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595 An Veteran Can do Everything.

 "Of course in Tsukiji Market. You can't expect him to do it here. Who are you?" Wu Jun looked at the conspicuous two tufts of small mustaches of Wu Hai and asked with curiosity.

"No one expects him to do it over here if he has a normal IQ, but I'm not sure about you." Wu Hai immediately turned the head and looked towards Wu Jun. Stroking his own small mustaches, he said with a manner of contempt.

Wu Hai was never a person that showed due respect for others' feeling. On hearing that, he straightforwardly contradicted him back.

"Okay. You seem to be a person that always strikes back no matter you suffer losses or not. It's not funny." Wu Jun directly gave a definition to Wu Hai. Then, he talked no more and just sat there, enjoying the delicacies.

"Good that you understand me so much." Wu Hai stroked his own mustaches and humphed coldly.

"Little Hai, take a seat. It's not good for us to obstruct the entrance." Zheng Jiawei stopped Wu Hai who intended to continue fighting back.

"Alright. Boss Yuan, why did you come to Japan without saying a word. I almost starved." Wu Hai looked at yz with a sorrowful look.

"The day after tomorrow, I prepare to make the sashimi at Tsukiji Market." yz said that immediately and successfully made Wu Hai stop looking at him sorrowfully.

"That's terrific. I will follow you starting from the day after tomorrow." Wu Hai said directly.

"Um." yz answered him simply and then talked no more.

"Wu Hai seems to be better than Wu Jun. He's satisfied as long as there's something to eat." Seeing Wu Hai not say anything more but instead start to study the dishes of the izakaya, yz let out a sigh of relief.

This time, however, yz also witnessed and proved the rumour that Wu Hai truly ate nothing without yz's restaurant. He only ordered some rice wine to drink.

Of the four people, no one really talked much except the only talkative guy Wu Jun. Since he had experienced Wu Hai's capabilities just now, Wu Jun didn't say anything more. Then, the four people talked less and less.

For a long while, none of them said anything. Of course, that excluded Zheng Jiawei who greeted them courteously at the beginning.

Yz didn't develop a habit of wandering around after the meal. He just returned to the hotel straightforwardly and the others just followed suit.

"Do you live in the room across the way?" yz asked Wu Hai while looking at him take out the room card of the room across the way.

"Yeah. I specially come for meals." Wu Hai declared again.

"I have no way to cook for these few days." yz said bluntly.

"Yeah, I heard that from Jiawei. Why don't you cook since it's an exchange meeting?" Speaking of that, Wu Hai became quite indignant.

"Because it's only an exchange meeting." yz answered without thinking.

In yz's opinion, he could defeat all the chefs that cooked at the exchange meeting today if it wasn't an exchange meeting.

Leaving aside that those who cooked to show their culinary skills today were basically the younger generation,

even the elder generation wouldn't be so good as yz on processing some of the ingredients.

"You are right. If you can show your culinary skills here, that would be funny." Wu Hai understood yz's words and thus nodded the head approvingly.

"Um. Sleep early." yz nodded the head and then said.

"I'm still waiting for Boss Yuan's sashimi." Wu Hai also nodded the head and then went to open the door of his room.

"Boss Yuan, sleep early." Zheng Jiawei said courteously.

"Good night." After saying that, yz turned around and opened his own room to go to sleep.

As soon as they entered the room and closed the door, Zheng Jiawei asked, "Little Hai, why don't you talk about the matter tomorrow?"

Zheng Jiawei knew that Wu Hai came to yz just for something to eat. Even so, it was quite incredible that he behaved so normal now and besides, didn't bother yz to cook for him.

"I prepare to go to the meeting place first and then follow Boss Yuan into the exchange meeting tomorrow morning. After all, I'm also Boss Yuan's apprentice." Wu Hai said proudly.

"Will Boss Yuan agree?" Zheng Jiawei asked with puzzlement.

"Of course he won't agree, but the doorkeeper will agree. Didn't you hear about the matter of the exchange meeting today?" Wu Hai said complacently.

"Be cautious that Boss Yuan will not be happy." Zheng Jiawei reminded him.

"Well, I will confess to him as soon as I get into the meeting place." Wu Hai said smartly immediately.

"Hopefully, Boss Yuan won't get angry." Zheng Jiawei didn't try to persuade him. After all, Wu Hai truly hadn't eaten anything for the recent two days.

However, Wu Hai had never thought the exchange meeting that day was scheduled in the afternoon rather than in the morning. Naturally, he didn't manage to go inside and thus had to return to his room to continue sleeping.

He behaved as if he had wanted to compensate for his loss of sleeping time last night.

As for yz, he naturally went to Tsukiji Market in the morning. The top-grade ingredients naturally required booking in advance. Even if one day earlier was good.

Of course, Wu Jun still had to lead the way.

"The inner zone is almost the same with the outer zone." yz wore thick cotton-padded jacket with the short hair standing spiritedly.

"Indeed. But it's good for now as there are not too many people in the outer zone. Shortly, there will be more and more people and all of them are tourists." Wu Jun felt a little cold and hence breathed into the palms to warm them.

"Let's go to see the fish." yz said concisely and then walked first ahead of Wu Jun.

"I know, I know." Wu Jun yawned and then followed him towards the inside.

No wonder Wu Jun yawned. It was only around 5:00 in the morning and it was still dark in Japan. However, there were quite a lot of people who came to see the fish.

The inner zone was full of big dealers who traded thousands of kilograms of fishes. And there wasn't a small retailers or individual buyer.

Basically, there was no freshwater fish in Tsukiji Market and all fishes were from the oceans. However, the difference from Chengdu was that most of the fishes were living rather than the frozen fresh ones.

Though yz couldn't understand Japanese, he also found the differences. But when he turned the head and looked at Wu Jun, he became at ease again immediately.

"Now that this guy calls himself a veteran, he has to have the consciousness of a veteran." yz thought that inwardly.

Not long after they wandered around the market, yz arrived at the auction house of the fishes. Sometimes, the fishes over here would be sold by auction. Of course, only a small part of the customers had the opportunity to be invited into it.

They also sold some precious fishes by auction.

There was one right now.

"Bluefin tuna? And two?" yz looked at the Japanese written on the prompt board in surprise.

Yz indeed didn't know Japanese, but some Japanese were very similar to the Chinese characters. Upon seeing the picture, yz figured out what was selling inside by guessing.

"Yes, indeed. This thing is quite rare. You can find such things only in large markets." Wu Jun went up and had a look. Then he said that as if he had truly known it well.

"Now that there are two, I don't wanna baffle you. I need one of them. You can eat a plate of sashimi of the belly part." yz directly offered his conditions.

"This is for auction. Under such circumstances, they are unlikely to sell one to an individual buyer. I'm talking seriously. It's not a matter of money. Don't give me money. I'm really not talking about money." Wu Jun saw yz take out his phone and directly transfer to him 200,000 RMB.

Coincidentally, the phone even reminded, "Alipay receives 200,000 RMB."

"How did you know I have no restrictions on receiving money? No, no. It's not the point. It's really very hard to buy one in that way." Wu Jun tried to weep, but failed to shed a tear.

"Go ahead, veteran. There are only two and it's not early." yz set down the phone and said naturally.

"The word that I hate most now is 'veteran'. I will get angry with whoever calls me veteran next time." Taking the phone, Wu Jun appeared rather helpless and thus mumbled.

Looking at the shadow of Wu Jun making phone calls, yz didn't forget to instruct.

"Remember to return the rest of the money to me if it's more than needed." Though yz didn't like money, he cannot baffle Wu Jun who didn't like money, either.

So for the remaining money, it was better to return to him.