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614 Buying A Watch

 Yuan Zhou closed the door of the cabinet and revealed a look of heartache. Of course, what he felt heartache was for the other parts of the duck that were nowhere to be found.

"Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Ling," a familiar ringtone sounded.

"Huh? It is already this hour." Yuan Zhou took up the phone and checked the time. It clearly displayed 2 o'clock on the screen.

"Um. I can rest for one hour and watch some TV." Yuan Zhou held his phone and closed the door before heading to the second floor straightforwardly.

That's right. Ever since he came back from Japan, he had been addicted to a TV drama series. It was actually updated at 12:00 a.m. every day, but it was too late for Yuan Zhou to watch. Therefore, he had to watch it the next day.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou always spared one hour in the afternoon to watch TV every day.

"Can that protagonist defeat those gangsters today?" Yuan Zhou thought carefully while turning on his computer.

What Yuan Zhou watched was a criminal investigation drama. The protagonist was a private detective with a very high IQ and had also been a policeman. But now, he lived on the rewards given by the police authorities which came from cracking the cases.

This drama was quite fast-paced. Basically, a case could be solved in three to five episodes. And the character type of the protagonist was also of that of a prince charming. In Yuan Zhou's words, he was just a little less handsome than Yuan Zhou himself.

The protagonist wore a business suit every day. Unlike the detectives in other TV dramas, this one had a tidy hair and was dressed very clean. Therefore, Yuan Zhou was quite interested in him.

In today's episode of the drama, the protagonist went to a store of luxury goods in order to follow a person. He followed him while buying things.

During the period, he even tried several watches on and then bought one.

"Hmm, this watch fits the protagonist very well." Yuan Zhou sighed with emotion first.

In the following plot not long after that, this watch was used so deftly by the protagonist that it even stopped a bullet for him.

"A man looks so handsome when he wears a watch." Yuan Zhou stroked his forehead and revealed a thoughtful manner.

"This protagonist is just a little less handsome than me. Since I'm so much more handsome than him, I must have a watch, too." Yuan Zhou looked at his own wrists.

Five minutes later, Yuan Zhou made a decision.

He took his coat and went out directly. Of course, he was going to buy a watch.

"Ta Ta Ta". Yuan Zhou walked to the crossroads in one go. During the process, he was ill-treated by Broth flaunting its relationship, as it was chasing and playing with a Chinese stray dog happily. Except for that, everything went smoothly.

Once he got on the car, the driver asked him straightforwardly, "Where are you going?"

The question of the driver directly baffled Yuan Zhou. He just wanted to buy a watch, but he had no idea where he should go to buy one.

However, this was no time to be making mistakes. Yuan Zhou said very calmly, "Lihua Road, please."

"All right," answered the driver. Then, the car headed for the most bustling place of this city."

The place where Yuan Zhou was going this time was not far from the street where he had bought the clothes last time. Since there were so many stores that sold clothes, there must be some places that sold watches.

At around 3:00 in the afternoon, the roads weren't really crowded. In just half an hour, Yuan Zhou arrived at Lihua Road.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou thanked the driver and then got off the car.

"Ta Ta Ta". He didn't walk for too long before he saw a large shopping mall.

"Just as expected. If there's a shopping mall, I can definitely find stores that sell watches inside. How quick-witted I am!" Yuan Zhou praised himself for a while inwardly and then walked into the mall.

With the air-conditioner on, the mall was very warm. Yuan Zhou unzipped his coat first before he started to wander about in the mall.

The area close to the entrance was the clothes area. Of course, they were all women clothes. When he walked inside further, it was the women-shoes area.

"Sure enough. The mall never lacks people." Yuan Zhou walked forward with big strides towards the central part.

Just in a little while, he walked to a counter where a line of English letters were marked. Yuan Zhou indicated that he basically knew none of them.

Looking at the watches surrounded by the glass cabinet, however, Yuan Zhou stood still there.

"Nice to meet you. Which one do you like? You can try it on." A sweet-looking girl dressed in business attire went up to him directly and asked.

"Okay. Is there the kind with the leather watch strap?" Yuan Zhou looked around and then said.

"Sure. Look at this one. This watch strap is made of genuine leather from soft calf hide. It feels very soft and comfortable." The girl immediately took out a watch from the glass cabinet and introduced it to him very carefully.

"Any other color?" Yuan Zhou looked at the black watchband and asked directly.

After all, what the protagonist wore in the drama was a watch with a brown strap.

Of course, Yuan Zhou wanted to buy that one because it could stop bullets.

"Yes, but this one is a little more expensive. Nevertheless, it fits you very much. You have a fair complexion, so the brown one looks better." The girl immediately took out another watch from the cabinet on the other side.

And it was exactly the color that Yuan Zhou wanted. The key point was that this girl was very good at talking to customers.

"Um. Let me try it on." Yuan Zhou nodded his head. When he glanced at the price, he found it was still acceptable and thus prepared to try it on.

"Okay. Let me show you how to wear it. You just need to buckle it through the third hole. Look! The watch dial looks so magnificent and the strap is also of made from genuine leather. It looks great on you." The girl kept praising Yuan Zhou.

"Not bad. Can I pay by bank transfer?" Yuan Zhou asked directly. He didn't intend to take it off.

"Yes, sure. Here's the QR code. Scan it and pay by bank transfer. It's a total of 12000 RMB." The girl showed him a QR code at once and put it in front of him.

"Done. I will be taking it away now." Yuan Zhou showed the transfer to the girl and then said.

"No problem, of course. After you wash and clean the watch strap, remember to use a little hand cream. Swipe the cream evenly on your hands and then rub it on the watch strap. Of course, you can also bring it here and we can do the maintenance work for you." The girl gave the details concerning the maintenance while she was wrapping up the watch.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou listened to her carefully the whole time and nodded his head occasionally.

"Let me give you a holder for the watch. When you don't wear it, you can put it on the holder. It's not only good-looking, but also doesn't occupy too much space. At the same time, you can also find it conveniently." The girl handed the package to him smilingly.

"Sorry to bother you." Yuan Zhou nodded his head. Then, he took the bag and left.

"The equipment of a prince charming is finally in the right place," Yuan Zhou looked at the watch around his wrist and said to himself lightly.

When he took a cab back home, Yuan Zhou couldn't help calculating the time.

"It took five minutes more to come back. It seems traffic lights do take a lot of time." Yuan Zhou checked his watch first before he walked into the restaurant.

After he watched TV and went out to buy the watch, it was almost time to prepare the ingredients for dinner.

"Now that I have a watch, I don't need to look up for the time anymore," Yuan Zhou raised his wrist and then said lightly.

Having changed into the Han Chinese Clothing for working, Yuan Zhou directly came downstairs into the kitchen and prepared to wash the ingredients.

When he reached out his hand, however, he suddenly became stupefied.

The watch occupied his wrist obviously. Yuan Zhou moved his hand subconsciously and then got stunned.

"I need to work for six hours every day. Plus the time used to prepare the ingredients and practice sculpting, I basically can't rest for 12 hours." Yuan Zhou suddenly started to calculate his own available time, silently.

Then, he took off the watch quickly.

"Watching TV really affects people's judgement. It's true that TV dramas damage people's wits." Yuan Zhou looked at the watch and then the ingredients speechlessly.

That's right. Yuan Zhou found that he didn't have any time to wear the watch. The daily working time sometimes exceeded 12 hours and how could a chef wear things around the wrist during his working time?

So, more than 10000 RMB was paid in vain?

Yuan Zhou suddenly felt he got a stomachache.