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589 Yuan Zhou’s Knife Skills

 "What's the matter?" Yuan Zhou opened the door abruptly with an expressionless face that looked neither angry nor happy.

After all, Yuan Zhou had used this expression for so long time therefore, he could use it deftly.

"Nothing special." Yuan Zhou prepared to close the door immediately once Wu Jun said that. Then, the door was blocked by Wu Jun.

"Don't be in such a hurry. I did come for something. Actually I came to treat you to dinner. After all, I told you that I would repay you, so I will definitely do it. Shall we go now? It's a Japanese meal from a Michelin Three Star Restaurant. I have made the reservation half a year ago. Do you feel surprised? A big surprise, right?" Wu Jun said with a complacent look on his face.

It was quite a usual thing in Asia to make a reservation half a year earlier if one wanted to eat in a Michelin Three Star Restaurant. In Europe, it was two months in advance.

"Thank you, but I don't want to eat that." Yuan Zhou refused flatly.

"What's wrong? Why don't you want to eat. It was difficult to book a seat in this restaurant!" Wu Jun couldn't understand that.

Yuan Zhou stood still there and stared at Wu Jun. Actually, he had already planned what to eat before he came abroad.

"Besides, I'm really sorry you had to listen to my constant chattering for hours in the plane today. As a person who has been here many times, I can tell you something." Wu Jun revealed an expression of "I'm so familiar with this place and I can help you."

This issue was rather important. Coincidentally, Yuan Zhou's phone rang again just as he was prepared to answer Wu Jun.

"Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Ling."

"Excuse me." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and apologized. Then, he turned around and intended to answer the phone first.

"Never mind. I can wait for you. I guess it must be Assistant Zhong." Wu Jun waved his hand and said with an uncaring tone.

After a sound of "Ta Ta Ta", Yuan Zhou walked back into the room. The phone was lying on the bed and ringing loudly. A name was flickering on the screen and it was indeed Zhong Lili.

"Hello." Yuan Zhou picked the phone up and answered.

"Hi, Mr. Yuan. Sorry to bother you." Zhong Lili said courteously.

"Never mind." After Yuan Zhou said that, he just waited for Zhong Lili to continue.

"Here's the thing. We don't need to attract too much attention in the exchange of pointers meeting tomorrow. After all, we are just guests. What do you think?" Zhong Lili said clearly with a tone of negotiation.

"Um." Yuan Zhou answered simply and agreed to some extent.

"Okay. Thank you, Mr. Yuan." Immediately, Zhong Lili thanked him.

"No problem. I am hanging up." Yuan Zhou said that and then hung up the phone right away.

However, he didn't turn around at once and speak to Wu Jun, but knitted his brows instead.

"Why?" Yuan Zhou felt confused inwardly.

"A prince charming like myself will be still as handsome as usual even if I'm a guest. How can I not attract too much attention? Forget it. I'd better not say anything, that way I can keep a low-profile." Yuan Zhou touched his own forehead and revealed a manner of "I'm low-profile, but I don't want anyone to know."

Yuan Zhou turned his head and looked towards the door directly. Only then did he discover that Wu Jun had changed his position.

Wu Jun was leaning against the door frame when Yuan Zhou opened the door just now. With Wu Jun's thick-skinned and proactive temperament, Yuan Zhou thought he would definitely enter the room and wait for him.

Therefore, he didn't mutter to himself just now. After all, it was really stupid to speak to oneself when another person was present.

However, the current situation was Wu Jun didn't enter the room and even stayed away from the door. Yuan Zhou slightly measured the distance with his eyes and believed that Wu Jun definitely couldn't hear what he said on the phone.

He didn't speak loudly on the phone after all.

"I've never thought this guy could be so polite. What a surprise!" Yuan Zhou raised his eyebrows and then walked over to him.

Before Yuan Zhou walked to the door, however, Wu Jun said to him.

"Judging from your expression, I figure you want to praise me, right? No need. I am always a gentleman. Of course, don't exaggerate too much when you spread that." Wu Jun said smilingly.

Yuan Zhou kept silent for quite a while before he continued saying.

"Let's forget about the Michelin Three Star Restaurant. But you can take me to have a look at the famous Izakaya culture of Japan. It's said that there are the most genuine delicacies there." Yuan Zhou directly ignored Wu Jun's words and then said.

"It's nothing but a small eatery. Alright, let me take you to three of them today. There are indeed several eateries around Tokyo. Come on, let's go." Wu Jun thought for a while and then raised his head before saying.

"No need. You just tell me the address and I can go by taxi." Yuan Zhou refused.

"It's not easy to find them. Besides, you don't read Japanese. I can take you there and bring you back. It's safer." Wu Jun turned around directly and started to lead the way in the front.

"What about your reservation?" Yuan Zhou didn't follow him, but stood at the door and asked.

Yuan Zhou knew that it was very difficult to reserve the seats of Michelin Three Star Restaurants, not to mention that Wu Jun had waited for half a year since he made the reservation. In other words, it was difficult to get a reservation for this restaurant.

"Reservation? I can make the reservation again next time. That's not a problem. Let me take you there and witness the Japanese Izakaya of men." While saying that, Wu Jun became excited again. He didn't seem so careless and relaxed anymore.

"Are you sure?" Yuan Zhou asked him again.

"Of course. Let's go." Wu Jun nodded his head deservedly.

"Alright. Sorry to bother you." Yuan Zhou thought for a while and then nodded his head.

Yuan Zhou didn't tend to owe others a favor unless necessary. Seeing the seriousness on the face of Wu Jun, however, he suddenly felt this person was really very strange.

"Do you want to eat some beef jerky?" Yuan Zhou suddenly took out several pieces of beef jerky from his pocket.

"Did you put them in the pocket without any packaging? Are they edible that way? Did you make them yourself?" What Wu Jun cared about was never focused on one thing.

"They have packaging. And they are not cooked by me." Yuan Zhou ate one piece first before answering Wu Jun.

"Alright. You are really lucky. Sometimes, such things can't be taken into foreign countries at all. But sometimes, they can." Wu Jun received the beef jerky and started to chew them, too.

"Um." Yuan Zhou inevitably thought of the dog Broth while chewing the beef jerky.

After all, the beef jerky was quite familiar to him. It was the kind that Broth disliked. As he didn't finish it at home and still had some, he brought some along with him.

"Sometimes, not everything is written on the pamphlet that Assistant Zhong gave you. In the exchange of pointers meeting tomorrow, you better watch more and speak less. Judging from your appearance, however, I don't think you will say a lot. When they come to our exchange of pointers meeting, we must show some genuine capabilities. So don't take it to heart too much." While walking, Wu Jun explained to Yuan Zhou.

"What is the problem?" Yuan Zhou asked directly.

"For example, some people might cook something and ask you to taste it. Just give your opinions frankly. Anyway, they are all top-level chefs and there won't be any ordinary people. Some newcomers cook dishes that appear perfect but actually taste average. Basically, you just need to say something casually. Just do it according to the situations. Say what you taste." Wu Jun was talking about the matters that often happened in these meetings.

"Will there be winners and losers?" Yuan Zhou directly asked.

"Not really. Just a competition of soft powers. Behave well, there is no need to conceal anything. Of course, don't touch the knife and cook anything." What Wu Jun said was a little contradictory, but luckily, Yuan Zhou understood it finally.

For the exchange of pointers meeting to be held tomorrow, he just needed to bring his own mouth and ears, the mouth for eating and talking while the ears for listening. As for the hands, just let it be and then use them one month later when the exchange of pointers meeting will be held in China."

While Wu Jun was talking about these things, he appeared quite solemn and prim.