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613 Mu Xiaoyun Starting Work

 Zhou Jia had already been used to Yuan Zhou doing things in an unconventional way; therefore, she adjusted her mood and ignored it.

"Good evening, Boss Yuan. Good evening, Jia Jia." Just then, Shen Min walked into the restaurant.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head. After that, Zhou Jia went up to him and told him something.

They whispered to each other for a while and then, Zhou Jia prepared to leave.

"Goodbye, Boss. Goodbye, Min Min." Zhou Jia waved her hand to them and said goodbye.

As usual, Yuan Zhou answered her, "Take care."

Zhou Jia was a little more lively while Shen Min seldom spoke to Yuan Zhou alone after she came. At that time, she usually went to the second floor of the pub straightforwardly and waited for the drinkers to arrive.

Today, however, Shen Min hung about for some time downstairs and suddenly said, "Boss Yuan, the lanterns outside are very beautiful today."

"Yes. It can bring us more fortune," Yuan Zhou said habitually.

"I know. I'm going upstairs to tidy the pub up now." Without saying anything more, Shen Min nodded her head. Then, she opened the door of the sergestes scenery wall and walked inside.

The business of Yuan Zhou's restaurant was still as good as always. Just when Yuan Zhou prepared to take a rest after all the drinkers went into the pub, there appeared another person at the door.

"Boss Yuan, it has been while," Mu Xiaoyun stood at the door and greeted Yuan with a sweet smile.

"Little Yun, you came." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Yeah. Boss, I've finished the final exam. Can I come to work tomorrow?" Mu Xiaoyun looked at Yuan Zhou eagerly.

"Sure. Come here around the same time as before. You don't need to come in the evening." Yuan Zhou agreed directly.

"Thank you, Boss Yuan," Mu Xiaoyun said smilingly.

"You are welcome." Yuan Zhou shook his head.

"Boss, you are still the same, a man. Then, I will come tomorrow morning and have my breakfast before arriving," Mu Xiaoyun said with a smile.

"I'm not a good man," Yuan Zhou said primly.

"Um, I know, I know. Boss Yuan is the best." Mu Xiaoyun didn't really care about Yuan Zhou's self-deprecation and just continued on. She left soon afterwards

Just as she arrived at the door, however, Mu Xiaoyun turned around again and said to Yuan Zhou, "The lanterns by the door of our restaurant are very beautiful."

"Of course." Yuan Zhou nodded his head affirmatively.

"Though the Nice Guy Card doesn't seem to be something good, I do have a good taste." Yuan Zhou stroked his forehead and thought with a frown.

On the next morning, Yuan Zhou opened the door very early and waited for the customers to come.

"Xiaoyun will work together with you today and your salary will stay the same," Yuan Zhou said to Zhou Jia who had arrived earlier.

"I see. Thank you, boss." Zhou Jia nodded her head and then cleaned the tables and chairs quietly.

"Morning, Sister Jia. I'm Mu Xiaoyun. I will be working with you from today. Morning, boss." As soon as Mu Xiaoyun arrived, she greeted Zhou Jia first and then Yuan Zhou.

After all, she was more familiar with Yuan Zhou than with Zhou Jia.

"Hello, Xiaoyun." Zhou Jia nodded her head smilingly and then she took out a warm towel and handed to her.

"The towel is still warm." Mu Xiaoyun received the towel and became very happy.

"Yeah. Our Boss is always sharp-tongued but kind-hearted." Zhou Jia said to Mu Xiaoyun in a whisper.

"Um, you are right. Our boss is very kind, but he's just not good at speaking." Mu Xiaoyun also revealed the inside story of Yuan Zhou without hesitation.

"Right on. Every time people want to say something to our boss, they will need great efforts." Zhou Jia also nodded her head as if she had the same feeling.

Mu Xiaoyun also followed suit. Obviously, she couldn't agree with her more.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou became little speechless at the side. He had good ears and eyes and moreover stood not far from them. Was it really good to talk about him directly like that?

Zhou Jia felt it was pretty good to have another person to work with them together. Then, she wouldn't be the only one that often choked at Yuan Zhou's words. Of course, the most important thing was that she wasn't the only one who would drool over the delicacies, either.

"You come, Xiaoyun. Are you on holiday now?" Once Wu Hai entered the restaurant, he caught sight of Mu Xiaoyun and then greeted her naturally.

"Yes, Brother Wu." Mu Xiaoyun nodded her head obediently.

"Xiaoyun is so lovable, but why does it feel like you are not growing up? Is it because you can't eat well if it isn't Boss Yuan's restaurant?" Man Man couldn't help going up to pinch Mu Xiaoyun's face and then she asked.

"You are right. I feel that no one can cook as well as my boss. I specifically came to smell the scent every day," Mu Xiaoyun said in a mischievous manner.

"Haha. Never mind. When you earn enough money, you can eat as much as you want." Ling Hong also said smilingly at the side.

"You come, Little Yun."

"It has been a while, Little Yun."

"Little Yun, are you here for the part-time job over the winter holiday?

"Are you still going back to school after the Chinese New Year?

After Mu Xiaoyun came here today, almost all the customers asked Mu Xiaoyun questions all day long.

After all, Mu Xiaoyun was the first employee of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and she left a very fresh impression to the customers.

While she was greeting the customers, Mu Xiaoyun didn't forget to answer the customers' question. She still behaved as obedient and lovable as before.

On the first day Mu Xiaoyun came to the restaurant, Yuan Zhou received the last comment which sincerely said that his dishes were cheap. At around noon, the system reminded him that the mission had been completed.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou tapped open the system as soon as lunchtime ended and after the customers left one after another.

[Main Mission] From The Heart

(Mission tips: collecting 100 sighs of emotion from the heart saying that the dishes are so cheap.)

[Mission status] 100/100

[Mission reward] Hot Pot Ingredient (Duck) Available

(Reward tips: duck intestines are an indispensable ingredient for a hot pot. So work hard for the Hot Pot Duck Intestines, young man.)

"As expected, it was completed. Now I also have duck intestines." Yuan Zhou nodded his head contentedly.

Without the duck intestines, it couldn't be called the authentic hot pot. Therefore, Yuan Zhou was quite happy after he received the rewards.

"Receive." Yuan Zhou uttered straightforwardly.

In just a little while, Yuan Zhou found a label on one of the cabinets in the kitchen and couldn't wait to pull it open.

"Hua La". Yuan Zhou pulled open that cabinet and looked at the inside. Then, he suddenly closed the cabinet and opened it again after around five seconds.

"System, is there anything wrong with you?" Yuan Zhou said to the system with a puzzled look.

The system displayed, "Do you have any doubts, Host?"

"Didn't you say it was duck? Why are there only duck intestines?" Yuan Zhou suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart.

The system displayed, "There are only the duck intestines for the ingredient rewarded. They come from the duck."

"But you didn't say that clearly when I asked you at that time." Yuan Zhou revealed a look of "You cheated me again."

The system displayed, "Host, you can read the brief introductions of the mission carefully, again."

"Ho Ho. You are lying to me, again." Yuan Zhou read the introductions again and then thought back to the conversation on that day. After that, he couldn't help saying that.

However, the system didn't answer him anymore.

"I am actually being ignored. I thought it would be an entire duck, but it turns out to be the duck intestines only. How mean and stingy." Yuan Zhou turned on his nagging mode.

"You promised to reward me with an entire duck, but now there are only the duck intestines left." Yuan Zhou prepared to bother the system until it got annoyed to see if he could get the entire duck.

However, the system remained silent and didn't even answer Yuan Zhou.

"Oh, right. Since you only gave me the duck intestines, where are the remaining parts?" Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of other parts of the duck.

The system displayed, "They have been recycled."

"Ho Ho. I suddenly have a premonition that the duck has been fed with some sort of precious ingredients." Yuan Zhou thought of the pigs that had been fed with the watermelon.

Yuan Zhou felt heartache at the system's squandering.