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618 Part-Timers

 Lunchtime passed while Yuan Zhou was cooking seriously without break.

"Bye, Boss Yuan. I'll come again this afternoon." The flirtatious way Jiang Changxi spoke toward Yuan Zhou was too overboard. She almost gave Yuan Zhou a flying kiss.

"Take care." Yuan Zhou swallowed quietly the several words of "I won't see you off."

"Bye-bye." Jiang Changxi raised her hand and waved at him.

"Our boss doesn't seem happy. Don't you think so, Sister Jia Jia?" Mu Xiaoyun looked at Yuan Zhou and then at Jiang Changxi before she asked Zhou Jia.

"I can't tell. Doesn't our boss look like that every day?" Zhou Jia stared at the expressionless face of Yuan Zhou and didn't find anything special.

"No. It is very obvious when our boss is delighted. But when he's not, he will look like that," Mu Xiaoyun said with an earnest look.

"Well, I have never noticed that. Why don't we ask him about it?" Zhou Jia said tentatively.

"Um. Boss, what happened?" Mu Xiaoyun nodded her head and then asked straightforwardly.

On hearing that, Yuan Zhou appeared quite natural and then said softly.

"It is nothing. I am just preparing to hire some part-timers. We'll have an activity these few days." It was a rare occasion when Yuan Zhou explained in details.

"Sister Jia Jia and I can help," Mu Xiaoyun opened her eyes wide and said sincerely.

"The event will end too late for you." Yuan Zhou refused her directly.

That's right. Yuan Zhou absolutely couldn't manage a tasting meeting with 30 people at midnight alone. Therefore, he needed people to help him. However, Zhou Jia had to go back to the university for studies and Shen Min's college was very far from here and thus, it wasn't convenient for her too. As for Mu Xiaoyun, she was still a little girl. He would never let her go back so late.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou had never intended to let the three girls help him from the very beginning, but instead, prepared to hire some people to help.

"It doesn't matter. My home isn't far and Sister Jia Jia is also willing to help." Mu Xiaoyun still said persistently.

"Yes, boss, I can help." Zhou Jia nodded her head and chimed in earnestly.

"No need. It's too troublesome." Yuan Zhou refused her and revealed a resolute expression.

"All right. Please do tell us in advance when you have something to do next time." Mu Xiaoyun looked at Yuan Zhou considerately.

"Take care on the way back home." Instead of answering her, Yuan Zhou directly hinted at them go back home quickly.

"Bye, boss." Mu Xiaoyun and Zhou Jia said goodbye to Yuan Zhou with one accord before they left.

As usual, Yuan Zhou went out of the restaurant and watched them walk away gradually. Only then did he go back to the restaurant.

"It's time to hire." Looking at the people passing to and fro, he thought of the proper business.

The recruitment notice was edited from the previous one and directly used by Yuan Zhou. He didn't rewrite it again.

After all, he really had written a lot of characters at noon.

Working time: three hours in total from 12:00 to 3:00 a.m.

Vacation time: none

Job content, only carrying plates

Remuneration package: no social insurance or housing fund; 300 RMB per day including the round-trip bus fares

Job requirements: must listen to instructions. Male or female are recruited as long as they are above age.

"Um. Perfect." Looking at the edited recruitment notice, Yuan Zhou nodded his head contentedly and then posted it outside straightforwardly.

The current popularity of Yuan Zhou's restaurant was very different from before. A lot of people wanted to work there.

Some wanted to work here because they thought that it would be more convenient to obtain the food while some wanted to learn cooking. Some other people like the female boss of the noodle restaurant wanted to steal some culinary skills.

All in all, the recruitment notice attracted many people's attention immediately once it was posted outside.

"This nasty guy is recruiting workers again? It seems his business is that good." The female boss of the noodle restaurant found the recruitment notice posted by Yuan Zhou first. Having read that, she gnashed her teeth and said inwardly.

"Huh? Boss Yuan is starting to recruit workers again. What requirements does he have this time? Let me see if I can apply for it." A boss of a store across the street went up to read it with interest.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's go to see if we conform to the requirements." Other people at the side also became excited and discussed among themselves.

The people that surrounded to watch were the bosses of the nearby stores while those who were really looking for jobs were stuck in the outer ring.

On reading the requirements, however, these bosses looked at each other in disappointment.

"He seems to be looking for a part-timer, but there is something wrong with the time." One of the bosses said in puzzlement.

"Humph. I think that person is playing tricks intentionally. He must be afraid of us stealing his culinary skills and surpassing him." The female boss of the noodle restaurant snorted coldly.

"I don't think so. Isn't there a great master that follows him every day and learns from him?" Another boss said straightforwardly.

"Exactly. I guess he's probably gonna hold some activities at night. It seems that I have to figure out a similar activity, too." It was the boss who liked thinking smartly. Once he got the idea, he thought of his own store immediately.

"Yeah, yes, you are right." Many bosses were convinced by this proposal and more than half of them left. Only then did those who came to apply for the job got to see the true requirements of the recruitment notice.

"Why is it a job at midnight?" A young man who intended to apply for the job knitted his brows.

"It truly is. How can we come at this time of the day? But the pay is fairly good. 300 RMB for three hours. This price is almost as high as that of a master for the ceremonies." A girl started to consider about this job.

After all, 300 RMB for three hours was a fairly high salary.

"It's really not bad to work in Boss Yuan's restaurant. Even if we can't afford the dishes, we can at least have a look." There was a different kind of thinking.

"You are right. It's so exciting to watch Boss Yuan's culinary skills at a close distance."

"I think so, too. There might be BBQ at that time. After we get off work, we can eat the BBQ directly."

Foodies were everywhere.

It no longer caused any misunderstanding now for Yuan Zhou to post such a recruitment notice that was so ambiguous. After all, Yuan Zhou's restaurant was too famous currently.

Even if it was a job that required people to work at midnight, there were lots of people that came to apply for it.

Just when they surrounded the recruitment notice and read it outside, Jiang Changxi arrived as agreed.

"Will this activity commence at midnight?" As soon as Jiang Changxi entered the restaurant, she asked that.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Why at that time of day?" Jiang Changxi looked at Yuan Zhou curiously.

"It's quiet at that time of the day." Yuan Zhou said as if it were obvious.

"That's too late. People seldom hold the fruit tasting meeting at that time of the day." Sometimes, Jiang Changxi was quite gentle when she spoke to Yuan Zhou. For example, she used the word 'seldom' here.

"I have to work and run the restaurant at other times." Yuan Zhou said bluntly.

"Yeah, you are right. Okay, I have made a complete plan for you. Give me a pen and let me correct some places." Jiang Changxi took out a folder and said naturally.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou thanked her earnestly.

"Don't mention it. Didn't you also invite me?" Jiang Changxi took out the invitation card from her bag and shook it in the face of Yuan Zhou.

"Sorry to bother you." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and handed the pen to her.

"Seriously speaking, if you want to thank me, you can actually do something more substantial. What about you sending me back home tonight?" Jiang Changxi looked sideways at Yuan Zhou. Then, she covered her mouth with her hand while smiling at him.

"I'm going to check on the recruitment status now." Yuan Zhou turned around and left decisively without turning a hair.

There was indeed someone who came to apply for the job at the door. It was a man.

What a joke! Every time Jiang Changxi teased him like that, Yuan Zhou had a feeling that his wallet was gonna cry.

After all, she was a female director, specifically, a director that had never suffered losses. After all, Yuan Zhou had witnessed her entrap Ling Hong and Wu Hai quite a few times.

The mother of Zhang Wuji (a very famous figure in a martial arts novel written by Louis Cha) once said, "The more beautiful a woman is, the more dangerous she is."