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594 Veteran, Do It Now.

 The two people were a man and a girl. They looked quite young and they were either overseas students or tourists. Taking advantage of the neighboring people's ignorance of Chinese, the two people talked with eloquence.

"Speaking of domestic culinary skills, do you see the LED at the entrance of that hotel, Xiaojing?" Judging from his tone, the man sounded both gossiping and concerned.

"Yeah, I know. You are talking about the exchange of culinary skills, specifically, the exchange meeting of culinary skills between chefs from China and Japan, right?" The girl called Xiaojing was the source of the female voice just now. She didn't even try to conceal the discontent in her tone at all.

"Right on. I don't know on which aspects they are competing, but obviously, our knife skills aren't as good as theirs. How can we possibly make sashimi as well as the Japanese?" The man said with a tone of anxiety.

"I agree with you. It's known by all that Chinese cuisines are well-known for its taste and heat control rather than the knife skills." Xiaojing complained.

"Exactly. Why do they utilize their strong points to attack other's weak points? They'll definitely be badly beaten if they don't make best use of the advantages and bypass the disadvantages." The man continued saying.

"Not necessarily. At least, we are really not bad on other aspects." Xiaojing contradicted him slightly.

"Well, you are right. There should be no problem with the taste." The man approved Xiaojing's words.

The conversation between the two people was interrupted by the new dishes served. Then, yz didn't listen to them anymore. He diverted his attention to the dishes in front of him.

After he tasted a slice of raw horse meat carefully, yz set down the chopsticks gently.

"Wu Jun, you go to ask the lovers randomly about their following schedule." yz said that naturally and straightforwardly.

"Gee?" Wu Jun looked at yz with puzzlement. To ask the strangers randomly about their following schedule?

What exactly for?

"I count on you, veteran." yz didn't intend to explain to him. He just said primly.

"Yeah, you are right. I'm just a veteran with plenty of experiences. Since you say so, I will definitely show you and prove my experiences." Wu Jun rolled up his sleeves and headed for the lovers with full of spirits.

Yz didn't actually focus his attention on Wu Jun, but instead, on the first-class roasted salmon in front of him. He tasted the whole fish carefully for a while from the fish skin to the fish meat.

"Is this the horse oil? Interesting. It has some offensive smell." yz looked at the raw horse oil in front of him and revealed an interested expression.

The horse oil ordered by yz was the raw horse oil cut into very thin slices. They were arranged loosely into a shape of a flower. Anyway, it looked beautiful.

However, yz still smelled an offensive smell of the horse, yet within the scope of tolerance.

Served along with the horse oil, there was another plate, where some soy sauce was poured. Yz picked up one slice of the horse oil with the chopsticks and dipped it in the soy sauce and then started to eat.

"Well, the taste is a little strange, but it almost doesn't have any special feeling. It is neither fresh and sweet nor greasy. It tastes like the oil and meanwhile not like the oil." While chewing, yz analyzed the taste of the horse oil.

Yz hadn't eaten a few more slices of the raw horse oil before Wu Jun returned in triumph.

"Hey, Straight Face. You are way too far. You eat up the roasted salmon when I go to inquire about some information for you? I have never expected that you are such a kind of person. I'm too disappointed." Wu Jun looked at the empty plate in front of yz and said that without thinking.

"What' s the conclusion?" yz had been quite used to neglecting Wu Jun's complaint and got straight to the point.

"They are the overseas students to Osaka from China and they come to Tokyo for tour. They have visited Meiji Shrine today and tomorrow they prepare to go to Nijubashi and Kokyo and the day after tomorrow, Tsukiji Market. After that, they are scheduled to go to the scenery spots like Kaminarimon, Senso-ji Temple and Tokyo Sky Tree. All of the scenery spots are quite popular." Wu Jun answered him subconsciously.

"Um. Isn't Tsukiji Market the largest fish market?" yz selected a familiar place from them and asked.

"Yes, indeed. Tsukiji Market is right at No. 1, 5th Unit Wudingmu, Tsukiji, Central District, Tokyo Metropolis. It's a well-known market even in Japan nationwide. Besides, it has long been reported to be dismantled, but it hasn't yet. A lot of people go travelling there." Wu Jun slightly introduced the Tsukiji Market.

"Um. I originally intended to go there for a look." yz's hobby was to wander in the vegetable market. He also did the same in Chengdu.

He usually went to the nearest place to buy radishes. For the vegetables, however, it wasn't necessarily so. Yz would undoubtedly go for a visit wherever there was a large and famous vegetable market.

"What? What do you prepare to do, Straight Face?" Naturally, Wu Jun also heard that. That was why he asked yz such a question.

"Tsukiji Market seems to consist of inner zone and outer zone. As an veteran, I count on you now." yz's words were rather baffling, but Wu Jun nevertheless understood him.

"Are you kidding? You want me to run errands again? Is there any benefit to me? Without any benefit, I won't do it. Though I am an veteran, we won't do anything for nothing." Wu Jun stroked his own face and said proudly.

"You don't need to treat to the meal today. We can pay by fifty-fifty. That's it." yz knitted his brows and then said.

"What does the fifty-fifty have anything to do with the benefit?" Wu Jun still didn't understand it for an instant.

"You promised to stand treat today, but now I pay for my share." yz said deservedly.

"When did I promise you to stand treat? Did I? I can't even remember." Wu Jun looked at yz suspiciously.

However, yz's face was still as solemn as always. He didn't reveal any special expression at all.

"When you said you are an veteran over here." yz said lightly.

"Did I say that?" The problem of being talkative was that you can't necessarily remember every word you said. For example, now. Wu Jun had totally forgotten if he had ever said to stand treat.

Subconsciously, he felt that he hadn't said such kind of words, but he wasn't very sure.

Wu Jun took a look at yz's face and found he was knitting his brows and looking at him silently. And that brought him a feeling that he had indeed said that but didn't admit it now.

"Alright. I will do it. I'm going to get a booth for you. What do you want? It won't be too spacious. The inner zone isn't open for common tourists and individual tourist." Wu Jun clenched his teeth and agreed with yz on the benefit.

"I wanna make the sashimi. The counter can be more or less the same with the azure stone countertop in the exchange meeting today." yz suddenly confirmed what to do next.

In China, there were really many dishes that can show the exquisite knife skills.

For example, Braised Shredded Chicken with Ham and Dried Tofu in Huaiyang Cuisines. The dried tofu needed to be sliced very thin and then cut into extremely thin shreds. Then, it would be good after it was simmered with the chicken soup. The taste was awfully fresh and delicious.

Apart from that, it was the Shredded Tofu Silk. A tofu silk must be able to penetrate the needle eye. The wonderful knife skills of Huaiyang Cuisines were to be seen.

The reason why yz selected to make the sashimi was naturally because of the discussion of the two lovers.

"The stuff of Raw Fish is passed down to us by our ancestors. I will let you guys witness personally the supreme skills." yz thought inwardly in the heart.

However, yz still appeared to be indifferent and calm.

"That's easy. You need to do nothing but go over there and cook the sashimi." Wu Jun thought thought carefully for a while and then agreed.

"Um." yz nodded the head.

"Boss Yuan, are you going to cook the sashimi? Where?" An extremely familiar voice suddenly rushed straight into yz's ears.

Wu Hai and Zheng Jiawei walked into the small izakaya together.

"Are you here to hold an art show?" It was yz's very first reaction when he saw Wu Hai.

Right after that, the young Wu and the elder Wu finally met. Who exactly did better on the aspect of being loquacious and thick-faced?

"No. I am here for meals." Wu Hai said primly.

"Oh." yz nodded the head.

"Boss Yuan, where are you going to cook the sashimi?" Wu Hai cared so much about this problem that he straightforwardly neglected Wu Jun.