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619 Judging A Book By The Cover

 "Ta Ta Ta". Along with the loud footsteps, a person walked into the restaurant hurriedly.

Yuan Zhou opened the partition of the countertop and walked out, preparing to interview him.

The young man in front was dressed in a dark green casual quilted jacket and black workwear pants with pockets. His white shoes were also covered in some dust.

There was some newly grown stubble on his face and his hair even covered his ears, which made him appear slightly slovenly.

"Are you recruiting?" The young man scratched his head habitually when he spoke.

"Yes, a temporary worker for only one day." Yuan Zhou nodded his head with his expression as solemn as always.

"That is just fine for me. Do you need my resume?" The young man revealed a look of delight and asked Yuan Zhou.

"Yes, I do. The working time starts from 24:00." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then told him the working time seriously.

"All right. Wait a moment." The young man nodded his head. After that, he started to look for the resume in his backpack.

Along with the sound of "Xi Xi Suo Suo", the young man took out a document bag from his bag in a little while.

During the process, Yuan Zhou just watched the person looking for his resume quietly.

The young man looked up at Yuan Zhou and then said, "Wait a minute. I can get it in in an instant."

However, Yuan Zhou didn't answer him.

He just watched the young man until he drew out an A4-sized resume from the document bag and handed it to Yuan Zhou.

With a pair of sharp eyes, Yuan Zhou found there were still many resumes in that document bag.

They were all copied like the one in front of him with identical names.

Yuan Zhou didn't say anything, but just received it. However, he didn't intend to read it at all.

"I'm sorry, but you don't meet my requirements. Please take care." After Yuan Zhou said that, he handed the resume back.

The young man knitted his brows and took a look at Yuan Zhou. Only then did he say, "Why? You didn't even read my resume, how could you say so?"

"None of your dressing, appearance and behaviors meet my requirements. Take care." When Yuan Zhou said that, he appeared quite natural and straightforward.

"Damn it. How could you judge a book by the cover?" There was an obvious annoyance on the young man's face.

Yuan Zhou didn't answer him anymore. He just waited for this person to leave.

Such an arrogant attitude made the young man feel even more offended. He was so angry that he left with big strides.

"Humph. You recruit people to work at midnight and expect many people to come?" The young man muttered angrily.

However, Yuan Zhou remained unmoved.

"Whoops. I've never expected our Boss Yuan is also a person that judges others by their outward appearance. Are you a man of the good-looks club?" Jiang Changxi, who was correcting the procedures for him at the side, was startled by the resentful voice of the young man.

"This person is dressed randomly and sloppily; his beard isn't shaved; his hair hasn't been washed for at least three days; the shoes haven't been cleaned for at least five days, and the resume isn't even prepared in advance. I'm indeed a boss that judges others by their outward appearance." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and said bluntly.

Yuan Zhou's voice wasn't low. On hearing that, the young man that had just walked out of the restaurant revealed an embarrassed expression and left hastily.

"According to what you said, I'm also a person that judges others by outward appearance." Jiang Changxi shrugged and looked at Yuan Zhou seriously.

Yuan Zhou nodded his head and didn't say anything.

In Yuan Zhou's eyes, the interview was a two-way communication. Therefore, he went out quickly and stood perfectly straight with his spotless clothes when the young man came in.

Nonetheless, the young man didn't care about his appearance at all and even took out his resume from the document bag without a care.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou declined his application and didn't read his resume, either. Judging people by outward appearance wasn't in conflict with respecting others. As an interviewer, Yuan Zhou was dressed very formally.

In a sense, Yuan Zhou was very stubborn.

Just when Jiang Changxi wanted to say something more, another person came inside. Yuan Zhou made a pause gesture and looked toward the person.

Yuan Zhou was a little surprised this time as the person was an old man.

An old humpbacked man that had white hair and wrinkled skin and was dressed in snow white suit and a black overcoat outside.

The old man looked around at the restaurant and then at Yuan Zhou carefully before he asked, "What store is this?"

"Hello. This is Yuan Zhou's restaurant. It's a small restaurant." Yuan Zhou's restaurant answered courteously and seriously.

"Oh? A restaurant? Things change so quickly. Isn't it another kind of store?" The old man took a few steps forward into the restaurant and looked around again.

"No, it isn't." Yuan Zhou didn't say much, but directly nodded his head.

"Young man, how long have you been running this restaurant?" The old man stood in front of Yuan Zhou and asked him.

"Almost one year." Yuan Zhou answered patiently.

"Do you know what store it was before?" The old man asked again.

"It was a noodle restaurant before." When Yuan Zhou said that, he appeared quite earnest.

"No, no. How could it be a noodle restaurant? No, it wasn't." The old man shook his head with a look of disbelief.

"It was indeed a noodle restaurant a long time ago." Yuan Zhou said that quite affirmatively. After all, the noodle restaurant was opened by his father.

"Then what about the one before the noodle restaurant?" The old man thought for a while and then asked again.

"I don't know about that." Yuan Zhou shook his head. As far as his memories went, it had been a noodle restaurant.

"Ok, I see." The old man appeared to be a little disappointed. Then, he turned around and walked out.

Yuan Zhou didn't take this old man to heart. After all, it was inevitable to meet such people that came to find something sometimes.

It was just as normal as asking directions.

As soon as the old man left, Jiang Changxi said, "When do you prepare to send the invitation cards?"

"Tonight." Yuan Zhou brought out the time he had already thought of.

While Yuan Zhou had decided on the time to send the invitation cards at this side, Wu Hai didn't have time to notice that.

Because he received a phone call from Zheng Jiawei, who asked him to honour his promises made in Japan.

That was, to attend the next activity.

Of course, Wu Hai refused him flatly. He said straightforwardly to Zheng Jiawei, "I won't go. I am going back on my word."

After that, Wu Hai hung up the phone directly.

"When did you ever see me honour my promise before?" Wu Hai lied on the sofa complacently.

Looking at the phone, Wu Hai thought complacently that Zheng Jiawei must have given up. After all, he felt that Zheng Jiawei should have been used to that and hence didn't call him anymore.

Recently, Wu Hai's habit was to sleep in the afternoon and draw in the evening. Having hung up the phone and muted it conveniently, Wu Hai fell asleep straightforwardly.

Before he woke up as per his own biological clock, he was awakened by the loud sound of the door.

Then, he was pulled up by somebody just he had opened his eyes and hadn't had the chance to say anything.

"Wu Lin! Is my door broken again?" Wu Hai said with a speechless manner.

"Of course, it's needless to say. Go with me now. You promised Jiawei." Wu Lin pulled him towards the door.

Wu Lin was still dressed in convenient sportswear. She didn't care that Wu Hai was still wearing pyjamas and hadn't even put on his coat.

Zheng Jiawei was only in charge of opening and closing the door.

Not until Wu Hai was pulled to the first floor did this muddled guy struggle.

"I'm not going there. When did I say I would go? Zheng Jiawei can go alone." Wu Hai got rid of Wu Lin's hands.

"Are you sure you don't want to go? Are you sure to want to go back on your promise?" Wu Lin narrowed her sharp almond eyes slightly and stared at Wu Hai.

"Of course. I'm quite sure." Wu Hai turned his head and prepared to walk towards Yuan Zhou's restaurant. At this time of day, Yuan Zhou's dinner time was about to start.

"Jiawei, open it." Wu Lin ignored Wu Hai walking forward and then said to Zheng Jiawei beside her.

"Okay." Zheng Jiawei nodded his head and opened the trunk of the silver SUV in front of Wu Hai.

Right after that, Wu Lin took hold of Wu Hai's arm and made did a perfect shoulder throw, flinging him into the trunk.

Wu Lin and Zheng Jiawei's actions were swift, precise, and forceful.

Then, they closed the trunk, got on the car, started the engine, and left Taoxi Road very quickly in a flash.

Nonetheless, Wu Hai just maintained the same posture and froze, in a daze...