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610 Ample Food And Clothing By Working With Ones Own Hands

 The fat chef didn't really understand Li Li's thoughts, but what he should do now was to manage the kitchen orderly. Therefore, he headed into the kitchen very quickly.

On the other side, Yuan Zhou had started to cook the Salt Baked Chicken. That's right. What Yuan Zhou was going to cook was the Salt Baked Chicken originating from Dongjiang.

It was unexpected but this dish had nothing to do with the great Su Dongpo.

"System, you surprisingly provide a slaughtered chicken this time. You seldom do so. I thought I would get to see live chickens all over the cabinet." Yuan Zhou opened the cabinet and couldn't help ridiculing.

He had reasons to feel excited about that. When he cooked the Silk Twined Rabbit previously, the rabbits were all alive in order to guarantee the freshness of the rabbit meat. It wasn't a pleasant experience for Yuan Zhou to see lots of live rabbits when he opened the cabinet.

It was really quite good to provide the slaughtered chickens this time.

The system displayed, "Host, do you want to kill the chickens by yourself?"

"No, not really. It's fine now." Yuan Zhou wiped the nonexistent perspiration on his forehead and said immediately.

The system displayed, "This chicken is called Cenxi Sanhuang Chicken. It originates from Guangxi. Until now, it hasn't been hybridized with any other chicken breed from other places. Hence, it's a superior native chicken."

"The chicken is small and looks gorgeous. As it likes pecking and moving ceaselessly, it's characterized by its tender meat and thin bones; therefore, the taste is delicious. It's the best food ingredient to cook the Salt Baked Chicken.

"I see. I read it just now. The chicken eats fruits, right? I got it." Yuan Zhou indicated that he had read the breeding process of the chicken and he didn't want to be hurt again.

"Let's say something practical. The chickens are all males, so you must have kept the chicken liver, right?" Yuan Zhou processed the chicken and then searched around for it while asking.

The system displayed, "Cocks are used in winter while hens are used in summer. For other things, you can check by yourself."

"Um, that's good. According to the ancient text Nei Ze, it does no good to people if one eats chicken but doesn't keep the liver." Yuan Zhou showed off his profound knowledge with an indifferent manner in the face of the system.

After all, Yuan Zhou had read so many books. There weren't any difficulties for him to cite ancient styled prose.

The cooking method of the Salt Baked Chicken is actually very simple. First, wash the chicken until it's clean and then remove the water droplets over the surface. After that, scatter the table salt over the chicken and preserve for a while. Finally, wrap the chicken with the lotus leaves, put it in the salt and bake it until it was cooked.

Therefore, it didn't take Yuan Zhou too long time to cook such a dish. After it was cooked, his lunch was ready too.

During the period, the only difficulty was when Yuan Zhou prepared to put the dish on the table. After he experienced the cooking method of the Roast Goose, however, Yuan Zhou had been accustomed to splitting up the chicken even when it was scalding hot.

"It's truly so fresh, tender and salty." Yuan Zhou ate up an entire chicken naturally.

Even if this chicken only weighed 1.75 kg, Yuan Zhou ate up an entire one in a breath, leaving only some bones that he couldn't chew. He prepared to give them to Broth to eat later.

After Yuan Zhou had lunch, it was almost lunchtime for the restaurant, too. He had barely prepared the ingredients when Zhou Jia entered the restaurant.

"Good noon, Boss." Zhou Jia greeted him and then directly took the rag, starting to do the cleaning.

"Um. We have a new dish today, Dongjiang Salt Baked Chicken," Yuan Zhou said lightly.

"Okay, I see." Zhou Jia took out her phone calmly and started to post this information in the group.

Zhou Jia and Shen Min were already used to Yuan Zhou's surprise attacks, so they had also prepared some emergency plans.

For example, they joined many Wechat gourmet groups so they could notify the customers at the earliest time possible.

Once the information was released, the customers seethed with excitement.

"As far as I know, Boss Yuan will definitely serve a new dish after leaving for so long. See?" somebody said complacently.

"We all know that. But it's the Dongjiang dish again this time. I find that Boss Yuan likes the great Su Dongpo very much," somebody else also noticed this matter.

Nevertheless, Yin Ya only noticed that it was her favourite dish.

That's right. Yin Ya liked eating chickens and moreover, preferred dishes with a lighter taste. And this Salt Baked Chicken just fitted her taste preferences very much.

Yuan Zhou didn't serve new dishes very frequently in his restaurant. Every time he did so, however, it was a heavy blow to Li Li's restaurant as many of his customers went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant to watch the bustling scene.

It was still the same this time.

"Huh? I haven't seen you for a very long time." Wu Hai nodded his head and greeted Yin Ya who waited behind him.

"The Spring Festival is coming. We are just too busy," Yin Ya replied helplessly.

"Then why do you have time to come over here today, Beauty Yin?" Ling Hong came up and made fun of her.

"I know. This person must have come for the new dish," Man Man said immediately.

"Yeah. I heard from others that the Salt Baked Chicken has been served. I really want to eat it." Yin Ya nodded her head at once.

"Really? Isn't it because you miss somebody here?" Jiang Changxi made eyes at Yin Ya when she said that. She revealed a manner of "I know everything."

"You are thinking too much." Yin Ya rolled her eyes in an ungainly manner.

"Everybody, please come on in for your meals." Zhou Jia came out directly and started to greet the customers into the restaurant.

As soon as Yin Ya went into the restaurant, Yuan Zhou walked to her inconspicuously and said with a solemn look, "It has been a while."

"Yeah. The Spring Festival is coming. I'm busy," Yin Ya flipped her hair and said naturally.

"I see. What do you want to eat?" Basically, the conversation between Yin Ya and Yuan Zhou had always been like this. It could neither go further nor worse.

"Salt Baked Chicken. I heard this new dish had just been served. I want to have a try," Yin Ya said straightforwardly.

"Okay. One moment, please." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then he turned around and went to the kitchen.

"Boss Yuan, I am here too. Did you forget to take my order?" Jiang Changxi said with a tricky manner.

"No, I didn't forget. Zhou Jia, go to take her order," Yuan Zhou shook his head and then said to Zhou Jia directly.

"Haha. Don't be shy." Jiang Changxi burst into laughter and didn't really mind.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou just started to prepare the Salt Baked Chicken, behaving as if he hadn't heard her.

The Dongjiang Salt Baked Chicken cooked by Yuan Zhou had somewhat improved. He wrapped two pieces of fresh and tender lotus leaves inside of the rough straw paper in order to give it some special flavour.

Looking at the hectic figure of Yuan Zhou, Yin Ya was fairly expectant. After all, she hadn't been here to eat for a long time.

However, she was slightly dumbfounded when the dish was carried to her.

"It's just served like that?" Yin Ya pointed at the plate in the front in surprise and asked him.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"Do you want me to hold it with my hands and eat it?" Yin Ya looked at Yuan Zhou with a speechless manner.

"No, you don't need to. We have prepared the gloves for you. You must tear the chicken up by yourself before you eat it." Yuan Zhou reached out his hand and gestured at the gloves on the table.

There was indeed a pair of gloves there. Moreover, he prepared two pairs of gloves considerately.

"But if you like eating it that way, you can also go ahead." Yuan Zhou paused for an instantly and then said that.

Because he guessed that Yin Ya probably didn't know how to tear the chicken up just by looking at her.

"Ho Ho." Yin Ya felt rather speechless in the heart. How exactly could he tell that a young girl like her would like to hold an intact chicken and eat it that way directly?

"Please take your time and enjoy." Yuan Zhou didn't know where the problem was and thus he had to say courteously.

"Thank you," Yin Ya said that while gnashing his teeth.

"You are welcome." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and returned to the kitchen again.

"It's really difficult to judge girls' thoughts." Yuan Zhou couldn't help sighing with emotion in his heart.

Yin Ya had no idea about Yuan Zhou's sigh. If she knew that, she would probably have put away the chicken and thrown the plate at Yuan Zhou.

The reason why she would put away the chicken first was obviously because she still needed to eat it.

"Actually, the Salt Baked Chicken must be teared up instead of sliced because the ironware will destroy the taste after it's cooked. Otherwise, the taste won't be that delicious anymore." When Master Cheng found Yin Ya just stared at the intact chicken and not moving, he couldn't help coming up and explaining to her on behalf of Yuan Zhou.

"Ah?" Yin Ya was still a little puzzled.

"To be frank, we tore up the chicken in the kitchen with our hands last time. Do you want to eat that kind of chicken?" Master Cheng said plainly.

"No." Yin Ya said decisively.

"Then, that explains it." Seeing Yin Ya understand that now, Master Cheng no longer said anything. He straightforwardly went to watch Yuan Zhou cook.