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605 A Girl That Is Scared Of Ghosts

 The girl's hair was short and her eyes that were darting about looked quite big. There was a slight blush on her face due to the embarrassment.

"I am not sure. Normally, it's only available on rainy days." Zhou Jia became stunned for an instant and then answered.

"Oh, okay. Thank you." The girl turned around and walked outwards with her head lowered.

Zhou Jia also turned around and prepared to tidy up the restaurant before getting off work.

However, the girl rushed up to Zhou Jia quickly again before Zhou Jia was able to turn her whole body.

"Look. It's raining outside. Is it available today?" The girl looked at Zhou Jia excitedly and expectantly.

"I'm sorry. Even if it's raining, it's still up to Boss Yuan." Zhou Jia pointed at Yuan Zhou and said helplessly.

"Okay. Thank you." The girl looked at Zhou Jia first and then at Yuan Zhou. Only then did she turn around and leave.

"You are welcome. Take care." Zhou Jia returned to the restaurant only after she saw off the girl this time.

As for Yuan Zhou, he had zero interest in these trifles. After all, Ling Hong was still talking about the matter of the overseas bank account in the restaurant and he appeared to be vexed at not being able to go and apply for one today.

"Come on. Let's go, Boss Yuan. If you have your own bank account, it will be more convenient." Ling Hong smoothed out his hair with the fingers and said with a handsome manner.

"Okay. Next time." Yuan Zhou looked at the weather outside and had no desire to go out.

"Never put off today's work to tomorrow. For this kind of thing, the earlier, the better." Ling Hong continued saying, trying to persuade Yuan Zhou.

"Hey, stop it now. How can it be so easy as you say to apply for an overseas bank account? Don't bother Boss Yuan anymore. He still needs to prepare the ingredients required for the lunch. I'm waiting to eat it." Wu Hai looked at Ling Hong discontentedly while stroking his own mustaches.

"I'm a VIP of the bank, so I can do anything faster than others." Ling Hong glared at Wu Hai and said in a provocative tone.

"So what? You are saying as if I'm not a VIP. Go away now. Don't bother Boss Yuan." Wu Hai remained unmoved. He looked at Yuan Zhou's kitchen fervently as if the delicious dishes would suddenly appear at the next second.

"You didn't eat anything for a few days again?" Ling Hong looked at Wu Hai suspiciously.

"No, I did eat something. Boss Yuan treated me to fish slices." It was Wu Hai's turn to show off this time. With the arrogant manner, he almost wanted to carve the complacency on his own face.

"Ho Ho. If Boss Yuan no longer runs the restaurant, at least I won't starve. But for you, things might be different." Ling Hong said with a tone of contempt.

"It's none of your business." Wu Hai stroked his own mustaches and appeared quite proud.

"Let's talk about the overseas bank account next time. The restaurant has been closed. Please come at noon." Yuan Zhou straightforwardly terminated the debate of the two people.

"Okay. I'm going to come reward myself at noon." Wu Hai stood up decisively and went back to his drawing studio in slippers.

"Boss Yuan, what will you treat me to if you get an overseas bank account in the end?" Ling Hong revealed his white teeth and asked eagerly.

"Did I ever say I would treat you to anything?" Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and looked at Ling Hong with puzzlement.

"No, but you treated Wu Hai to the fish slices." Ling Hong gave a start for an instant and said subconsciously.

"Yes, I did." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"What about me?" Ling Hong pointed at himself and asked expectantly.

"I never promised you." Yuan Zhou thought about his own words inwardly and then answered affirmatively.

"Boss Yuan, you are heartless and merciless and also make trouble out of nothing." Ling Hong didn't feel happy.

"Do you have a new girlfriend? She likes watching romantic dramas, doesn't she?" Yuan Zhou didn't feel anything weird with the way Ling Hong spoke, but just asked naturally.

"Yeah, she watches it every day. God knows why there are so many such dramas. They all seem to have the same lines." Ling Hong followed Yuan Zhou's subject and started to complain.

"Well, I can see that. See you at noon." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and directly saw him to the door.

After all, he really couldn't get accustomed to the scene where a man was whining and complaining, causing troubles from nothing. If it was a lovable girl, however, that would be different.

"Oh, okay." Ling Hong walked out of Yuan Zhou's restaurant after the subject was diverted unconsciously.

Once he went out, Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of relief. After all, he really didn't want to go out today.

While Yuan Zhou didn't want to head out because he had just returned from abroad, Man Man went to the convenience store at the crossroads after she ate breakfast and left Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

This convenience store mainly provided service to the office buildings around and was open 24 hours a day. There were some simple tables and chairs as well as the fast-food box lunch inside, which were all suitable for those white-collar workers and programmers working overtime.

Normally, there were two employees in the store. Man Man came to the store to buy some daily necessities. Generally, girls liked buying things when they wandered around aimlessly.

That meant she only needed one specific thing. For other commodities, she would only buy them after looking around while she wandered.

While Man Man was selecting the commodities, the two employees were also chatting.

"How are things going? You specifically got up so early this morning. Did you get the answer if BBQ is available tonight?" A girl with a ponytail turned her head and asked the other short-hair girl who was tidying the storage rack.

The short-hair girl turned around. She was the girl who came to Yuan Zhou's restaurant and asked Zhou Jia about the BBQ in the morning.

"I don't know. The waitress there didn't know, either." The short-hair girl said in a frustrated manner.

"Then what are you going to do tonight?" The girl with a ponytail continued saying.

"How about we go together?" The short-hair girl looked at the other girl and revealed an expectant look.

"No, we don't have the same route. You have worked here for two months and still afraid of the night shift. What are you scared of?" The girl with a ponytail refused her flatly and revealed some helplessness in her tone.

"I have no choice. That side street is the only way that must be passed. In those wee hours, there is nobody and even not a street lamp there. Of course, I'm scared." The short-hair girl shuddered obviously and appeared quite scared when she mentioned that there was not even a street lamp.

"You are not a kid, why are you scared of ghosts. Ghosts don't exist, all right?" The girl with a ponytail couldn't help rolling her eyes.

"You've never seen one, how are you so sure about that?" The short-hair girl turned her back to the girl with a ponytail and was even reluctant to mention that word 'ghost' when she talked.

"You are right. You've never seen one and how are you so sure that they are real?" The girl with a ponytail set down the commodities in her hand and directly patted on the short-hair girl's shoulder.

"Ah!!!" Having been patted on the shoulder, the short-hair girl straightforwardly screamed in fear.

The abrupt scream even frightened Man Man who was listening to them talk.

People could be frightened to death. Don't ever think that she overacted. For those timid girls, they truly could be scared to death.

"Dong Dong Dong". Man Man immediately ran to them to see if they were OK.

Then, she found the girl with a ponytail was still holding the embarrassing pose of patting the shoulder of the other girl while the short-hair girl was screaming with her eyes closed and her voice lingering in the air.

"Don't shout. We have a customer here." On seeing Man Man, the girl with a ponytail immediately blushed and thus stopped the short-hair girl.

"Never mind. How much?" Man Man shook her head with a smile and showed the girl the basket in her hand when she found nothing was wrong.

"Okay. One minute." The girl with a ponytail immediately returned to the cashier counter and calculated the total price quickly and deftly.

"It's done. I'm so sorry today." After Man Man paid the money, the girl with a ponytail apologized in embarrassment.

"It doesn't matter." Man Man shook her head smilingly and meanwhile, she turned her head and looked at the girl that had been frightened.

The short-hair girl was still suffering from the shock till now.

"Is it so fearful to walk in the dark?" A question flashed through Man Man's mind.

As a girl, Man Man could not only make cupcakes but also change water taps and bulbs. Of course, she wasn't afraid of ghosts.

What a joke! She was a girl that wore high-heeled shoes as high as 10cm. Even a ghost would probably be kicked to death by her pointed heels.

Therefore, she couldn't understand that and thus was a little curious...