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604 Overseas Bank Accoun

 There was only one direct flight from Narita Airport of Tokyo to Chengdu while other flights were all connecting flights. And this direct flight set out at 5:25 p.m. When it arrived in Chengdu, it was already after 10:00 at night.

"It was a laborious trip for you gentlemen. I have booked rooms in the hotel for those who have come from other places and it is still the one you lived in last time. The car is outside and has been waiting for you. Thank you." Once they got off, Zhong Lili walked ahead of others with big strides and then said.

"Okay. Assistant Zhong, we are going to bed now." This was said by the grey-haired chef this time.

"We're leaving now. See you in Shanghai one month later." The grey-haired man nodded his head to Yuan Zhou, Li Minghui and Liu Tong courteously.

"Goodbye, Master Chen. See you in Shanghai." Li Minghui smiled and nodded his head.

"Goodbye." Yuan Zhou also nodded his head. He was still as solemn as always and didn't appear tired at all.

When they sent off the several people who were going to the hotel, Li Minghui and Liu Tong said goodbye to Yuan Zhou and then left together.

"Boss Yuan, let me send you back." Zhong Lili made a gesture of "Please".

"Sorry to bother you." Yuan Zhou didn't refuse the invitation.

"Not really. I will inform you of the exchange meeting to be held in Shanghai next time." Zhong Lili walked and said.

"Um." Yuan Zhou just nodded his head. As always, he didn't say much.

They arrived at the crossroads of Taoxi Road in silence just like that.

"Goodbye, Boss Yuan." Zhong Lili reached her head out of the window and said goodbye to Yuan Zhou.

"Be careful" After Yuan Zhou got to his feet, he nodded his head at Zhong Lili and then waved his hand.

It was not until Zhong Lili turned the car around and disappeared did Yuan Zhou pull his suitcase and walk towards his home.

That's right. From the house that only he lived in now, Yuan Zhou regained the feeling of having a home, especially when he saw Broth walking towards him.

"Hey, are you here to welcome me?" Yuan Zhou looked at Broth that walked to him.

Broth ran to Yuan Zhou with quick steps. When he found Yuan Zhou was walking inward, however, he turned around again and walked ahead of Yuan Zhou as if he were leading the way.

That was why Yuan Zhou asked the question.

Nevertheless, Broth didn't bark at all, just like usual. He just led the way ahead silently with his tail wagging in the air. Apparently, he appeared quite delighted.

"You never acted cute toward me. At the very least, I'm still your boss or even half a boss." Yuan Zhou felt this to be funny, but said helplessly.

However, Broth only turned his head and glanced at Yuan Zhou before he continued walking forward.

When Yuan Zhou arrived at the back door of his restaurant and unlocked it, Broth was already holding the empty bag out voluntarily and directly put it in front of Yuan Zhou.

"I have seen through you. You welcome me only for the biscuits, don't you?" Yuan Zhou felt it rather funny and thus said.

"Okay, okay. Wait a minute. I will bring you a bowl of noodle broth shortly." Seeing Broth look at him like that, Yuan Zhou said with a helpless manner.

"I was feeling touched in vain." Yuan Zhou stepped into the restaurant and muttered.

In the end, Yuan Zhou prepared a bowl of noodle with a lot of broth for himself. After he ate up all the noodles, he carried the remaining broth to Broth.

Having washed up, Yuan Zhou couldn't help heaving a sigh.

"Only after eating supper do I feel like I have returned home." Yuan Zhou muttered and then fell asleep.

It was a sound and pleasant sleep. The next morning, Yuan Zhou got up early, washed up and exercised as usual. After that, he continued to prepare breakfast.

As it was still cold, Yuan Zhou prepared the ingredients for the Osmanthus Wine Stuffed Sticky Rice Ball. In such cold weather, only the hot dishes with broth can make people feel warmer.

"Boss Yuan, you came back." On seeing Yuan Zhou open the door on time, Zhou Jia immediately revealed a big smile.

"Yes. Come on in." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Okay. How was your exchange meeting this time, Boss Yuan?" Zhou Jia took the warm rag and asked while wiping the tables and chairs.

"Not bad." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Was Tokyo cold?" Zhou Jia continued asking him smilingly.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou was quite patient today.

"Boss Yuan, you can leave all the work to us next time. Then you can have a rest." Zhou Jia wiped the tables and chairs once and then she couldn't help saying that.

"Okay." Yuan Zhou nodded his head again.

"You said so even last time, but you still did the same thing this time." Zhou Jia straightforwardly pointed out that Yuan Zhou just answered her perfunctorily.

"It's almost time." Yuan Zhou changed the subject naturally and smartly.

"Yeah, yeah. The customers surely cannot wait anymore." Zhou Jia turned around and faced the outside right away.

Not surprisingly, there was a huge crowd of people everywhere outside. Even if the first 100 number tickets had all been drawn by others, they were still waiting there just in order to confirm Yuan Zhou's restaurant was opened for business again.

"Time is up. The first ten customers, please come in." Zhou Jia shouted loudly and melodiously.

"Great. I haven't eaten a good meal for the whole week. It was a really hard time." Wu Hai walked into the restaurant first while stroking his small mustaches.

"Shame on you." Man Man sneered at Wu Hai as soon as she heard him.

"Brother Wu definitely doesn't know what 'shame' means." Tangxi also stared at Wu Hai discontentedly.

"Huh, Small Mustaches. You seem to show off even more after being absent for a week." Jiang Changxi tilted her head and looked at Wu Hai.

"I also think so. He deserves a beating." Ling Hong added from behind.

"Haha, not really. I was just lucky enough to be treated by Boss Yuan and eat a bowl of fish slices prepared by him. The taste was incomparably good and delicious. That's all." Wu Hai didn't care about the biting sarcasm, but instead spoke about his experiences in Japan proudly.

"Humph." Then, the few people all gave a contemptuous look at him.

"Boss Yuan, did you miss me these past few days?" Jiang Changxi asked with an elongated and charming voice.

"Speak normally." Yuan Zhou shuddered secretly and then said solemnly.

"You know, actually I also have an overseas bank account. You can use it freely." Jiang Changxi sat straight and said directly.

"Boss Yuan, an overseas bank account is nothing important. I can take you to apply for one now. Then, it will be easier and more convenient to use." Ling Hong patted on his chest and proposed, appearing like a second-generation tycoon very much.

"I don't have it, but I can help you to look up the information required. I can check what is required to apply for the account." Yuan Zhou's big fan Tangxi thought for quite a while and then said.

"I can just watch." Man Man shrugged.

"Um. Thank you." Yuan Zhou didn't really understand why they suddenly cared so much about the matter concerning the overseas bank account, but still, he nodded his head and answered lightly as usual.

Yuan Zhou didn't know the plate of fish slices which he treated Wu Hai to had photographed from all directions. Wu Hai not only posted this news on his Moments, but also showed off in the gourmet group for quite a while.

He especially emphasized that he could eat it because of the matter concerning the overseas bank account. And of course, that made others so envious of him.

That was why these people cared so much about Yuan Zhou's overseas bank account.

"Just a piece of cake. What can we eat for breakfast today?" Ling Hong said lightly.

"Osmanthus Wine Stuffed Sticky Rice Ball. Does everyone want a bowl of that?" Zhou Jia went up and asked timely.

"Of course, for each of us." Jiang Changxi nodded her head.

Other customers also nodded their head naturally and waited to eat it.

"One moment, please." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then said.

On the first morning after one week, everybody ate quickly just to give seats to the people behind.

After the last serving was sold out, another girl walked into the restaurant.

"I'm sorry. Breakfast time has ended. Please come at noon." Zhou Jia said courteously.

"I know, I know. I just want to know if there's the BBQ tonight." Wearing a thick cotton-padded jacket and a wool hat, the girl asked.