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603 Returning Home

 After Yuan Zhou showed off his knife skills at the Tsukiji Market for quite a while, he became rather quiet when he arrived at the hotel.

"Thank you for helping me." Yuan Zhou said to the few people.

"Boss Yuan, don't be so courteous. We won't continue to bother you. See you tomorrow." Zheng Jiawei said smilingly.

"No worries. Don't mention it. Remember to call me next time if you have such events. Maybe I can get a meal for free again." Wu Hai stroked his own mustaches and said excitedly.

"I will never say I'm a veteran again." Wu Jun supported his forehead and revealed quite a helpless expression. However, he had thought for quite a bit, yet it seemed that he had never called himself a veteran.

"Then, see you tomorrow and see you in the evening." Without saying much, Yuan Zhou just nodded his head and then returned to his own room.

"I have posted the news on my Moments. Now, I want to announce in the gourmet group that I was treated by Boss Yuan to a dish just now." Wu Hai brought out his own phone and entered his room while muttering.

"Goodbye." Zheng Jiawei said goodbye courteously to Wu Jun, the only person left there.

"Um." Wu Jun waved his hand and also returned to his own room.

Yuan Zhou opened the room and stood at the door for a while. Only after everybody went back to their rooms did he throw himself on the bed.

"Damn it. It was really tiring to act like that today." Yuan Zhou lay on the bed in an inelegant manner.

From his expressions to his actions, his entire being seemed to be emitting an "I am deathly tired. Don't contact me even if something happens." vibe

That's right. Yuan Zhou had prepared the fish slices at Tsukiji Market all day long today.

"My hands are actually trembling now. It seems that I still have to exercise more." Yuan Zhou raised his hands and found his fingers were slightly trembling and his palms also appeared very red. Obviously, his hands were slightly frostbitten.

And this was the disadvantage of the ice blade.

"It seems that I still have a long way to go with my knife skills." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and said discontentedly.

However, he revealed a complacent look instantly again.

"160,000 RMB out for the whole fish and 200,000 RMB in for the remaining half of the fish even after I sold half of it. It's definitely a good deal." Judging from Yuan Zhou's voice, he was quite proud of that.

"Just as expected, only making money can make me happy." While lying on the bed, Yuan Zhou put down his slightly frostbitten hands and then fell asleep like that with some drool at the corner of his mouth. God knows what he was dreaming of.

Of course, he wouldn't forget that he needed to attend the final exchange meeting today and thus, he specially set the alarm clock.

During the exchange meeting in the evening, Yuan Zhou said nothing. Therefore, nobody went up to ask about his opinion, either.

Thus, the exchange meeting came to an end in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere. Just before parting, the chief chef whose Kabayaki eel had been tasted by Yuan Zhou on the first day walked to him.

"Mr. Yuan, I look forward to witnessing your craftsmanship when we go to your country for the exchange meeting." Dashi Xiujie said with an earnest expression.

Dashi Xiujie spoke awkward Chinese, but Yuan Zhou managed to understand him.

Obviously, he did that to provoke Yuan Zhou straightforwardly. Zhong Lili and Li Minghui immediately became worried at the side for fear that Yuan Zhou would say something astounding.

Zhong Lili couldn't help opening her eyes wide and looking at Yuan Zhou worriedly.

However, Li Minghui's anxiety was a little different. He hoped that Yuan Zhou would answer this chef. After all, Yuan Zhou was very good at neglecting others' words sometimes and had always behaved coldly. How embarrassing it would be if he didn't answer that person and directly left!

"Of course." Yuan Zhou answered lightly.

"I look forward to that very much." Seeing Yuan Zhou agree, Dashi Xiujie smiled happily and then parted with him.

"Just tell me your opinion frankly by then." Yuan Zhou instructed indifferently.

"I will." The smile on Dashi Xiujie's face became stiff for an instant. And then, he without a hint of politeness.

This time, Yuan Zhou just nodded his head before he turned around and left.

It was not until their conversation came to an end did Zhong Lili let out a long sigh of relief.

Li Minghui nevertheless nodded his head secretly. Apparently, he felt that the concise answer was quite appropriate.

"Haha. Young people are truly ambitious." Chairman Masheng burst into laughter and obviously, he was also quite satisfied with Dashi Xiujie's actions.

"Yeah. This Mr. Yuan is the youngest one in our team. He has both the craftsmanship and the hot temper to match. My teacher favors him very much." Li Minghui also nodded his head and chimed in. And again, he stressed that the craftsmanship of Yuan Zhou was not ordinary.

"Wow. He's surprisingly a talent that Chairman Zhou takes a fancy to. No wonder he has such a unique personality." Chairman Masheng answered.

Naturally, the two persons exchanged small talk again while Yuan Zhou returned to his own room with steady steps and a serious look. Then, he lay on the bed and slept again.

As for taking a shower, he indicated that he would rather do it after he woke up. After all, he hadn't slept for a whole day and a whole night. Moreover, he had worked hard all day long.

Yuan Zhou slept for a very long time this time, right until the next day. What's more, he didn't go out for a whole day and he even ordered a meal to his room to eat.

Only until the final day before they returned home did Yuan Zhou go out to look for delicious food again as if nothing had happened. At the same time, he could also take in the sights of Tokyo.

It was either in the evening or at Tsukiji Market all day long when he went out previously. Therefore, he had never strolled around the streets of Tokyo.

"Um. Expensive." Yuan Zhou walked into the Ginza store and evaluated the price inwardly while walking forward.

"Very expensive."

"More expensive. It's really expensive as expected."

It was the only thought when Yuan Zhou saw the commodities inside, that was, expensive.

There were quite a lot of luxury goods inside.

"Am I in the special store of luxury goods?" Yuan Zhou felt rather puzzled, but nevertheless appeared quite casual on the surface.

After all, he couldn't afford to let others know it was his second time to walk into a luxury store.

All day long, Yuan Zhou kept shopping and eating without any specific purpose. Once he was hungry, he went into the stores that served food and then continued shopping after he took a rest. Just like that, he strolled around the streets aimlessly for a whole day.

Yuan Zhou had only one feeling when he returned to the hotel.

"I really don't understand why girls like shopping so much." Yuan Zhou looked at the bloody bright red blisters on his feet and knitted his brows.

That's right. Yuan Zhou had only one purpose by wandering around so hard like that. Actually, he wanted to adapt himself in advance to his future life after he got a girlfriend.

In his own words, it was called a simulation exercise. In this way, he would be a bit experienced when he got a girlfriend and strolled around the streets with her in the future.

And the cost of the simulation exercise was the bloody blister. After that, he had a doubt.

"I wonder if we can just stroll around the streets for only half a day. That way, I guess I can persist." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and thought very carefully.

However, Yuan Zhou forgot a basic fact that he was merely a single man. And it was considered to be too early for him to worry about the matter of strolling around the streets.

After the simulation exercise of how he would manage to stroll around the streets for a whole day after he got a girlfriend, Yuan Zhou had a sound sleep again. It was such a good sleep that he woke up exactly around the departure time.

"Undoubtedly, strolling around the streets is a purely physical job." Yuan Zhou sighed with emotion inwardly while he was packing his luggage.

As time was limited and the suitcase wouldn't be opened, he stuffed his items into the suitcase carelessly and decided to tidy it up after he returned home.

"Well, fortunately, I didn't buy anything. This single suitcase can carry everything." Taking the seemingly neat and beautiful suitcase in his hand, Yuan Zhou walked out of the hotel gate and met the others, preparing to leave Japan.

Smart as Yuan Zhou, he selected a separate seat in advance this time just in order to avoid sitting together with Wu Jun.

Of course, Wu Jun didn't insist on sitting with Yuan Zhou together. After all, he really couldn't refrain from talking; yet, he was be worried that Yuan Zhou would take advantage of him once he said something wrong.

With nobody bothering him at the side, Yuan Zhou started to close his eyes and refresh his spirit. He just waited to return to the place he was familiar with...