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602 Yuan Zhou Proactively Treats.

 With a balding head, the boss of the seafood-rice store was dressed in a traditional kimono. He revealed an amiable smile and took Wu Jun's hands, not letting him go.

"Don't leave. Please continue tomorrow. No money, no money needed." The boss kept repeating these few words in a weird and uncomfortable way.

"I'm sorry. It's the chef who makes the decision, not me." Wu Jun shrugged and said helplessly.

"Fish. I still have the fish. Do you want it?" The boss knitted his brows and thought for quite a while. He thought Wu Jun was saying that he didn't have more fish and thus he immediately patted on his own chest and guaranteed loudly.

"No, no need. We are not coming tomorrow. Maybe next time." Wu Jun waved his hand right away and indicated that it wasn't necessary.

"What if there's no charge?" The boss still said persistently.

"No need, really." Wu Jun refused continuously.

Seeing Wu Jun reveal a resolute look and did not seem to be joking, the boss could do nothing but sigh. Then he returned to his own store.

"Hoo... It is lucky that the boss doesn't speak Chinese well. Otherwise, we'll be in big trouble." Wu Jun let out a sigh of relief.

He was right. If the boss of the seafood-rice store spoke very good Chinese, he probably wouldn't let go of Wu Jun.

After all, who would find fault with money? Even Yuan Zhou wouldn't. Look, wasn't he still holding back and listening to others speak awkward Chinese.

"Sir, can you sell the fish to me?" This person wore a formal suit and a black overcoat outside. Even though he was speaking Chinese, he carried a heavy Japanese accent.

"There's only half a fish left." Yuan Zhou said lightly.

"Never mind. We only want this half of the fish." The man said firmly.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't say anything.

"I'm so sorry. I was too anxious. Conventionally, I should make a self-introduction first." Seeing Yuan Zhou giving no reactions, the person thought it was because of his discourtesy. Immediately, he bowed to apologize and then started to introduce himself.

"My name is Songxia Mingzhi, the boss of Fish. Fish is a sushi shop and it's right at the front. You can see it very clearly." While saying that, the person pointed at a large obvious shop sign in the front.

"I've just eaten a plate of fish slices prepared by you. It is really delicious. I hope you can sell this half of the bluefin tuna to me." Songxia Mingzhi first praised Yuan Zhou's culinary skills and then declared his own purpose.

Actually, many people were thinking of getting this fish. After all, Yuan Zhou was a newcomer and was also a Chinese. No one would say anything if he only came once or twice. But if he planned to stay here for long, the nearby stores wouldn't feel happy.

And it was the best method to buy this fish. One was for the advertising hook and next, one could increase the fame of one's own store by doing that.

Therefore, Songxia Mingzhi spoke with Yuan Zhou loudly and straightforwardly just to express his intentions of buying it. Any others that wanted to buy the fish had to wait until he finished. Of course, those onlookers were also clear about that. After all, they were also very curious about whom the fish would belong to.

"Okay. How much are you offering?" Yuan Zhou asked decisively.

"Tell me your price first and then we can discuss," said Songxia Mingzhi, who appeared amiable but was actually very shrewd.

"Mr. Songxia, since you wanna buy from me, you must offer your price first. If you have no price, please let the next one come to talk with us." Wu Hai straightforwardly chimed in.

Yuan Zhou didn't contradict Wu Hai, but just looked at Songxia Mingzhi in silence.

In Yuan Zhou's opinion, he had no reason to keep the fish as he was unlikely to take it back home. However, he was reluctant to say more for just half a fish.

Songxia Mingzhi became a little hesitant. He didn't answer immediately. Presumably, he was observing Yuan Zhou's attitude.

"Tell me your price. If it's not good, then next one." Yuan Zhou said coldly but straightforwardly.

"What about JPY 3,300,000?" Songxia Mingzhi looked at other potential buyers behind and the curious onlookers and then made the decision.

Then, he directly brought out a price that Yuan Zhou wouldn't refuse.

"Well, okay." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Wait." Wu Hai suddenly stopped Yuan Zhou.

"What wrong?" Yuan Zhou followed Wu Hai and took a few steps backward before he said.

"Let Zheng Jiawei go receive the 3 million JPY. After all, you don't have an overseas bank account nor can you take such a huge sum back in cash." The way that Wu Hai talked to Yuan Zhou was quite gentle.

After all, his stomach was still controlled by Yuan Zhou.

As for moral integrity, Wu Hai just didn't give a damn. Was that edible?

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then thanked him.

"You are welcome. As long as you don't take too many days off." Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou with a sorrowful look on his face.

"That depends." Yuan Zhou said earnestly.

"No, no, no. Nothing matters except studying culinary skills." Wu Hai walked behind Yuan Zhou and tried to persuade him.

"Please wire transfer your money into this sir's account." Yuan Zhou directly ignored Wu Hai's words and then said to Songxia Mingzhi.

"Okay, sir. Please follow me." Seeing Yuan Zhou say so, Songxia Mingzhi suddenly became relieved and then said courteously to Zheng Jiawei at the side.

The onlookers and other people who wanted to buy the fish dispersed slowly when they found that the remaining half of the fish belonged to this person.

It suddenly fell silent, leaving only Yuan Zhou, Wu Jun and Wu Hai on site. The boss of the seafood-rice store went back to his store bitterly while Zheng Jiawei followed Songxia Mingzhi into the store to make the trade.

"I have decided to treat you to a plate of the fish slices." Yuan Zhou said to Wu Hai suddenly.

"Ah?" Wu Hai didn't react for while as Yuan Zhou took out a piece of meat from the tuna and started to cut it at the other side.

This time, Yuan Zhou directly opened the metal box that he brought with him and took out the last knife inside.

"Duo Duo Duo". The knife gently struck against the fish and the azure stone countertop, emitting a wonderful musical note.

Yuan Zhou first sliced and then shredded the tuna. He just processed the fish calmly and steadily while turning a deaf ear to Wu Hai's mumbling.

Not until Yuan Zhou took out a small bag of green flowers did Wu Jun opened his mouth.

"No wonder you asked me to buy the flowers! It's actually used for eating." Wu Jun was suddenly enlightened.

"Are these all for me to eat?" Wu Hai said excitedly.

However, Yuan Zhou answered neither of the two questions.

Yuan Zhou no longer made the fish flesh into clusters this time, but just stacked it in two plates loosely.

Even so, the appearance of the dish still whetted others' appetite.

The meat of the bluefin tuna appeared light red and the white fat texture were distributed neatly. It was cut into shreds sideways by Yuan Zhou along with the golden slices of orange shreds; then, mixed up with green flowers and purple leaves of purple perilla.

These were all shredded into stripes. Blended together, they were just like an exquisite and elaborate fine food, but appeared brighter.

"Are these two plates all for me?" Wu Hai didn't even have the time to stroke his own mustaches and couldn't wait to move them close to himself.

"Only one plate." Yuan Zhou also moved quickly. He covered one plate and instantly picked up the chopsticks to eat.

"Never mind. One plate is better than none. It is the first time that Boss Yuan treated someone proactively. Oh, I feel inspiration coming. I must draw some pictures to calm down after I go back." Wu Hai carried the plate, feeling touched.

What a joke! It was the very first time for Yuan Zhou to treat someone proactively. After all, he had truly wanted Yuan Zhou to treat him before but never succeeded. For Wu Hai, this event was indeed commemorable.

Seriously speaking, Wu Hai was so touched that he almost cried.