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612 Quarrel And Spli

 "Hoo, I finished. It's so delicious." Yin Ya breathed out and revealed a smile on her face.

"Xi Suo". She carefully took off the gloves covered with oil and wiped her hands with the tissue.

Meanwhile, she didn't forget to look around the restaurant.

"I didn't eat much at noon, so I was hungry."

There was a slight blush on Yin Ya's face, obviously out of embarrassment. She grumbled verbally to somebody unknown to others. Seeing nobody notice her, she stood up and left naturally.

"Boss Yuan is so annoying. He cooks so well that I actually ate up an entire chicken. That's terrible." As soon as Yin Ya walked out of the restaurant, she couldn't help turning around and glaring at Yuan Zhou. Only then did she leave.

With his sharp senses, Yuan Zhou naturally felt something. He raised his head and looked towards Yin Ya's seat subconsciously and then revealed an expression of puzzlement.

"Now that there's nothing left in the plate, this dish should have been well received by her. Girls are really so strange, beautiful girls are stranger." Yuan Zhou thought in his heart.

"Boss Yuan, I think this should be called Manually Shredded Salt Baked Chicken," while eating blissfully, Wu Hai said clearly.

"This is Dongjiang Salt Baked Chicken," Yuan Zhou said seriously.

"I know, I know. But it's torn by hand now, isn't it? The taste is so good. It will be nicer to eat rice along with the gravy that flowed out." Wu Hai gasped in admiration while eating.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then he prepared to turn around and go back to the kitchen.

However, somebody stopped him at that time.

"Boss Yuan, can you do me a favor?" The person who stopped Yuan Zhou was called Zong Lin. He was dressed in casual clothes and had short hair and thus appeared quite spirited. Judging from his appearance, he was about 27 or 28 years old.

The person seated beside him was an older middle-aged man, whose back was slightly hunched; however, his arms were still quite muscular. He was supposed to be Zong Lin's father.

"What's the matter?" Yuan Zhou turned around and asked.

"I want to have a match with my father on cooking and I hope you can be the judge." Zong Lin was quite courteous when he said to Yuan Zhou, but was full of resentment when he mentioned his father.

"Humph." Obviously, the middle-aged man heard that from his son's tone and hence snorted coldly towards Zong Lin.

"I'm sorry I cannot." Yuan Zhou refused him directly without any consideration.

"Well, all right. Sorry to bother you, Boss Yuan." Zong Lin was stunned for a while and then he apologized in embarrassment.

"Never mind." Without saying anything more, Yuan Zhou went back to the kitchen.

These two people were known to Yuan Zhou. They didn't come for meals frequently, but Yuan Zhou remembered them very well, not because they were also chefs, but because they quarreled every time they came.

Though they knew to keep their voices down in public places, that didn't make any difference to Yuan Zhou. He could still hear their quarrel from the beginning to the end.

"Their problem cannot be solved with only one competition." Yuan Zhou was quite clear about that. Therefore, he refused the request of the son flatly.

"I told you not to ask him, but you didn't follow my advice. Now you know what embarrassment is?" the middle-aged man reproved Zong Lin in a low voice.

"Boss Yuan didn't say anything else. He just didn't agree." Zong Lin contradicted his father directly.

"Isn't that enough? Do you want to be refused for a few more times? You never think before you do things. I can imagine what are your culinary skills like." The middle-aged man scolded Zong Lin straightforwardly while glaring at him.

"Not really. I studied western-styled cooking. And I think I'm at least more awesome than you." Zong Lin was reluctant to show weakness and hence refuted his father.

"You just mess things up when you cook the so-called western-style food. You know nothing but wasting things. When you shred something, you only use the central part and drop the other parts. Don't you mess things up by doing that?" The middle-aged man snapped straightforwardly.

"You know nothing about the western-style food. We are pursuing the perfection of the arts. It's not like blending everything in one pot just like you usually do." Zong Lin couldn't help gnashing his teeth. Only then did he lower his voice and say that.

The two people quarreled with each other just like that. If it were not for the people at the side and they were specifically keeping their voice down, the middle-aged man would have already lost his temper and smacked his son. But even so, they were also quarreling fiercely.

The good thing was that their voices were so low that they almost didn't affect other people. Nonetheless, their behavior was still not good.

"Dinnertime comes to an end now. Everybody, please come early tomorrow." The quarrel straightforwardly lasted until the dinnertime of Yuan Zhou's restaurant ended.

"Ta Ta Ta". Along with the sound, the incessant footsteps went far away. Because of Yuan Zhou's refusal, the two people started quarreling heatedly.

"Am I still your father? Why can't you obey me?" The middle-aged man shouted loudly in desperation.

"Then am I still your son? Can't you just respect me once?" Zong Lin suddenly stood up and asked back with the same questioning tone.

"Respect? What kind of respect do you want? Just follow my suggestions and come back home. Don't go to that western-style restaurant," the middle-aged man also stood up and said with an obstinate and unyielding tone.

"You don't know anything about the western-styled food. I'm going to a Michelin 1-Star restaurant rather than an ordinary one," Zong Lin said indifferently and seriously.

"I don't know about western food? What do you think I don't know ever since cooking for so many years?" The middle-aged man flushed out of anger and said with a tougher tone, not preparing to yield to his son.

"Dad, I will definitely go there. I must go there." Zong Lin directly stood his ground.

Just when the middle-aged man wanted to argue with him, Zong Lin opened his mouth once again.

"You could cook everything in the kitchen last time. You could cook a delectable Egg Fried Rice with the simple rice and eggs just like a superhuman. But now, I can also cook them and am not worse than you. I'm also a chef now." Zong Lin looked at the eyes of his father and said word by word.

"You are also a chef? You are nothing but a novice." The middle-aged man contradicted his son subconsciously after he was stunned for a while.

"I'm 29 years old and can compete to be a head chef of any Michelin One Star Restaurant. I'm now an official chef now," Zong Lin emphasized again.

"Ok, all right, all right. You are a chef of a high-class restaurant and look down upon this ordinary chef from a farmhouse. Just do as you want to and don't come back to me when you suffer setbacks." With a taunt face, the middle-aged man said that in a breath and then left with big strides.

"No, I won't. I have achieved the dream of my childhood." Zong Lin's words came to the ears of the middle-aged man from afar.

The middle-aged man couldn't help thinking of what Zong Lin said in his childhood, that he also wanted to be a chef, one as awesome as his father.

"Fortunately, my father didn't ask too much of me. He will be satisfied as long as I can boil the pot and find a girlfriend. Am I right, Dad?" Having witnessed the whole process of the father and the son quarreling, Yuan Zhou couldn't help but look towards his parents' room on the second floor and revealed a satisfied smile.

"Boss, do you think they will come to eat again in the future?" Zhou Jia waited at the side until the two people left and then couldn't help asking.

"Yes, of course they will." Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"Why?" Zhou Jia was full of curiosity.

After all, in her opinion, the relationship between the father and the son seemed to have split apart. And how could they possibly come together again for meals? Did Boss Yuan find something?

"Because things cooked by me all very delicious," Yuan Zhou said naturally.

"Er..., all that my boss says is right," Zhou Jia choked and then said.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head in an obvious manner.