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609 A Dish That Required The Most Sal

 "Shall I go this way or not?" The short-hair girl stood at the crossroads and didn't dare to walk forward.

She stood there for almost 5 minutes and then drew back consciously, preparing to see if she had chosen the wrong way.

"Is this really Taoxi Road?" The short-hair girl drew back and saw the clear and conspicuous characters of "Taoxi Road".

"Have I truly met some ghosts?" She almost cried. She didn't even dare to look toward the inside of the side street, not to mention walking through it.

"I need to calm down. Let me go back to the store first." The short-hair turned around and left immediately, behaving as if she was being chased by hungry wolves.

She walked back eagerly and quickly. The shoes emitted a sound of "Dong Dong Dong" on the quiet street upon knocking on the ground, which made the short-hair girl feel even more scared.

"Hu Hu Hu". The short-hair girl ran to the convenience store in quick steps.

"Little Wang, what happened?" Once the short-hair girl ran to the door of the convenience store, she was noticed by her colleague. This colleague was also a girl, but she had a crew cut. Upon seeing her return, this colleague asked straightforwardly.

"Sister Ding, Sister Ding, the side street is haunted." The short-hair girl, namely Little Wang, took hold of the arm of Sister Ding and trembled in fear.

"What? Haunted? Come on, don't be silly and scare yourself." Sister Ding revealed a speechless look.

As far as she knew, Little Wang was afraid of ghosts very much and she even hoped Yuan Zhou could serve BBQ every day. But she had never thought Little Wang could be this scared.

"Really, I'm serious. I'm not scaring myself this time." Little Wang shook her head like a rattle-drum.

"Alright. What exactly happened?" Sister Ding looked at Little Wang and waited for her to speak the details.

"Sister Ding, you know I go along that street every day and recently, that street is quite boisterous and feels safe. Everything was good when I came along that street in the morning, but it's not now. Suddenly, there appeared lanterns at the door of every store." Speaking of that, Little Wang still trembled slightly out of fear.

"Moreover, some lanterns are red. Once the wind blows, the lanterns waved to and fro. Sister Ding, it's really haunted." Little Wang clutched the arm of Sister Ding and said affirmatively.

She thought Sister Ding would show sympathy to herself or comforted herself, but Sister Ding just answered her with a burst of laughter.

"Hahahahaha." Sister Ding laughed so hard that she staggered forward and back, appearing rather unrestrained.

"Sister Ding, Sister Ding, what's the matter?" Instead of indignation because at the derision, Little Wang felt more scared.

"Nothing, nothing. Here's the thing..." Sister Ding stopped at once and started to talk about the reason she knew of.

Yuan Zhou had no idea about the matter that happened in the convenience store. After he followed Shen Min with his eyes, he directly went to wash up and prepared to sleep.

Before he went to bed, Yuan Zhou specifically walked to the window and looked down at the street.

"Well, that's really not bad. There's still light now even if I don't serve BBQ and that girl won't be afraid of ghosts, either." Yuan Zhou looked at the well-lit street and revealed a complacent smile on the face.

Yuan Zhou couldn't help giving a thumbs-up gesture to himself at his resourcefulness.

However, he didn't know that these lanterns had caused so much trouble.

In the convenience store,

Sister Ding explained the matter about the lanterns along Taoxi Street to Little Wang carefully.

"So that explains it. That Boss Yuan actually asked other people to tell his fortune? His business is already so good and so is his craftsmanship," Little Wang said in surprise.

"Of course. The better their business is, the more they believe in such things. Our boss has told me that we'll also hang the lanterns outside tomorrow. Besides, you won't be afraid anymore now that there are so many lanterns," Sister Ding shrugged and then said.

"Yeah. Thank you, Sister Ding." Now that Little Wang knew the reason and effects, she let out a sigh of relief and then thanked her earnestly.

"Don't mention it. You can go back now. Now that you can see on the way back, don't make blind and disorderly conjectures," Sister Ding pushed Little Wang and then said with a caring tone.

"Okay, I know. Luckily, Sister Liu wasn't here just now. Otherwise, she would have laughed at me again." Little Wang walked out of the door in embarrassment and prepared to go back.

"Don't think of that anymore. Now go." Sister Ding waved her hand.

The convenience store was not really far from Taoxi Road. In just a little while, Little Wang arrived the street cross. This time, she had a different feeling. Though she was still a little scared, she felt more relieved after she knew the reason.

Besides, the street was more bright, thus she could see the road very clearly. And some lanterns were very beautiful.

"Boss Yuan is so awesome. Whatever he does, others just follow suit. And there are surprisingly so many lanterns suddenly." Little Wang sighed with emotion while walking forward.

Yuan Zhou was sleeping peacefully and didn't know the girl afraid of ghosts was passing by his restaurant.

The girl passed by the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and sighed about Yuan Zhou's fascination. She didn't really know the significance of these lanterns.

They were just tranquil and harmonious like the wooden sign asking everyone to take away the trash at the door.

The lanterns hung at the door emitted a dim light and felt warm in the cold night in winter.

On the following day, Yuan Zhou opened the door after a sound of "Hua La".

The customers surrounded at the door outside the restaurant. During the period, Yuan Zhou noticed the fried dumplings stall not far away became smaller again just like how it was at the very beginning. There was nothing more but the stove and large frying pan.

On the second day after he came back, Yuan Zhou almost fully recovered both physically and mentally. Of course, there were still so many people waiting outside to eat breakfast.

After the one-hour breakfast time ended, Yuan Zhou didn't carry out the chair and sculpt as usual. Instead, he just stayed in the kitchen alone.

"Since I came back after so long, it's time for me to serve a new dish." Yuan Zhou searched for the rewards of the system and prepared to serve a new dish.

The five dishes of Dongjiang Cuisines rewarded by the system hadn't all been cooked by Yuan Zhou.

"Um. That's it. It seems this dish will become the one that requires the most salt," Yuan Zhou confirmed the specific dish to be served and couldn't help saying.

"But just as usual, a human isn't even as superior as a chicken." Seeing the introduction of the ingredients, Yuan Zhou couldn't help ridiculing again.

"System, don't I have any privileges since I'm your host? For example, can't I eat better than those chickens or pigs?" Yuan Zhou talked to the system.

The system displayed, "Host, you have eaten those chickens and pigs."

"You are really ruthless and make trouble over nothing. Even if I have eaten the meat of the chickens and pigs, you can't cover the fact that I don't eat as well as they do." Yuan Zhou couldn't help thinking of Ling Hong and conveniently used his own words.

This time, the system disappeared and no longer answered Yuan Zhou.

"What an aloof system! Fortunately, I'm an aloof prince charming," Yuan Zhou said complacently.

After he teased the system routinely, Yuan Zhou felt refreshed and spirited again. Only then did he prepare to cook this dish.

"The cooking method of this dish is really not complicated. Let me eat this dish at noon. It seems that Broth can taste something new." Yuan Zhou started to take the ingredients out of the cabinet.

Just when Yuan Zhou was studying the new dish, Li Li was also studying the new dish in the neighboring restaurant.

"Head chef, are you preparing for the exchange of pointers meeting?" The fat chef looked at Li Li and asked curiously.

"Yes. So you will be handling the kitchen recently," Li Li nodded his head and then instructed.

"No problem, no problem. But I heard that person from the neighboring restaurant will attend the exchange meeting too. We must win," The fat chef clasped hands and said seriously.

"We aren't competing against him. Even that Master Cheng is still hanging around there in his restaurant. We just should only compare with ourselves." On hearing Yuan Zhou's name, Li Li felt a little ache in his teeth, but still, he said earnestly.

"Alright. But I heard he had gone to Japan some time ago and somebody wasn't happy with him there. That person will probably find faults with him this time. This matter is known to all." The fat chef brought out another news.

"Really? Are you serious?" Li Li had been preparing to attend the exchange of pointers meeting attentively recently and didn't know this matter.

"Of course. It's spreading all over the area." The fat chef nodded his head affirmatively.

"Got it. Go to the kitchen to help cook now." Li Li nodded his head without saying anything and continued his work.