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620 Leaving The Door Open

 "Stop, stop it! Wu Lin, you tomboy. What exactly are you doing?" After Wu Hai reacted, he sat up and asked loudly.

"Let him be." Just as Zheng Jiawei was prepared to turn around and explain, Wu Lin dragged his arm and stopped him.

"Zheng Jiawei, you better stop the car right now. If I say I won't go, I won't." Wu Hai straightforwardly refused loudly.

Wu Hai was so exasperated that he directly stood up. As a result, his head had a close encounter with the car roof. Then, he became angrier.

"But Little Hai's head... are you alright?" Zheng Jiawei said to Wu Lin at the very start, but even before he could finish, he turned around and asked Wu Hai.

"Drive carefully. Let me talk to him." Wu Lin helped Zheng Jiawei to turn his head back carefully and then said softly.

"Go and check how he feels." Zheng Jiawei nodded his head and then drove carefully.

"I don't need your care. Stop the car now." Wu Hai tried hard not to stroke his own head and said unyieldingly while stroking his own mustaches.

"Let me tell you. I won't board the plane even when we arrive at the airport." Wu Hai added.

"Don't worry, I don't care about you. But I still have something to tell you." Wu Lin grinned at Wu Hai and revealed her white teeth.

"Whatever you say, I won't go." Wu Hai turned his head and didn't look at Wu Lin at all.

"This is just a kind reminder. If you cooperate with us and board the plane, everything will be very fine. If not, you'll board the plane like the way you got on the car." Wu Lin revealed a resolute and firm expression.

"Am I still your elder brother? What misfortune it is to have a sister like you!" Wu Hai gnashed his teeth and said.

"Thank you for your compliment, but a brother that doesn't keep his word like you isn't better than me." Wu Lin first smiled at Zheng Jiawei who turned around and checked the situation and then said to Wu Hai while showing her teeth.

"You are not feminine at all. My sister can't be this manly." Wu Hai couldn't help supporting his forehead with the hand with which he had stroked his mustaches.

"I don't care as long as Jiawei likes it. Don't forget what I said just now. Cooperate with us and board the plane obediently. You know your sister always keeps her word." After saying that, Wu Lin returned to the co-driver's seat to accompany Zheng Jiawei.

"She doesn't even need this elder brother anymore. A sister that only cares about her boyfriend rather than humanity." Wu Hai muttered indignantly and revealed a look of anger.

Nevertheless, Wu Lin told Zheng Jiawei smilingly that Wu Hai had agreed to attend the activity.

As for the process, it didn't matter at all and besides, Zheng Jiawei didn't ask about that, either. He just held Wu Lin's hands for a while when they were waiting for the green light.

While Wu Hai was kidnapped to attend the overseas activity at this side, Yuan Zhou's invitation cards were also sent out very smoothly.

All that received the invitation cards promised to come, including the sharp-tongued Lee Yanyi. Of course, he wouldn't say anything good.

"You behaved like a thief, holding a tasting meeting secretly." Lee Yanyi said impolitely.

"If you don't have time, you don't have to come. Sorry to bother you." Yuan Zhou answered him courteously and decently but at the same time, very directly.

"This old man will definitely go. Why won't I go since it's free?" While saying that, Lee Yanyi stuffed the invitation card into his inner pocket.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou thanked him and then went to cook.

Lee Yanyi was a representative of a group of people who were sharp-tongued but honest in their heart. He spoke ill of Yuan Zhou but still stuffed the invitation card into his pocket very carefully. When others wanted to have a look, he didn't even agree to show to them.

Yuan Zhou sent out 15 invitation cards in the whole evening. And dinnertime almost came to an end by then.

"Boss, goodbye." Zhou Jia left first, leaving only Mu Xiaoyun and the Shen Min who hadn't arrived.

"You can also go now. Take care on the way back home." Yuan Zhou said to Mu Xiaoyun.

"Boss, look at that old man outside. He's still there." Mu Xiaoyun pointed at a shadow outside the door.

It was the old man who had been here in the afternoon. At the moment, he was still standing at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. He just stood there without doing anything.

"Um?" Yuan Zhou took a look at Mu Xiaoyun with puzzlement.

"It's like this. When I passed by here in the afternoon, the old man was there. It seems that he hasn't left yet." Mu Xiaoyun knew Yuan Zhou's thoughts very well and thus replied straightforwardly.

"He's probably waiting for somebody or has something to do." Yuan Zhou wasn't curious about the old man's purpose.

"Is it possible that he wants to eat your dishes but doesn't bring money?" Mu Xiaoyun suddenly asked imaginatively.

"No, it isn't." Yuan Zhou said directly and affirmatively.

"Why?" Mu Xiaoyun felt a little confused.

"Because he's dressed neatly in superior custom-made clothes. It's not early anymore. Go back now." Yuan Zhou started to urge Mu Xiaoyun to go back.

After all, darkness came very early in winter. At the moment, only the lanterns were still on in the side street.

"Okay. Bye, boss." Mu Xiaoyun looked at the old man first before she left.

Not until when Shen Min arrived, tidied up the second floor of the pub, and all the drinkers went upstairs did Yuan Zhou raise his head from the book.

He looked at the outside of the restaurant, finding that old man with white hair and wrinkled skin still standing in the middle of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and Boss Tong's dry cleaning store.

With the help of the lanterns hung overhead by Yuan Zhou, he could just see the old man's face.

"Ta Ta Ta". Yuan Zhou stood up and walked out of the restaurant.

"Dinnertime has ended. Please come early tomorrow." Yuan Zhou stood at the door and said with a moderate volume which the old man could barely hear clearly.

"Little Boss, are you talking to me?" The old man took a while to react and then he asked.

"Yes. Please come early to line up tomorrow." Yuan Zhou said lightly.

"I'm not here to eat. I'm just waiting for someone." The old man smiled and then explained.

"At this time of day, no one will come for meals." Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"It's someone else rather than your customer." The old man shook his head.

Okay. The restaurant will be closed very soon." Yuan Zhou turned around and left after saying that.

"Thank you. I'll leave in a little while." The old man moved slightly and then stood still again.

Though Yuan Zhou told him that he would close the door, he actually didn't. Only when the old man left did he close the door.

After all, the inside temperature of the restaurant was controlled by the system. As long as one stood beside the door, one could feel the warmth. Why would Yuan Zhou save on something provided by the system for free?

Yuan Zhou wasn't the kind of person who would be thrifty in any situation.

The next day, the old man arrived again. He had arrived even when Yuan Zhou got up and went jogging. He was still standing at the same place.

This time, however, the old man took a trunk, a big brown leather trunk. It was placed beside the old man.

"Morning, Little Boss. You are jogging for exercise." The old man greeted Yuan Zhou first when he saw him.

"Morning." Yuan Zhou nodded his head without saying anything and ran away.

On the third day, Yuan Zhou saw him again. He had seen him for three consecutive days. The old man stood outside Yuan Zhou's restaurant and waited for someone early in the morning every day. Sometimes, he took the brown leather trunk while sometimes, he didn't.

However, the duration of the stay was always the same, from early morning to midnight.

As he stayed here for quite a few days, the customers all noticed this old man. And by then, the old man graudually got more familiar with Yuan Zhou.

After all, Yuan Zhou always closed the door only after the old man left.

In the evening of that day, Yuan Zhou reminded the old man again that he was going to close the door.

"Little Boss Yuan, this restaurant was a tailor shop formerly." There was a sense of reminiscence in the old man's tone when he said that.

"Well, I didn't know about that." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then said.