't help muttering.

Concerning that matter, Yuan Zhou was well experienced. For example, his mother hung up the phone so quickly every time that he almost couldn't even convey what he wanted to say. Nevertheless, now, no matter what he did, he will never be able to experience that again.

After the phone call, Yuan Zhou had understood what to do about this issue and hence felt relieved. Then, he went downstairs and continued his own work.

The business time of the pub came to an end and the night passed quickly, too. The next day arrived again.

Coincidentally, there was a light rain around the time he got up.

"It seems that I have to wear the raincoat while jogging." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and then put on the raincoat.

"What a pity! The pedestrians have no way to watch a prince charming pass by today." Yuan Zhou heaved a sigh. Then, he ran into the rain and started jogging.

In accordance with the usual route, Yuan Zhou finished his morning exercises earnestly. After he returned to the restaurant, he washed up and went downstairs to prepare breakfast.

With the sound of "Hua La", Yuan Zhou opened the door of the restaurant at the usual time.

Wu Hai was no longer the first this time. The first customer was the old man that often came here to wait for his Tong Tong. Today, he was waiting at the first position of the line.

As soon as Yuan Zhou opened the door, the old man stared at him.

"Morning." Yuan Zhou greeted him expressionlessly.

"Morning, boss." Zhou Jia and Mu Xiaoyun walked to Yuan Zhou smilingly.

"Um. Come on in." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and stepped aside and then he walked into the kitchen right away.

"Breakfast time commences now. Everybody, please come in." Zhou Jia and Mu Xiaoyun said at the same time.

Of the two girls, one had a clear and melodious voice while the other had a soft voice. The two types of voice brought out the best in each other and were quite pleasant to listen to.

"Finally, you opened the door. You are so late." The old man couldn't wait to say after he walked into the restaurant and got seated straightforwardly.

"Yeah! Yes! He's right. It's too late and we are almost starved." What the old man said enjoyed abundant support from many people.

Actually, the business time of Yuan Zhou's restaurant was the same every day. But because the food was very delicious and the business time was very short, people felt he opened the door late.

However, the old man wasn't talking about the same matter as everyone else when he said "too late". He was purely anxious to know if Boss Tong had contacted Yuan Zhou.

It was very easy to understand that. The old man told Yuan Zhou about his story and Yuan Zhou happened to have a good relationship with Boss Tong.

Therefore, it was quite possible that Yuan Zhou asked her on his own initiative or Boss Tong coincidentally called Yuan Zhou.

After all, the old man had known about the matter where Boss Tong gave her store to Yuan Zhou as a present.

"Excuse me, what do you want to eat?" Zhou Jia and Mu Xiaoyun started to take orders dutifully from the customers.

"Wait a minute. I'm not in a hurry." The old man declined Zhou Jia politely first. After that, he looked at Yuan Zhou and said that.

"How did Tong Lan say? Does she know I'm here?" The old man just looked at Yuan Zhou like that earnestly and seriously with a perturbed manner.

"Yes, she does, but she won't come back for the time being." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then answered him bluntly.

"She's not coming back? Well, never mind." On hearing Yuan Zhou say so, the old man was a little upset, but at the same time, he revealed a smile on his face.

As if he was quite happy just to get some information about Boss Tong.

After that, the old man started to pester Yuan Zhou to ask all sorts of questions. Of course, they were all about Boss Tong.

In just five minutes, the old had at least asked ten questions without a break. Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou answered none of them.

"My boss doesn't like talking when he prepares the dishes." Mu Xiaoyun went up and stopped the old man who intended to ask more.

"The little boss has so many rules." Having been stopped by others, the old man was a little embarrassed for an instant, but soon, he reacted and said that.

"That's right. All the rules are written on that wall. You can read them by yourself." Mu Xiaoyun pointed at the wall behind and said.

"Okay. Get me a serving of breakfast, too." The old man didn't turn his head to read the rules, but just sat straight there. He appeared to be cultured.

"Okay. We are serving Osmanthus Wine Stuffed Sticky Rice Ball today." Mu Xiaoyun began to introduce the dishes and the price.

The old man raised his eyebrows when he heard of the price. However, he paid the money directly without saying anything.

After he ordered the dish, the old man waited for less than 5 minutes and the dish was carried onto the table. Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou was the one to carry the dish to the old man personally this time.

"Your Osmanthus Wine Stuffed Sticky Rice Ball. Please enjoy your meal." Yuan Zhou set down the dish.

"How is it?" The old man looked straight at Yuan Zhou and hoped that Yuan Zhou could answer his questions.

Yuan Zhou didn't refuse him this time. He told everything he knew of to the old man briefly.

Such a conversation between them naturally drew the nearby customers' attention, for example, Ling Hong, whose curiosity was even greater than a cat.

"You are talking about Boss Tong, the owner of the neighboring dry cleaning shop." Ling Hong selected a perfect moment. He said that just as Yuan Zhou finished talking and left.

Besides, he said with a tone that he knew about her very well. Therefore, the old man spoke with him immediately.

"Do you also know Tong Lan, the owner of the former dry cleaning shop?" The old man asked anxiously.

"Of course, I do." Ling Hong nodded his head as if it were obvious.

"Then tell me something about her. This old man will treat you to a meal." The old man said generously.

"No need. We are all neighbors." Ling Hong said with a smile on his face.

Just when Yuan Zhou was curious as to why Ling Hong suddenly became so enthusiastic and helpful, he then heard the following words.

"But before I say something about her, I need to know what's happening."

The old man knitted his brows as if he were reluctant to tell him.

"After all, I knew Boss Tong first and only met you just now." Ling Hong revealed a manner that he was quite enthusiastic and considerate.

"Alright. Let me tell you." The old man nodded his head and agreed.

There were two types of people. One was those who liked keeping the secrets and wouldn't tell anybody else while the other was those who would tell anybody as long as others showed a slight interest in it.

It wasn't because he tended to trust others easily, but just because he was too lonely.

The old man belonged to the latter type. He kept silent for a while and then narrated the story of Boss Tong and him again.

After Ling Hong heard that, he asked the old man bluntly, "So old man, could you tell me the reason you kept the one who loves you waiting for more than 30 years?"

"Boss Tong has never left this place. Even if you were gone, I think it isn't a very serious problem since communication devices are so advanced now. I'm very curious about the reason," said Ling Hong. Then, he said again, "Please do tell me."