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616 Planning Ability

 After dinner time ended, Yuan Zhou stared at the watch that he had just worn.

"Hua". He suddenly pulled open the drawer again and took out a hand towel. Then, he wiped his hands clean and took off the watch.

After that, Yuan Zhou just stood still like that and stared at the watch for quite a while.

"A watch worth more than 10,000 RMB cannot be left unused like that." When Yuan Zhou said that, he covered his stomach with his hands, revealing a that his heartache was turning into a stomachache.

Just then, Yuan Zhou thought of the salesgirl's words.

"Ta Ta Ta". He turned around and walked upstairs quickly into his own room. Then, he took out the packaging bag of the watch and brought out a box from inside.

After a sound of "Pa", the box was opened, revealing a holder for watches.

"Um. This should do it." Yuan Zhou took the box and directly walked downstairs.

He moved the holder and the watch back and forth for a while and then confirmed the location to put it. In the end, however, he put them away.

"It's a little early to put it here. I think tomorrow morning is better. The light is good and it will be easier to tell the time," Yuan Zhou said to the watch primly and then put it back in the cabinet.

After all, very few people came during the business time of the pub and thus, it wasn't easily appreciated.

The next morning, Yuan Zhou's restaurant was opened for business right on time again. The arrival and participation of Mu Xiaoyun reduced Zhou Jia's workload and the customers were more used to her.

After all, there was a large loli like Mu Xiaoyun, who was so lovable and quick-witted, that behaved like a big mascot of the restaurant. Moreover, she formed a sharp contrast with the solemn and indifferent person Yuan Zhou, which made the scene even more interesting.

At least, most of the customers thought so.

At the earliest possible time, Yuan Zhou put the watch worth of 11,000 RMB on the countertop. It appeared fairly conspicuous and didn't get in the way.

"Huh? Where did that watch come from? Is it for me?" Ling Hong went up and held the watch up, saying intentionally.

"No. It's for telling the time." Yuan Zhou said lightly.

"Don't you have a clock?" Wu Hai glanced at it but didn't appear to be interested in that.

"It's more convenient to tell the time in this way." Yuan Zhou continued saying that indifferently.

Then... there was no then. Ling Hong just shrugged in an uninterested manner, sitting down to order his dishes while Wu Hai straightforwardly focused his attention on the food steamer containing the Soup Dumplings.

Meanwhile, other customers that saw the watch did nothing but just glanced at it. They neither asked Yuan Zhou about it nor did anything else.

"It seems to be different from what I imagined." Yuan Zhou looked around without turning a hair and knitted his brows, feeling a little puzzled in the heart.

Having failed in acting cool, Yuan Zhou was a little upset. Fortunately, he had always appeared solemn during normal times and thus nobody noticed that he was disappointed. Therefore, he became even more disappointed.

Weren't they supposed to praise him for the tasteful watch on the countertop?

Luckily, the mission released by the system rescued Yuan Zhou.

That's right. The system released another mission.

The system displayed, "Host, you have triggered a side mission. To receive or not?"

"Receive," Yuan Zhou said without any hesitation.

The system displayed, "The side mission has been released. It's available to be checked."

"What will the mission be this time?" While thinking of that, Yuan Zhou tapped open the mission.

[Side Mission] Hold a fruit tasting meeting and let customers choose the most satisfying fruit by voting. Then it can be used in the fruit plate after meals.

(Mission tips: It must be held at 12:00 at night on any particular day. Go, go and work hard to achieve this mission.)

[Mission Reward] After-meal fruits

(Reward tips:) You want something else even if you have been rewarded with the fruits? That's not possible.)

After he read the mission, Yuan Zhou really wanted to beat him. He asked in a speechless manner, "System, are you sure it means 12:00 midnight rather than at noon?"

The system displayed, "Good eyesight is an indispensable skill for a chef."

"My eyesight is very good, but yours does not seem to be so. You want me to hold the fruit tasting meeting at 12:00 midnight. Do you think it's a ghost market?" Yuan Zhou supported his forehead feebly and directly grumbled.

The system displayed, "The full name of this system is Master Chef System."

"So this is the reason you want me to hold the fruit tasting meeting at midnight?" Yuan Zhou almost laughed out of anger.

Then, the system fell silent for quite a while. Just when Yuan Zhou thought the system vanished again, it reappeared.

The system displayed, "Host, don't you feel it's more meaningful to hold the fruit tasting meeting at midnight?"

"Ho Ho. Can I swear?" Yuan Zhou asked straightforwardly.

The system displayed, "As you please, host."

"How is this goddamned meaningful? Come on, let's fight one on one. Today, I'm going to make you feel that the life of the system is more meaningful." Yuan Zhou rolled up his sleeves and appeared to be quite furious.

Then, the system no longer emitted any sound and straightforwardly ignored Yuan Zhou.

"It cannot have even a good day unless I am cheated." While muttering, Yuan Zhou checked the mission carefully and considered how to complete it.

After all, he couldn't refuse the reward. The fruits provided by the system were quite attractive, not to mention that there weren't a lot of varieties of fruit in his restaurant.

However, Yuan Zhou felt his balls aching as soon as he thought of the time. Thinking about it a little longer, he figured out an idea, "There are definitely very few people at this time of day, but Wu Hai and Ling Hong can probably come then. I think three or five people can be here."

Yuan Zhou was thinking in the heart who could come then. In his opinion, those who often came to drink liquor were supposed to have time at night. In just a little while, he confirmed the candidates. There were a total of five people.

"Tomorrow I will notify them right away." Yuan Zhou tapped his left hand with the right one and finally confirmed how to complete this mission.

However, the system was not easily fooled or cheated.

The system displayed, "Tasting is both a science and an art. The tasting of the fruit requires not only knowledge of the various seasonal fruits, planting, quality, and varieties of the fruits, but also many people to verify it."

"Therefore, the participants cannot be less than 30 people. This is a medium-sized tasting meeting."

The long passage was read through by Yuan Zhou without omitting a single word and instantly, he got angry.

"Don't stop me. I'm going to perish together with this goddamn system. What exactly are you thinking? How could you think of letting me find thirty people to come to eat fruits at 12:00 midnight? Won't they think that it's a ghost market? Do you know the strength of my big fists?" Yuan Zhou simple was outraged and exasperated.

In response to Yuan Zhou's anger, the system just played dead. It neither answered him nor responded to him.

Only after Yuan Zhou walked around the kitchen in a huff for a while did he stop and start to consider how to complete the mission.

After all, anger couldn't solve any problems. Yuan Zhou was very clear about that, but still, he needed to vent his anger. Otherwise, the system wouldn't realize that had a hot temper as well.

"The procedures of the tasting meeting?" Yuan Zhou felt a headache as soon as he thought of the difficult problem of the system.

Yuan Zhou had never been a class leader and hence didn't have any concept of organizing anything. He simply didn't know what to start with.

"Is it better to ask Jiang Changxi or Yin Ya?" Yuan Zhou had thought of many ideas in his mind.

In his eyes, Jiang Changxi was a director of a company and must have conducted countless events while Yin Ya was supposed to have no problem in organizing medium-sized events as an assistant of the supervisor.

For an instant, Yuan Zhou couldn't make up his mind whom to ask.

He stood still and thought for five minutes and then made the decision.

"Well, a prince charming like me had better look through the internet." Yuan Zhou turned around and went upstairs into his own room.