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590 The Arrival Of Wu Hai and Exchange Of Biscuits

 "Go to book a flight ticket to Japan for me, right now and immediately." Wu Hai gnashed his teeth while saying that while his voice passed straight into the ears of Zheng Jiawei.

"Okay. How many days do you prepare to stay there and which city are you going?" Zheng Jiwei consented readily first. Then, he asked him again with a caring tone before Wu Hai answered him.

"Does anything happen there?" Zheng Jiawei asked carefully.

After all, Wu Hai didn't sound to be happy now.

"Nothing special. I just need one week." Judged from his voice, Wu Hai was definitely stroking his mustaches and appearing unhappy.

"Little Hai... Is is because Boss Yuan has gone to Japan and will stay there for one week?" Zheng Jiawei reacted very quickly. He figured out the reason why Wu Hai suddenly wanted to go to Japan all at once.

"Um." The twisted and indignant voice of Wu Hai passed to him.

"Alright. Wait a moment, Little Hai. Let me check where Boss Yuan has gone. Judging from the date, however, I guess it's supposed to be the exchange meeting of chefs from China and Japan. I will call you back five minutes later." The working efficiency of Zheng Jiawei had always been so high.

"Um. Hurry up." Wu Hai stroked his belly with one hand and urged him while holding the telephone with the other.

"Don't worry, Little Hai." Zheng Jiawei tried to comfort him.

After he hung off the phone, Zheng Jiawei started to make phone calls straightforwardly without any delay and each call lasted less than one minute. He just asked about something simply and briefly or beat around the bush to say something. Of course, he even spoke Japanese in a phone call during the period.

He made three phone calls in all. It had barely been five minutes when Zheng Jiawei called Wu Hai again.

"Little Hai, Boss Yuan set out for Tokyo today along with another 11 people to attend a three-days' exchange meeting. Plus the time spent on the round trip and social activities, one week is more or less good. They are living in the Century Kaiyue Hotel. I have booked two luxury rooms and they will start to charge us from tonight." Zheng Jiawei knew that Wu Hai was in a hurry, thus he directly said that once the phone was put through.

"Good. Let's set out right now." Wu Hai said immediately with excitement.

"Wait. There's only one direct flight to Japan from here and it has just taken off. We can only get there by the connecting flights now. The earliest one will be at 12:20 and it transfers in Shanghai. Another flight that transfers in Beijing takes off at 10:50, but we need to stay two more hours there. Little Hai, which flight do you wanna take?" Zheng Jiawei said that in one breath and then asked.

"I take the flight that transfer in Shanghai. I'm going to the airport directly. I'm gonna hang off now." Wu Hai calculated the time carefully in the heart and straightforwardly chose the flight that would arrive earlier.

"Okay. Be careful, Little Hai. You just take something you like and I will tidy up other things." Zheng Jiawei instructed him specially.

"Got it. Got it." After he said that, he directly hung off the phone.

"Ta Ta Ta". Wu Hai looked around at the room and took nothing with him except some clothes. Even the clothes were the comfortable home wear. They were dark blue and had wool and besides, felt comfortable and warm. He took the phone and went out straightforwardly with the wallet and ID card in his pocket. After all, the ID card was required to take a flight, of which Wu Hai was aware.

"This time, I will chase him until Japan. I just don't believe that I can't eat his dishes in this way. If he attends the exchange meeting, he must cook something, at least." Wu Hai looked at the glaring A4 paper on the door and thought that complacently.

However, Wu Hai took two steps forward and seemed to think of something suddenly. He went back and took a look at the front door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Then, he changed another path and went to the back valley at the back of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Broth, you are really guarding the door here." Wu Hai was the regular customer of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and he naturally knew that Broth had always been guarding the door. He came here directly this time for Broth.

Lying prone on the ground at the back door, Broth raised the head and then lay prone again when it found it was Wu Hai. It totally didn't take notice of him.

It was known to all that Broth was selective about people even when it played cute in normal times. It always played cute in front of girls or girlfriends of lovers. Anyway, only the girls can get Broth's favour.

"Broth, let's discuss something. I know the biscuits are cooked for you by Boss Yuan. But look, I haven't eaten breakfast yet. I guess you must have eaten it. So can you share some of your biscuits with me?" Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and even thought of eating the food of Broth immodestly.

The biscuits were right at the place where Wu Hai was pointing and they were packaged by Yuan Zhou into small bags. As for how Broth opened them, it was the matter of the dog itself.

It was really a coincident for Wu Hai to know it was cooked by Yuan Zhou. After Yuan Zhou left for somewhere last time, Broth was found to be eating the only remaining biscuits by Wu Hai.

Wu Hai found the fact from the color and fragrance of the biscuits and from how Broth reacted when it ate. Let's just say that Wu Hai was more sensitive to food than anybody else.

Nothing can escape from Wu Hai sharp eyes.

"Woof." Broth clearly felt that Wu Hai was staring at its food and hence barked very ferociously.

"It seems that you don't like others to take your food with nothing. If so, you wait." Wu Hai took a step back and pondered for a while. After he said that, he turned around and left.

Considering that Broth had claws and teeth, Wu Hai found it unrealistic to take it by storm. He admitted that he can't defeat it and hence prepared to take a kid-gloves policy.

He went to a small shop straightforwardly to buy a pile of snacks. There were even quite a few types of ham sausages.

"Hey, let's exchange. All these things for three bags of your biscuits. Only three bags." Wu Hai pointed at the big bag of snacks in his hand and said.

Broth stood up and straightened the hind legs and then directly showed its teeth to Wu Hai, appearing quite ferocious.

"You wanna exchange or not?" Wu Hai took a step back and asked again.

However, Broth's answer was to take a step forward.

"Forget it if you don't wanna exchange. Are you serious?" Wu Hai retreated for three steps and asked, unwilling to give up.

Broth barked at Wu Hai more ferociously, which directly frightened Wu Hai.

"You are really as same as your boss being immune to both soft and hard tactics. If you don't wanna exchange, forget it. There won't be any more opportunities." Wu Hai took the snacks and turned around and then left neatly.

After all, if he still stayed there, Broth would inevitably lose temper and bite him. Wu Hai never thought that he can defeat Broth who was protecting its food. After all, the lesson of the four people, the tall, short, fat and thin guys, was still in sight.

"Damn it. I'm gonna be hungry for another day. What a miserable life! I almost run after a chef every day." Wu Hai walked to the street corner to hail a taxi while sighing.

During the period, he distributed all the snacks to the little children that passed by him.

With the help of Wu Hai, the procedures at the airport were all very smooth. When Wu Hai arrived at the Century Kaiyue Hotel in Tokyo of Japan without a stop, however, Yuan Zhou and Big Wu, namely, Wu Jun, had already gone to the izakaya together.

Nonetheless, Wu Hai didn't know that temporarily. He was taking the room card and going to the guest room of the hotel, preparing to put his luggage inside.

"Which room does Boss Yuan live in? I don't wanna keep away from him." Wu Hai said while walking.

"No. Little Hai, your room is right beside Boss Yuan's." Zheng Jiawei pulled two draw bar coupling boxes and answered him with a leisure tone.

"Okay. After we put our things inside, I will go to knock at his door. I think Boss Yuan will be definitely happy when he sees me." Wu Hai stroked his own small mustaches and said with a snicker.