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596 Yuan Zhou’s Secret Weapon

 "Why exactly did I say that I'm a veteran?" Wu Jun gave himself a slap in the face ruefully while calling somebody up with a bitter look.

Yuan Zhou didn't approach him, but instead wandered around that place.

Apart from the tuna, there were other kinds of fish that were suitable to make the sashimi. For example, the puffers. From ancient to modern times, quite a lot of people died from its poison just for tasting a mouthful of puffer.

Even Su Dongpo, a literary giant and also a foodie who supported an entire regional cuisines, can't refuse such a delicacy.

"Is this for sale?" There were really puffers sold at the Tsukiji Market. Yuan Zhou hadn't walked too far away when he saw a dealer. Then he directly asked.

This person was dressed in a dark blue cotton-padded jacket. His fingers were probably soaked in the water for too long and hence turned whiter. On hearing Yuan Zhou's words, he raised his head and had a look at Yuan Zhou.

Having spoken something in Japanese for a while, he found Yuan Zhou had no reaction at all. Only then did he waved his hand to Yuan Zhou, indicating that it wasn't for sale.

Yuan Zhou didn't give up, but continued visiting another three dealers consecutively. However, everyone looked at Yuan Zhou and waved his hand, all indicating that it wasn't for sale.

"As expected, they don't sell the fishes to the individual buyer." Yuan Zhou stroked his own front angle and affirmed his own thoughts.

One hour later.

"Ta Ta Ta". Yuan Zhou returned leisurely to the place where he parted with Wu Jun just now and then started to wait for Wu Jun.

He didn't wait for too long before Wu Jun came back.

However, Wu Jun had lost the strength to be talkative by now. On seeing Yuan Zhou, he directly made a gesture of "Okay" to show that he had completed the task.

"Thank you. Veterans are really impressive." When Yuan Zhou complimented others, his expression remained unchanged. So did the way he spoke.

"I regret for saying that I'm a veteran." Wu Jun led the way for Yuan Zhou and walked outwards weakly.

"Um. Never mind. I won't mind." Yuan Zhou revealed a manner of "I don't blame you", which made Wu Jun felt more aching in his stomach.

"Speaking of which, how many times did I exactly say that to such an extent as to make you remember so clearly?" Wu Jun got puzzled and then said with a slightly complaining manner.

"Quite a lot of times." Yuan Zhou said positively without even blinking.

"Alright. It's done. The fish is 80.2 kilograms heavy and 2 meters long from the head to the tail. It costs 168,000 RMB in all. And the booth has also been rented, of course only for one day. It's in the outer zone. Tomorrow I will take you there." Wu Jun recovered from the astonishment and started to talk about the fish.

"The tuna will be sent to the booth directly." Wu Jun added.

"Thank you." This time, Yuan Zhou thanked him very sincerely.

"Don't mention it. Just remember my fish belly. Don't forget it. I will not pay." Wu Hai shook his head and meanwhile, he didn't forget his own reward.

"Of course. You wait and see." Yuan Zhou nodded his head confidently.

"Leaving other things aside, did you buy a kitchen knife? A new knife has some underlying offensive taste." Wu Jun asked curiously.

"I almost forget it if you don't mention it. But now I suddenly have a bold idea." Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"A bold idea? What is it?" Wu Jun had a feeling that he was about to be trapped, but he still couldn't help asking that curiously. Right after that, he covered his mouth immediately. However, it was late. Yuan Zhou had started to say something.

"This idea is actually very simple. I need the best mineral water that we can buy on the market. The only requirement is that it must be free from any taste. Veteran, I count on you." Yuan Zhou brought out his own requirement straightforwardly.

"Damn it! This f*cking mouth. Why did I ask?" Wu Jun gave himself a heavy slap in the face.

"It's 10:00 a.m. now. I think you can buy it before 5:00 p.m., can't you?" Though Yuan Zhou's tone of voice was interrogative, his attitude indicated there was no problem for this veteran to do it.

"I feel it's the most expensive fish belly of the tuna throughout the history. Besides, it's the most tiring to eat it." Wu Jun nodded his head and complained.

"And it will be the most delicious." Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"Okay. Shall I send it to your room?" Wu Jun asked.

"Please." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

Time passed soon. Yuan Zhou took part in the exchange meeting punctually in the afternoon, but didn't encounter Wu Hai because he was still sleeping. He didn't wake up until that evening. When he checked the time and found there was nothing to eat, he continued sleeping and prepared to eat directly the sashimi made by Yuan Zhou on the following day.

After the exchange meeting ended, Yuan Zhou received the water, 10thousandbc water, at the agreed time. The water came from a coast totally free from any pollution in Canada. Freshness and pureness were its synonyms.

With the price 95 RMB for 750ml, Yuan Zhou spent about 25400 RMB on the water.

Wu Hai almost thought Yuan Zhou would have a bath with the water. After all, the total amount of the water could almost fill a bathtub for one person.

"Dong Dong Dong". Yuan Zhou knocked on Wu Jun's door at 7:00 in the morning.

"I know it's you guy. You are so early." When Wu Jun opened the door and saw Yuan Zhou, he didn't feel surprised at all, but instead, said peacefully.

"Um. Morning. Time to go." Yuan Zhou greeted him and talked about the matter they needed to do altogether.

"Wait. Let me put on a coat." Wu Jun didn't dare to say anything more in the face of Yuan Zhou now. After all, he wasn't sure when he would be responsible for what he said.

Wu Jun indicated that he got smarter now. Talking less was always better in case he worked hard to pay the bill for his own words.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and took a step back.

After Wu Jun put on the coat, the two people took the public transportation to Tsukiji Market as usual. The morning rush hour in Japan was quite terrible, though the subway was also very terrible.

Yet, it was better than the traffic jam.

Only when they got on the subway did Wu Jun notice that Yuan Zhou was carrying a big bag used for mountain climbing. More specially, it was the kind of big bag that was big enough to hold a person.

"Do you have so many tools?" Just when Wu Jun asked him, a person thrust his way forward and as a result, Wu Jun approached Yuan Zhou involuntarily.

"Yes. Be cautious of the people behind you. Don't push me." Yuan Zhou pushed Wu Jun away immediately with a very quick speed.

"You guy are really ruthless. Obviously it's your bag that occupies too much space." Wu Jun goggled at Yuan Zhou unbelievably.

"You'll know why later. Don't touch the bag." Yuan Zhou wasn't swayed by his speech and still said calmly.

Meanwhile, he maintained the gesture of keeping everybody away from his bag. At that moment, the advantages of keeping exercising was then shown. Though Yuan Zhou was carrying a big bag, he can still keep the crowds away from his bag.

"This is the demeanor that a prince charming should have." Looking at the girls that walked unsteadily due to the heavy crowd in the subway and the steady big bag in front of him, Yuan Zhou couldn't help feeling proud.

"Can't you just carry it behind your back?" Wu Jun said discontentedly.

"Unnecessary." Yuan Zhou refused flatly.

"What's inside the bag? Why do you appear so mysterious?" Wu Jun took a look at the big bag that occupied too much space.

Lucky that the two of them didn't stay very long before they arrived at the destination.

When they arrived, there had been many people inside. Then, Wu Jun led Yuan Zhou straight to the booth.

At that moment, Yuan Zhou set down the bag and took out a box from it. It was a metal box and besides, such a box was even familiar to Wu Jun.

"Where's your knife?" Wu Jun asked tentatively.

"It's over here. Where's the fish?" Yuan Zhou pointed at the metal box as expected ad asked lightly.

"Holy shit. You surprisingly made a ice blade? You can even make this thing?" Wu Jun was so astonished that he couldn't close his mouth.

That's right. The ice blade was the mysterious weapon of Yuan Zhou.