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611 Boss Yuan Is Known By All.

 "But do I just eat it like that?" Yin Ya was quite hesitant.

"If you don't like eating it that way, I can help," Jiang Changxi stuck out her head and said enthusiastically at the side.

"Ahem ahem. So can I," Wu Hai stroked his own small mustaches and said justly.

"No need. I can manage it myself." Yin Ya looked at the two people drooling over the chicken in her bowl with a speechless manner and refused flatly.

"Oh." Wu Hai Hai shrugged. He had already been used to being rejected by others.

"Alas. Just as expected, you are reluctant." Jiang Changxi said that with a manner of ambiguity.

"I'm going to eat now." Yin Ya immediately lowered her head with a slight blush.

"Please take your time and enjoy the meal." Yuan Zhou carried to her the plain white rice ordered by Yin Ya after the chicken.

"You are welcome." As soon as Yin Ya saw Yuan Zhou, the blush on her face disappeared immediately. Only the meaningful glance at Yuan Zhou revealed her dislike to him.

And that was the kind of obvious dislike.

"Um." Yuan Zhou was slightly puzzled, but he still nodded his head calmly. Then, he turned around and left.

In the face of beauties, a man must maintain his basic demeanor. Yuan Zhou was quite clear on that.

"This person really deserves the name of Compass. He has no consideration for others' feelings at all. It serves him right to be single forever," Yin Ya couldn't help ridiculing.

However, she didn't forget that she was here for a meal, though the way to eat the Salt Baked Chicken was a little difficult for her to accept.

Thinking of Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship, however, she couldn't wait to try the taste of the chicken.

"Xi Xi Suo Suo". Yuan Zhou put on the gloves prepared by Yuan Zhou quickly.

"Hoo." Having taken a deep breath, Yin Ya started to tear up the chicken with her hands.

Yin Ya was still complaining about Yuan Zhou while she was tearing up the chicken. After all, it was awfully hateful to let a girl eat an entire chicken with her hands in front of others. And Yuan Zhou really deserved to be single all his life by doing that.

After all, no beautiful girls could disregard their image.

"Huh? It's really easy to tear it up." Yin Ya let out a light exclamation and revealed a surprised look.

In her opinion, the chicken would be both hot and difficult to tear up since it had just been prepared. By then, she would probably have messed things up and put herself in a difficult position as she didn't have the experiences of tearing an entire chicken up.

However, she just used a little strength and torn off an entire chicken wing. With another simple action, the chicken wing was straightforwardly divided into mid-section wing, chicken wing tip, and the root of the wing. It was both convenient and easy.

Apart from that, the chicken didn't feel very hot at all. The temperature was just right and she only felt warmth in her hand.

"Awoo." Yin Ya opened her mouth gently and bit off the lean meat from the chicken wing easily.

It was a piece of chicken breast that was tore off when she tried to tear up the entire chicken.

This piece of chicken breast looked to be distinctly textured. It carried the fragrance of grease and salt, tempting her to eat it.

"Awoo. It's so tasty and tender." Yin Ya couldn't help covering her mouth and exclaimed in admiration.

That's right. The chicken breast meat, which originally tasted stiff without any chewiness, nevertheless became incomparably tender and smooth in Yin Ya's mouth.

The moment the meat entered her mouth, the freshness and tastiness rushed straight into her throat. Upon biting, the gravy contained inside the chicken breast meat flowed out immediately. Along with the freshness and strong salty taste of the chicken breast meat, it straightforwardly made this Salt Baked Chicken become both fragrant and delicious.

Unconsciously, Yin Ya continued eating and eating. Not until she bit off a piece of chicken skin did she react.

Yin Ya didn't like eating chicken skin as she felt it was very greasy. Though the chicken skin of the Salt Baked Chicken usually wasn't greasy, she could only eat a little. If it were any more, she wouldn't eat it, either.

"Ka Ca Ka Ca". She started to chew the meat and the skin together this time, which surprisingly emitted a crisp sound.

And the crisp sound was from the chicken skin of the Salt Baked Chicken that was chewed up.

The chicken meat that entered the mouth this time was crisp and tender outside while soft and tender inside. After she slightly chewed it, the gravy flowed out at one and the freshness of the chicken meat immediately burst out.

The fragrance was strong and yummy; the chicken skin was crisp and, the chicken meat inside was both soft and juicy. It was really an enjoyment to have it in the mouth.

By then, Yin Ya had forgotten about caring for her image. She tore the chicken up and ate it at the same time and occasionally, ate some plain white rice.

The taste was just wonderful.

"Ka Ca". Yin Ya bit on the chicken leg bone, but it broke along with the sound. Only then did Yin Ya realize something.

"Huh? The bone is soft. Is it edible?" Looking at the remaining half of the bone, Yin Ya was a little surprised.

That's right. The chickens chosen by Yuan Zhou were all Cenxi Sanhuang Chickens within a year old. The texture of the chicken meat was originally tender and smooth; the skin was crisp while the bones were soft, and the taste was fresh and delicious. After it was processed and baked by Yuan Zhou, the bones were softer and crisper. They could be chewed up very easily just like soft bones.

One must know, during noon, Broth kept chewing and chewing the chicken bones left by Yuan Zhou for the whole lunchtime in the back alley, accompanied by the sound of "Ka Ca Ka Ca".

"Well, I'd rather eat the meat first." Having hesitated for a little while, Yin Ya didn't eat up the chicken skin, bones and meat altogether, but chose to eat the meat first.

While Yuan Zhou's restaurant was crowded with customers, there were still other people that came from thousands of miles away to eat the delicious dishes.

In the hectic airport, people had to wait in line to take a cab.

"Haven't you checked the route? I told you to get everything ready even before we set off, but you only started to check when we are going to catch a cab now. It's really upsetting." A couple of lovers sounded like they were quarrelling. The girl nagged the young man beside her ceaselessly.

"Wait a minute. The connection is bad here." The young man took the phone with one hand and pulled the luggage with the other. He knitted his brows and appeared a little anxious.

"Check the route when we get on the car. It's our turn." The girl humphed discontentedly and dragged the young man onto the cab.

"Where are you going?" As soon as they got on the car, the driver asked while driving forward.

"Boss Yuan's restaurant," the young man blurted out with even raising his head.

After all, he had been searching for the route to Yuan Zhou's restaurant and thus, it was quite normal for him to bring Yuan Zhou's name out.

However, the girlfriend had a breakdown at the side. She said to him with a dissatisfied tone, "This is the airport. How would other people know who you are talking about if you just say Boss Yuan? I told you to search for the route and you know nothing about it now."

It seemed that the girl almost cried out of anger. Only then did the young man react, understanding how others could possibly know where he was going if he only mentioned a person's name. For an instant, he didn't know whether to clarify the address or to soothe his girlfriend.

At that moment, he became frantic.

"Are you talking about the one in Taoxi Road? I know that place," at that moment, the driver suddenly said lightly.


The young man and the girl looked at the driver at the same time.

"Boss Yuan's restaurant is still 40 kilometers away from here. It's a little far." The driver turned on the odometer and drove on the road deftly.

"Look, this master knows this place. We don't need to look for the way anymore," the young man immediately said to his girlfriend in surprise.

"Humph." The girl glared at her boyfriend first before she said to the driver mildly.

"Master, do you often go to Boss Yuan's restaurant for meals?"

When she asked that, she appeared quite curious. Even the young man also touched his head and revealed an interested look.

"No, I don't. I just often drive people there. Though it isn't as good as China Lane, it's also considered to be a tourist spot. That Boss Yuan is really awesome," the driver said without thinking.

"Boss Yuan is so famous that we don't need to search for the route." The young man was left breathless with wonder. Then, he took advantage of what the driver said and started to beg for the girl's mercy.

Meanwhile, the driver drove towards Yuan Zhou's restaurant steadily...