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617 Yuan Zhous Mistake

 A "Pa La Pa La" sound emitted from Yuan Zhou's side when he typed on the keyboard.

That could fully prove how serious Yuan Zhou was when he looked up the procedures.

However, just as Yuan Zhou typed the several words of 'procedures for a tasting meeting', a long list of various procedures appeared.

There were all kinds of tasting meetings. Red wine, liquor, white wine, cars, or foods. The only thing that was missing was the fruit tasting meeting.

But Yuan Zhou still read through the procedures of these tasting meetings. Only then did he supported his forehead straightforwardly and grumbled speechlessly.

"Stupid system, even if you want me to hold the fruit tasting meeting, you don't need to do it at midnight. There is absolutely no precedent." Yuan Zhou felt a slight headache.

Yuan Zhou had read all the procedures very carefully and none of them were held at midnight. Of course, some were held in the evening.

For example, those high-end ones like the wine party.

As for those held in the wee hours, he had never even heard of any.

"Huh? Let me see if I can use this tasting meeting of delicious food for reference." When Yuan Zhou looked up more procedures on the internet, he found one relating to a tasting meeting of delicious food and hence clicked it directly to read it.

"There are so many steps. First, advance publicizing of the tasting meeting; second, main contents of the tasting meeting; third, workflow of the tasting meeting; fourth, the list of the ingredients needed; fifth, expense budget of the tasting meeting. Well, this is fairly professional." Yuan Zhou studied the procedure carefully.

Then, Yuan Zhou found that even with such a detailed procedure, he didn't know what to do, either.

"It seems even a prince charming isn't good at everything." Yuan Zhou powered down his computer and sighed sorrowfully with emotion.

"That is fine. If I'm too omnipotent, I won't be a perfect prince charming." Yuan Zhou stroked his own forehead and comforted himself well.

Having stared into space for a while, Yuan Zhou checked the time and found that there were still three hours before the lunchtime commenced. Hence, he was prepared to do something else.

"Right. I can write the invitation cards first. The procedures said the invitation cards are needed." Yuan Zhou nodded his head approvingly.

Then, he started to turn everything inside out, looking for something.

Yuan Zhou had not much but he did have many little strange objects like the embossed paper used to make the invitation cards.

The paper was originally bought along with the restaurant flowers by Yuan Zhou. It was the white embossed paper with lotus flower patterns, which looked refreshing as well as simple and elegant.

"The paper is quite good." Having confirmed the paper style, Yuan Zhou immediately took up the scissors and started to cut it into a certain shape.

The intermediate level of cooking had made him become a beautiful, dexterous man now.

Therefore, it wasn't difficult for Yuan Zhou to make the invitation cards. Once he cut the papers into a certain shape, Yuan Zhou directly brought out the Chinese brush and started to write invitation cards.

"It is lucky that I bought the writing brush, ink, paper and inkstone when I prepared the menu at that time. Otherwise, it wouldn't be so convenient." While pouring the ink into the inkstone, Yuan Zhou sighed with emotion at his foresight.

"Thirty invitation cards are supposed to be enough, but let me prepare another twenty just in case. After all, it must be held at midnight. These cards should be good." While writing, Yuan Zhou thought of the appropriate candidates.

Breathing in, lifting the brush, and setting it down, Yuan Zhou finished 40 invitation cards in one go. When he finished all of them, it was almost time for lunch.

"Hoo... It's so tiring." Looking at a stack of invitation cards beside him, he had a sense of achievement.

Then, he walked downstairs to prepare the ingredients of the lunch since he found the time was almost up.

"Good afternoon, boss." Mu Xiaoyun and Zhou Jia greeted him together.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

The arrival of the two girls indicated that lunchtime had started.

"Yo, Boss Yuan. Get me a serving of Dongpo Pig Knuckle." Once Jiang Changxi entered the restaurant, she directly ordered her dishes. She ordered even more quickly than Wu Hai.

"Don't interrupt. Let me order first." Wu Hai immediately turned around and said to Jiang Changxi.

"No, never." Jiang Changxi straightforwardly turned her head around.

However, Wu Hai paid no attention to her and directly brought out the names of his dishes to Mu Xiaoyun.

"What's the point of scrambling for a minute or two? Look! How calm I am." Ling Hong walked quickly into the restaurant and got seated. Then, he started to talk to Zhou Jia and ordered his dishes.

Of course, he wasn't slower than them, either.

Yuan Zhou was already accustomed to their debates, thus he nodded his head lightly and then went to cook dishes.

Not long after that, Yuan Zhou carried the Dongpo Pig Knuckle ordered by Jiang Changxi to her personally.

"Here is your Dongpo Pig Knuckle and plain white rice from the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisines." Yuan Zhou set down the plates and said like usual.

"Wow, a rare visitor. I'm not Yin Ya. How could you carry my dishes to me personally? Is it because you found that my bed was very comfortable and wanted to try it?" Jiang Changxi was surprised at first. Then, she teased Yuan with an evil laugh.

Jiang Changxi was every clear that Yuan Zhou wouldn't approach her proactively, as she had been teasing him frequently. Therefore, Yuan Zhou stayed away from her intentionally even when he was summoned by her.

"No. I want to ask you a question?" Yuan Zhou shook his head primly and then said humbly.

After all, he had read through both volumes of The Art of Speech and hence learned to speak humbly.

"What question? Tell me." Jiang Changxi leaned toward him and behaved as if she wanted to move her ear closer to him.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou took a step back and stood still before he started to say, "Have you ever handled any tasting meetings in your company?"

"Of course. I have experienced much before I got so far. Why are you asking this minor question?" Jiang Changxi asked with puzzlement.

"Since you have a wealth of experience, what should I do if I want to hold a fruit tasting meeting, the kind that doesn't require too many people?" Yuan Zhou asked her with a look of indifference as if he were really just asking randomly.

"Hahahahaha. Are you going to hold the tasting meeting? Since you don't know the exact procedures, do you need my help? It will be more convenient and faster." Jiang Changxi suddenly figured out why Yuan Zhou had departed from his normal behavior and carried the dishes to her personally this time. Therefore, she asked straightforwardly.

"No, thanks. I have finished the most important step among the whole procedures." Having been seen through, Yuan Zhou still remained calm and refused her flatly.

"Which step?" Jiang Changxi became a little puzzled then.

After all, she got to know from Yuan Zhou's question that he didn't know nor understand what to do. Then, what was the most important step that he had finished?

"The invitation cards are ready. This is for you." Yuan Zhou drew one out and handed it to her.

"Um." Jiang Changxi received the invitation card, opened it and took a look.

"After the invitation cards are all finished, the remaining work will be easier." Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"Are these invitation cards all written by hand and made by yourself?" Jiang Changxi looked at Yuan Zhou with a surprised manner.

"Of course." Yuan Zhou nodded his head deservedly and complacently.

"How many have you written?" Jiang Changxi continued asking him.

"Not many. Only 50." Yuan Zhou answered with a proud tone but an indifferent expression.

"Actually, the invitation cards can be copied. The only thing you need to do is write the names." Jiang Changxi couldn't help saying that with a big smile.

Upon hearing that, Yuan Zhou instantly became dumbfounded. Then, he said with an uncaring manner, "It shows great sincerity to write it by hand. Anyway, they are all so small."

He behaved as if he were truly very sincere.

Then, even Jiang Changxi became speechless. She just felt in her heart that it was no wonder Yuan Zhou was called Compass. He was so conscientious and persistent that he wrote the menu and even the invitation cards by hand.

She was really awed by Yuan Zhou.

As for Yuan Zhou who had been misunderstood, he thought of the physical fatigue resulting from the non-stop writing in the morning and felt quite helpless.

It wasn't easy to write 50 blank invitation cards continuously in one go.

"I feel like a stupid fool." This was the what Yuan Zhou was screaming inside currently.