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591 Yuan Zhou Is Good At Summarizing.

 "Ding". Wu Hai swiped the card and opened the door. He walked into the room and went to the balcony for a look around. Then he found he can't see the inside of the neighboring room, not even the window.

"Which room does Boss Yuan live in?" Only then did Wu Hai ask.

"Either 2701 or 2702." Zheng Jiawei said affirmatively.

"You are so sure?" Wu Hai was a little curious.

Wu Hai wasn't suspicious of Zheng Jiawei's capabilities at all, but he just didn't expect Zheng Jiawei can figure out the room number so exact. After all, the organizer of the exchange meeting definitely knew to keep secret, thus such kind of information wasn't available at all to be sourced so easily.

"This exchange meeting between China and Japan is organized through the mutual efforts of Japan Chefs' Kabushiki Kaisha and China Chefs' Alliance. The accommodations in Japan are undoubtedly arranged by Japan Chefs' Kabushiki Kaisha. I checked some information and asked some friends and then found this Century Kaiyue Hotel has close cooperative relationships with the Japan Chefs' Kabushiki Kaisha." While sorting out the clothes for Wu Hai, Zheng Jiawei explained to him carefully.

"According to the agreed accommodation standard, they will definitely arrange luxury suites for the Chinese side. There are a total of 22 luxury suites in the Century Kaiyue Hotel and they are all on 27th and 28th floors. Such information is all available on the official website of Kaiyue Hotel." Zheng Jiawei said in details again when he found Wu Hai was listening to him carefully once in a blue moon."

"Um. And then?" Wu Hai signalled Zheng Jiawei to continue.

"We had several art exhibitions in Japan formerly, but you attended none at that time. But judging from the rooms arranged by the organizers, I can telly that Japanese people are very particular about the room arrangement. They usually arrange different rooms according to different ages." Zheng Jiawei brought out his own experiences.

"China Chefs' Alliance disclosed the name list of the participants of this exchange meeting on their microblog. I sorted all of them by age and found Boss Yuan is the youngest one. If we don't take into consideration the person in charge Zhong Lili, Boss Yuan is supposed to live in the Room 2701 or 2702 of the Century Kaiyue Hotel under the condition that no one change rooms." When Zheng Jiawei said that, he still remembered the matter that Wu Hai didn't come to attend the art exhibitions. Therefore, he even looked at Wu Hai with a sorrowful manner.

"Okay. I will listen to you next time." Wu Hai said immediately, but no one knew if he would keep his own word next time.

"I know Xiao Hai you are kindest to me. I'm done. Let's go to find Boss Yuan now." Having obtained the answer from Wu Hai, Zheng Jiawei stood up at once and then said smilingly.

"Let's go." Speaking of going to find Yuan Zhou, Wu Hai was quite proactive.

Coincidentally, the first room that Wu Hai knocked at was the Room 2701 where Yuan Zhou lived. However, no one answered after they knocked on the door for quite a while. After all, Yuan Zhou had gone out.

"Isn't it this one?" Wu Hai looked at the room number with suspicion and decided to move to the next room.

The next one was Zhong Lili's room. This time, they didn't wait for too long before she opened the door.

"Hello. What can I do for you?" Zhong Lili spoke Japanese straightforwardly.

"Hi, Assistant Zhong. We come to find Boss Yuan." Wu Hai knitted his brows and didn't say anything. Standing beside him, Zheng Jiawei nevertheless recognized Zhong Lili and thus directly brought out their purpose.

Of course, he spoke Chinese in order to guarantee that Wu Hai can understand.

Obviously, Zheng Jiawei had already known that Zhong Lili was living in one of the two rooms and thus he wasn't surprised at all. Instead, he greeted her naturally.

"Who are you people?" Zhong Lili didn't answer them, but first inquired about their identity.

"I'm the apprentice of Boss Yuan." Wu Hai said with a complacent manner.

"I've never heard that Boss Yuan has an apprentice." Zhong Lili said with an alert look.

"There are pretty much that you don't know of. Where has my teacher gone?" Wu Hai said proudly.

Before Wu Hai came, he had already made sufficient preparations for how to enter the meeting place and how to eat the dishes cooked by Yuan Zhou. Naturally, it would be more convenient if he had an official identity.

In Wu Hai's opinion, Yuan Zhou had such superb culinary skills that as his apprentice, he naturally should have the honour and feel prideful.

Wu Hai was actually thinking of the due performance of his own apprentice when he had one in the future.

"Mr. Yuan and Mr. Wu have gone to the izakaya, but I'm not sure about which one. If you wanna find him, I think tomorrow is good." Zhong Lili brought out where Yuan Zhou had gone, but didn't tell them the specific location for the sake of security.

"You have no way to find him today?" Wu Hai frowned.

"No. I'm sorry for not being able to help you." Zhong Lili said apologetically.

"It's not early. Let's look for him tomorrow." Zheng Jiawei said suddenly.

"Alright." Wu Hai waved his hand to say goodbye to Zhong Lili and then went to the opposite room straightforwardly.

"Sorry for bothering you, Assistant Zhong." Zheng Jiawei expressed the gratitude courteously before he chased Wu Hai until their room.

Having returned to the room, Wu Hai dropped onto the bed directly and then sighed.

"This guy has barely arrived in Japan, but now goes out. Forget it. Let me sleep now and leave everything to tomorrow." Wu Hai turned over on the bed.

"Little Hai, we can't go into the exchange meeting place tomorrow. The auditorium seating isn't available. The participants are either the government officials or the chefs or their assistant." Zheng Jiawei looked at Wu Hai and said seriously.

"We can't go inside? I can be his free assistant." Wu Hai immediately straightened himself and said earnestly while stroking his small mustaches.

"During the exchange meeting tomorrow, only Japanese chefs will cook while the Chinese chefs are responsible for the taste test rather than cooking." Zheng Jiawei knew what Wu Hai cared about and thus immediately said.

"Oh, then forget it. Call me when it's completed. I gotta have a good rest." Wu Hai lay back on the bed and said carelessly after he heard that.

If Boss Yuan didn't cook, the exchange meeting meant nothing to him.

"Little Hai, you have a good sleep. When Boss Yuan finishes the work today, I will come to call you." Zheng Jiawei closed the door meticulously.

Though Wu Hai came to Japan, he didn't even cast a glance at Yuan Zhou. And at the other side, Yuan Zhou's trip to the izakaya wasn't going smoothly, either.

Before he set out for Japan, Yuan Zhou had found his brother Sun Ming to inquire about the delicacies concealed in the izakaya in Japan.

There were a total of five izakayas, of which four weren't in Tokyo. The only one left wasn't open today. As a result, Yuan Zhou could do nothing but compromise to eat something else.

Essentially, Yuan Zhou wasn't fond of fun. After the dinner, he returned to the hotel and prepared to attend the exchange meeting on the following day.

It was Yuan Zhou's habit to sleep sound until the next morning without any break.

Yuan Zhou and other chefs had breakfast together. They only ate a little food to allay their hunger. The following exchange meeting was the most important feast.

"The first procedure is to taste the dishes and then bring out the merits and demerits. Since you all know about that, I won't say anything more. If there's any problem or you need something, just come tome." Zhong Lili made clear her specific work again.

"Assistant Zhong, you don't need to say so many times. It's unnecessary to repeat the same word over and over." A middle-aged man, who was dressed in the Chinese tunic suit and had grey hair, frowned and said.

"I'm sorry. I just fear that I don't make myself understood. This way, please." Zhong Lili lowered the head and apologized at once. Then she led the way obediently.

"Never mind. The exchange meeting is very important." Li Minghui tried to mediate the dispute.

"Boss Yuan, the Japanese people are good at cooking fishes. This time, you must say something penetrating to let them know our capabilities." While Li Minghui was trying to mediate the dispute, Liu Ming talked with Yuan Zhou directly to lighten the atmosphere directly.

"Um. No problem." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

However, other chefs at the side wasn't familiar with Yuan Zhou. Those who were on good terms with Liu Tong naturally started to ask him.

Since they started to talk, the atmosphere was naturally lightened. The bad temper of the grey-haired middle-aged man was overwhelmed, too.

"This person is extremely terrific. The taste of the all-fish banquet cooked by him is marvelous. Wow, the taste..." Liu Tong nevertheless started to describe the all-fish banquet cooked by Yuan Zhou with excitement.