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597 Surrounded By A Crowd Of People

 Apart from the metal box, Yuan Zhou also took out some foam materials, which were specifically used for heat preservation.

"Xi Xi Suo Suo". Yuan Zhou surrounded the metal box with the foam materials carefully.

"No wonder you didn't allow me to approach you. It's actually the ice blade. Did you make it last night?" Wu Jun walked around the azure stone countertop and appeared rather envious.

"Um. With the water you bought for me." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"No wonder you needed so much water. So that means you didn't sleep all night long yesterday?" Wu Jun was incapable of making the ice blade and had only heard about this thing from others. However, the complexity of the craftsmanship was known to him.

"Where's the fish?" Yuan Zhou didn't answer him, but asked again.

"It will be here in no time." Wu Jun didn't pester him anymore. He checked the time and then answered.

"Good." Yuan Zhou only answered him with a single word. Then, he stood still over there and waited for the arrival of the fish.

"How is it? Are you satisfied with the surroundings here?" Wu Jun proudly gestured for Yuan Zhou to look around his surroundings.

The outer zone of the Tsukiji Market was originally the gathering place for small stores. There were many stores, the many famous ones were known to Chinese netizens.

For example, there was a store that sold beef rice in the front. By now, it would be full of tourists and natives that came to eat breakfast.

And another store that sold grilled seafood not far away.

"Not bad." Yuan Zhou nodded his head to show his consent.

What Wu Jun selected was a restaurant that sold seafood rice. The entrance of the restaurant was very large, but the inside was of the very narrow type inside.

It was actually an L-shaped restaurant. What was supposed to be at the entrance before was unknown, but right now, there was a 2.5m-long azure stone countertop. The table top made of marble was designed as a clean and tasteless porcelain chopping board.

The azure stone countertop was about as high as Yuan Zhou's waist; therefore, it was more convenient for him to use it.

In front of the countertop was a long table that could fit four people in total and four simple chairs were placed around it.

"By the way, I haven't asked you. What are you wearing?" Wu Jun looked at the clothes on Yuan Zhou's body curiously.

Yuan Zhou, who didn't forget his own restaurant even when he was out, was naturally dressed in the Han Chinese Clothing that he usually wore in his restaurant.

"This is the Han Chinese clothing. You don't know about it? How can you call yourself a chef when you don't even know it?" Wu Hai walked to Yuan Zhou with big strides in his slippers.

"Your suitcase didn't look big. Yet, you actually brought so many things." Wu Jun just neglected Wu Hai's words and said to Yuan Zhou while looking at him.

"I'm so hungry. I haven't eaten a meal for two days. If this continues, I will probably have to go to see a doctor due to hunger." Wu Hai took a seat in front of Yuan Zhou habitually and then complained.

"We still have to wait for a while." Yuan Zhou said lightly.

"Hey, Long Face. The fish and other materials that you ordered will be sent here together shortly. The golden orange comes from Sembikiya and is definitely good stuff." Wu Jun appeared quite complacent.

This was indirectly telling Wu Hai that he made great contributions.

"Will you also cook?" Wu Hai knitted his brows and looked at Wu Jun discontentedly while looking at him.

"Of course not. I'm just responsible for all the ingredients, including the purchase of that bluefin tuna." The complacent manner of Wu Jun appeared more obvious and straightforward this time.

"Well, great. I specifically came here to eat dishes prepared by Boss Yuan." Wu Hai said proudly.

Wu Hai totally missed what Wu Jun had originally meant. He just sat down and waited to eat as if nobody was present.

On the other hand, Wu Jun was became speechless.

"Boss Yuan, tell me if you need any help." Zheng Jiawei said at the side.

"No need, thank you." Yuan Zhou shook his head.

"Actually, I can help to interpret. My Japanese is not bad and I often deal with the art exhibitions in Japan for Little Hai." Zheng Jiawei said with an earnest and sincere expression.

"Sorry to bother you. Please receive money for me. 800 RMB for a plate of Akami, 1200 RMB for a plate of Chutoro and 3800 RMB for a plate of Otoro. These prices are in RMB. Please convert it to JPY and receive the money. Thank you." This time, Yuan Zhou didn't refuse him, but directly told him the price.

"No problem." Zheng Jiawei thought for a while and then nodded his head.

After Zheng Jiawei and Yuan Zhou conversed, the booth fell silent again and that formed a sharp contrast with the boisterous street at the side.

Luckily, they didn't wait too for before the person who sent the fish arrived.

The fish was put in a foam carton filled with ice that surpassed a man's height. Once it was opened, the intact and naked fish appeared in front of them.

Just as described by Wu Jun, it was about 2 meters long including the head and tail. There was an opening closed to its tail and was used to draw blood.

The foam carton was exactly besides Yuan Zhou's feet. Yuan Zhou observed the fish body carefully for quite a while and knitted his brows slightly. Then, his brows unfolded again.

"I thought too much. It's definitely not as good as those provided by the system." Yuan Zhou thought inwardly.

Fortunately, the matching flavourings were all very good. Wu Jun really made an effort to get these things.

"Do you need me to help carry it up?" Wu Jun asked while washing his hands under the tap at the side.

"No need." After he said that, Yuan Zhou put on his face mask. Then, he held the fish head with one hand and the central part of the fish with the other. After that, he lifted it strongly and directly held the entire bluefin tuna up.

"Peng". The fish emitted an extremely faint sound upon touching the table top. Even the fish head was placed on the tabletop gently by Yuan Zhou.

"Surprisingly, he has an unexpected strength." Wu Jun felt he should not judge Yuan Zhou by his appearance. He appeared to have not much strength; but nevertheless, could hold up a fish about 80kg.

"Of course. Boss Yuan gets up and exercises every day. He's not like you. Look, you have grown stout at this age." Wu Hai couldn't bear the sight of Wu Jun at all.

After all, this guy followed Yuan Zhou every day and had definitely eaten a lot of delicious dishes. The hungry Wu Hai wasn't reasonable at all.

Actually, when the big box as long as a person's height arrived, there were already some people watching Yuan Zhou. When Yuan Zhou lifted this big fish alone, more people surrounded to watch.

"This person really is quite strong."

"Is he going to cut the fish open now? It looks like a bluefin tuna, doesn't it? What a rare sight.

"He's should be making sashimi. It seems that he is a chef with great strength."

"It's really a bluefin tuna. Even if we don't know how his knife skills are, it's still worth a look."

The crowd of people that surrounded to watch at the side spoke various kinds of languages, Japanese, English, Korean and of course, Chinese as well.

Yuan Zhou didn't do anything special like touching the fish bones or confirming the place to slice it open. He just looked at the fish very carefully and then started to open the metal box.

The Tokyo in December wasn't very warm. Although it wasn't so cold as in Hokkaido, it was still quite chilly.

As soon as Yuan Zhou's metal box was opened, a blast of white cool air burst out from inside.

"Huh? What kind of knife is that? It looks transparent. Interesting."

"Is it the ice blade shown on TV? A knife made of ice?"

"It really looks like the ice blade. The knife handle seems to be covered with something."

"This knife is so unusual."

Yuan Zhou had barely taken out the knife when more and more onlookers gathered. They passed this matter on to others and thus, the crowd was increasing.

After all, the ice blade was quite rare. Most people had only heard about it, but never seen it before.

It was the human instinct to be curious and this rule applied to most places in the world. Therefore, Yuan Zhou's booth was immediately surrounded by a crowd of people.

"The effect looks good." Yuan Zhou mumbled. No one really knew if he was talking about the ice blade, the fish in front of him or the onlookers that were watched the scene.

It was time to show his masterful skills.