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615 Superman Will Also Age

 Yuan Zhou didn't really have much time to think about the watch. He put it down and immediately began to prepare the ingredients required by supper.

The business time arrived as usual in the evening. Just as Yuan Zhou said, the father and the son came together again halfway through dinnertime.

"My boss is really awesome. I thought those two had a falling out with each other and would never come again," when Zhou Jia saw Zong Lin and his father sit together to eat again, she couldn't help muttering.

"What happened, Sister Jia Jia?" Mu Xiaoyun couldn't help asking at the side.

"Let me tell you..." Zhou Jia told Mu Xiaoyun the reason in whispers. Of course, she didn't forget to tell her about Yuan Zhou's matter.

"Our boss is always right. I feel that our boss knows a lot and is really awesome." Mu Xiaoyun felt Yuan Zhou was always right.

"Yes, indeed." Zhou Jia nodded her head to show her consent.

Mu Xiaoyun also nodded, following her at the side.

"But trust me, they will quarrel again a moment later." Zhou Jia gestured to the father and son's location.

"Do we need to tell them to keep their voice down?" Mu Xiaoyun turned her head and asked.

"No need. Though they often quarrel, they have some awareness and won't disturb others by making noise. Their voices are very low." Zhou Jia shook her head.

"Oh, okay." Mu Xiaoyun nodded her head and then went to greet the other customers.

Zhou Jia also went to carry the dishes. However, this time, she was wrong. Zong Lin's father started to lose his temper the moment he sat down and moreover, he was very angry today. Therefore, he behaved more aggressively than before.

"What exactly are you doing all these days? I tell you to come back home, but you never do as I say. You just mess things up." Zong Lin's father glared at Zong Lin and revealed a dissatisfied look.

"I'm inviting you to have the meal. Can't we just eat quietly?" Zong Lin couldn't help rolling his eyes.

"I can't." His father opened his eyes wide and said discontentedly.

Yeah, he did have reasons for that. Right now, he felt that his stomach was full on the flames of fury. Thus, how could he have any appetite?

Zong Lin's father was called Zong Liguo. He was a head chef of a farmhouse restaurant and worked for ten days a month and resting the remaining 20 days. It was a fairly relaxing job.

During normal time, he was very good at cooking the Crab Tofu, which was also Zong Lin's favourite dish since his childhood. Nonetheless, today, one of his old customers commented that his Crab Tofu had been overcooked and didn't taste good.

Zong Liguo apologized to this older customer immediately, but in the heart, he suddenly thought of his son that always made him worry.

"It's definitely because I worry about that little brat too much that made me unable to cook it well." Zong Liguo thought inwardly.

With this matter on his mind, how could Zong Liguo be happy?

And the happening was also known by Zong Lin. The source of the news was naturally his mom.

"All right, all right. You can't always do this to me. You can't get angry somewhere else and take it out on me. Besides, you did overcook the Crab Tofu. You are getting old." Zong Lin said straightforwardly.

"It's overcooked? Let me tell you, boy. The older, the wiser!" Zong Lin's father suddenly flew into a rage.

"It is because I know you are my father that I listen to you preaching every time." Zong Lin lowered his voice and also said discontentedly.

"That's really a hard time for you, isn't it? Remember, you better come back tomorrow. Otherwise, you can get out of here right now!" Zong Liguo didn't spare his son's feelings this time, but instead, said straightforwardly.

"Have you made your decision if you're saying that?" Zong Lin sat up straight and asked solemnly.

Just when Zong Liguo wanted to answer him, Yuan Zhou carried up their dishes.

"Here are the dishes for you two. Please enjoy." Yuan Zhou put the plates between them directly.

He interrupted the quarrel between the two people and also stopped the more resolute words of Zong Lin's father.

"Humph." Zong Liguo snorted coldly. He turned his head around and didn't look at his son anymore.

Nevertheless, Zong Lin revealed a bitter smile and said thanks to Yuan Zhou.

"Please take your time and enjoy the meal." Having served the dishes, Yuan Zhou nodded his head, turned around and went back to the kitchen.

While eating, the two people were very quiet, very quiet. They did not talk nor make eye contact. They just ate their meal quietly.

Not long after that, however, Zong Lin's words made Zong Liguo angry again.

"I have accepted the invitation from that restaurant and will not be going back." Zong Lin swallowed the last mouthful of the rice and suddenly said.

"Okay, fine, fine. Then don't come back forever." This time, Zong Liguo failed to lower his voice and said more loudly than before. It could be seen how angry he was.

Fortunately, the business time of Yuan Zhou's restaurant ended at that moment.

The customers left one after another. As they were in the midst of a cold war, the father and the son naturally didn't notice that.

They didn't even respond to the customers' discussions about the rain falling on the ground.

When all customers left, Yuan Zhou suddenly walked to them.

"Excuse me, was it you that wanted me to be a judge yesterday?" Yuan Zhou's words stopped their quarrel.

"Yes. Do you agree, Boss Yuan?" The two people gave a start at the same time. Finally, Zong Lin reacted and asked.

"Yeah. This little brat invited you. If only you agreed." Zong Liguo nodded his head and said that immediately, too.

"Then what do you want me to be the judge about?" Yuan Zhou didn't wait for their answer after he said that lightly, but turned his head and continued to asked Zong Lin.

"If I say your craftsmanship surpassed your father's, what would you do?" Yuan Zhou looked at Zong Lin with an indifferent and solemn expression.

"And, old man, if I said the elders are indeed wiser and your craftsmanship is still better than your son's, what would you say?" Yuan Zhou's expression remained the same when he looked at Zong Liguo.

This question of Yuan Zhou's instantly silenced the two people.

That's right. What was the point even if he could prove he was better than his father?

That's right. What was the point even if he could prove he was still as good as before?

Both of them couldn't help thinking of such a question.

"Dinnertime has come to an end now. Please come early tomorrow." The sound of Yuan Zhou seeing off customers broke the silence.

Then, the two people walked out of the restaurant quietly and didn't notice it was still raining outside.

"Ouch." The ground was so wet and slippery that Zong Liguo sprained his ankle when he slipped. All he could do was squat at the side, unable to even stand up by himself.

The abrupt sound also awakened Zong Lin. He walked to Zong Liguo subconsciously and said, "Let me carry you on my back."

Zong Liguo ignored his son. Such an injury wasn't a serious problem for him when he was young. Not until he found that he really had no way to stand up by himself did he lie prone on his son's back.

They just stayed silent like that and walked straight out of the side street until they got to the car. Then, Zong Lin carried his father to the passenger side.

"Dad, the Crab Tofu cooked by you is actually as tasty as before. It is the same as always. And you are still like a superman that can do anything, but you know, even a superman can grow old." Zong Lin looked at his own father and said seriously.

It sounded a little awkward when the words came from a 29-year-old man, but it was also what he said to his father when he was little. Everything had changed when he said the same thing tens of years later.

Zong Liguo was truly stunned this time. He looked at Zong Lin and didn't know what to say.

"Now I'm also a superman in another little brat's eyes." Zong Lin suddenly smiled and said. The little brat mentioned by him was naturally his 2-year-old son, Zong Liguo's grandson.

After saying that, Zong Lin went to the other side and sat on the driver's seat.

"You are a superman? Ho Ho. Be cautious not to cut in front of other cars later." Zong Liguo's mood recovered. His tone sounded a little different, but also unchanged.

"I've never expected that their relationship is actually so good. It feels so touching. Boss, you also feel so, don't you?" Zhou Jia sniffled and then turned to look at Yuan Zhou, who took the umbrella but didn't hand it to the father and the son.

Even Mu Xiaoyun also looked at Yuan Zhou with her glistening eyes at the side.

"No. I'm thinking that I ought to ask the Street Administration Office to repair the street. Otherwise, what shall I do if others fall down on the ground and ask me to compensate? The appearance of the street is a petty thing, but the compensation is not." Yuan Zhou looked at the poor conditions of the side street earnestly and seriously.

"Well..." Then, Zhou Jia and Mu Xiaoyun were made speechless at the same time. They simply didn't know what to say.