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606 A Dark Road

 The news that Yuan Zhou came back and the restaurant was opened spread to more people at noon. As a result, a great many people waited in line outside of Yuan Zhou's restaurant before lunchtime commenced.

Even those who knew that they couldn't get their turn also lined up and waited there, just in order to chat with others.

That's right. Building and maintaining relationships had become a habit when the people waited in line outside of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. If anybody were to set up a booth selling sunflower seeds or tea water, the business would presumably be very good.

"Tsk-tsk. The business is so good. What kind of delicious dishes can that young boss serve?" The female boss of a nearby store that sold noodles looked at the big crowd of people in front of Yuan Zhou's restaurant enviously. The tone of jealousy couldn't even be concealed.

"Stop it. Don't chatter over there. Come and make noodles now." The male boss glared at the lazy female boss discontentedly.

"Oh, okay, got it. There's not even a customer here," answered the female boss. Then, she muttered while walking back "Sooner or later, I will know why your business is so good. There's definitely some trick."

The female boss would never believe that a young man that couldn't even grow a beard could cook any delicious dishes. In her opinion, there was definitely a trick.

"Come over here quickly." The male boss urged her again, which interrupted the jealous stare of the female boss.

There were a great many people in Yuan Zhou's restaurant at noon while in the evening, more people arrived. They behaved as if it was a festival. And the cars were parked everywhere outside.

Of course, many of the car owners also received a traffic ticket.

Man Man was also waiting in line and preparing to eat dinner.

The crowd all waited under the eaves at both sides of the street. Some raindrops fell on the ground from the sky. A rainy night during winter was quite cold.

"Huh? It's that girl." Just when Man Man wanted to enter the restaurant, she suddenly saw the girl she had seen in the convenience store in the morning.

The short-hair girl whose scream even startled her was quite impressive.

On seeing the girl, Man Man naturally thought of the matter that she was afraid of ghosts.

"Please come in. Boss Yuan has prepared dry towels for you to wipe your hair." Shen Min's voice sounded by Man Man's ears.

That's right. Whenever it rained, Shen Min would come earlier to offer help, because Yuan Zhou would let her go back to rest when he served BBQ sometimes.

If she came earlier, she could do some more work. It wasn't right to take the salary without doing anything after all. She couldn't accept that.

Meanwhile, Zhou Jia greeted the customers at the other side of the door.

"Alright. I know Boss Yuan is always considerate." Man Man knew that Shen Min and Zhou Jia said that purposely just to publicize Yuan Zhou's kindness.

After she got seated, Man Man first said hi to Jiang Changxi beside her.

"Sister Jiang, drinking some liquor tonight?" Man Man asked.

"Of course. I haven't drunk any for a whole week. I won't leave until I get drunk tonight." Jiang Changxi nodded her head deservedly.

"How is it possible for you to get drunk since there is so little of Boss Yuan's liquor?" Man Man immediately contradicted.

"I can pretend that I'm drunk. Right, Boss Yuan?" Jiang Changxi started to make fun of Yuan Zhou while talking with Man Man.

"Wrong." Yuan Zhou answered her cleanly.

"It looks Sister Jiang isn't afraid of ghosts." Man Man looked at Jiang Changxi who joked with Yuan Zhou happily and then shook the head secretly. How could a President be afraid of ghosts?

After all, Jiang Changxi always revealed a queenly temperament. How could she be afraid of, the dark or ghosts?

"Come. Come over here, Little Min." When Man Man turned her head and saw Shen Min, she immediately summoned her.

"Okay. One minute." Shen Min nodded her head to her and then turned back to greet other customers.

Only when there was not a vacant seat left did she walk to Man Man.

"Sister Man Man, what do you wanna eat today?" Shen Min asked courteously.

"Dongpo Pig Knuckle, plain white rice of 100 Styles of Rice Cuisines and a cup of lemon water to lose weight." Man Man ordered the dishes immediately.

"Alright. Wait a moment." Shen Min nodded her head.

"Wait. I want to ask you a question." Man Man stopped Shen Min at once when she found Shen Min was prepared to leave after she reported the dishes to Yuan Zhou.

"What's wrong, Sister Man Man?" Shen Min looked at Man Man with puzzlement.

"I know you get off work very late at night. Do you feel scared when you go to the bus stop alone?" When Man Man asked that, she appeared quite puzzled.

"I mean, are you afraid of ghosts? After all, there isn't a street lamp in this street." Man Man added.

"Sometimes, I feel a little scared. After all, there aren't many people who come to the pub. When we are closed, only a few stores are still open. It's indeed very dark." Shen Min nodded her head and then said.

"Then why are you only a little afraid of ghosts?" Man Man asked again.

"Because I know Boss Yuan is actually watching us leave on the second floor every day. He won't turn off the light until we get on the bus." Speaking of that, Shen Min revealed a smile.

"Huh? How do you know? Boss Yuan surprisingly peeps on the second floor?" Jiang Changxi was quite interested in this subject, thus she turned her head and asked at once.

However, Yuan Zhou's kindness suddenly became a dirty action according to what she said.

The happenings in the restaurant could never escape from Yuan Zhou's sharp eyes and ears. Therefore, Yuan Zhou's mouth corner under the face mask couldn't help twitching when he heard the word 'peep'.

"I'm a prince charming. How could I possibly peep at others?" Yuan Zhou took a look at Jiang Changxi secretly.

"Why do you use the word 'peep'? It's definitely because Boss Yuan worries about Little Min's security that he watches her leave." Man Man said in a helpless manner.

"Never mind. It makes no difference, anyway. Besides, the word 'peep' sounds more exciting. Tell me, how do you know that Boss Yuan peeps at you when you leave." Jiang Changxi still used the word 'peep' persistently even if Man Man looked at her with a threatening manner.

"Sister Jiang, Boss Yuan really watches me leave every time. Last time, it was you who sent me back to my college." Shen Min explained nervously.

"I know, I know. Tell me something about Boss Yuan." Jiang Changxi indicated that she wasn't really concerned about her, but only cared about Yuan Zhou.

"Well, other customers are waiting for me to order dishes. Why don't we talk about that next time?" In fear of saying more words and causing more problems, Shen Min prepared to leave at once with the excuse that others were waiting to order dishes.

"Wait. I haven't finished my questions." Man Man stopped Shen Min immediately. When she found Shen Min didn't leave, she asked again.

"How scared will you be if Boss Yuan doesn't see you off?" Man Man was quite curious about that point.

"I guess I must be quite afraid. At the very beginning, I didn't know Boss Yuan was watching me, so I always ran to the bus stop. Besides, I'm not a timid person. For more timid people, they must be more afraid than me." Shen Min considered carefully for a moment and then answered.

"Oh, I see. That's why?" Man Man nodded her head.

"That's why what?" Jiang Changxi was made quite puzzled. Even Shen Min looked at Man Man curiously.

"It's like this. There's a young girl working in the convenience store over there. She seems to be afraid of ghosts very much and she hopes Boss Yuan can serve the BBQ every day. That way, there will be more people in this street. I was also startled by that girl today." Man Man directly brought out the happening in the morning.

"Um. Boss Yuan turns out to be the key point, just as expected. Little Min, tell something about Boss Yuan now." Jiang Changxi mentioned the matter again while looking at Shen Min.

Then, Shen Min walked away straightforwardly and went to other customers.

Nonetheless, Yuan Zhou listened to them talking all along at the side. Speaking of which, this street became much more boisterous because of Yuan Zhou and the popularity was even higher than that of the few neighboring streets.

However, there were indeed some problems with the infrastructure. There was not a street lamp along this long street. Plus with the old buildings, the street was really like the scene from the horror movies.

Yuan Zhou thought for a while. Should he convey this problem to the Street Administrative Office or use his own methods?