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587 Broth’s Rations Final

 With a soft voice, the stewardess looked at Wu Jun and asked, "Hi, sir. What can I do for you?

"This sir hasn't eaten his fill. Please get two more servings for him." Wu Jun pointed at Yuan Zhou without blinking and said with an earnest look.

"Okay, sir. Do you also want me to place the two servings into one?" Apparently the stewardess remembered Wu Jun's requirements just now, thus she asked gently in a low voice.

"Of course. But don't ask him anymore. This friend of mine has a big appetite, but he's just shy." Wu Jun waved his hand and revealed a considerate look.

"Wait..." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows, but he was directly interrupted once he started to say something.

"Alright, beauty. You go and get it ready. Needless to say, the in-flight meal is really not bad, but the portions are just a little small. Right, Mr. Long Face? Were you going to say that? Never mind. Let me do it for you." While saying, Wu Jun winked at Yuan Zhou and indicated that he needed his help to shield him.

"As long as you are happy." Yuan Zhou suddenly became speechless. He shrugged and said helplessly.

"Of course I'm happy. Hey-hey." Seeing Yuan Zhou say nothing more, Wu Jun appeared rather complacent.

"Alright, sir. I will report your suggestion to my superior. Thank you for your proposal." The stewardess mistakenly believed that Yuan Zhou really thought so. Therefore, she thanked Yuan Zhou and then left to prepare the food for them.

"It's so kind of you. Thank you for agreeing to help me to order the food. Thank you. I will definitely treat you to some wine after we get off." As soon as the stewardess left, Wu Jun looked at Yuan Zhou smilingly immediately, with a tone full of gratitude.

"I don't remember agreeing to help you." Yuan Zhou said indifferently. He didn't seem to be angry, but just appeared slightly helpless.

"It doesn't matter. I know you have agreed with me in your heart. That expression of yours is too familiar to me. You are definitely thinking that you didn't agree with me at all, aren't you? But look, I even know what you are thinking. So if I say you have agreed with me, you definitely did." Wu Jun looked at Yuan Zhou and said with a manner of "I know you so well."

"You really have rich experiences. How many people have ignored you?" This was the first time Yuan Zhou encountered such a thick-skinned guy. Unexpectedly, he wasn't really nasty.

"Thank you for your compliments. It's mainly because I have experienced many things. Therefore, I am quite used to that." Wu Jun admitted straightforwardly and frankly.

Of course, there was no embarrassment on his face at all. Instead, he revealed a manner of "I'm so clever."

"When the food is delivered shortly, you can eat mine." Yuan Zhou thought carefully for a while and then said that. When the food is delivered to them shortly, Wu Jun could eat it and then he would inevitably close the mouth. If so, it would be a worthy scapegoat.

"Of course. It was essentially ordered by me and I definitely eat it. Never mind. You don't need to feel embarrassed. After we get off the plane, I will treat you to the authentic Wagyu beef. The beef sold in our country mainly comes from Australia, but the Wagyu beef from Japan is much fresher. I will cover you then." Wu Jun first took exclusive possession of the in-flight meal in a deserving manner and then revealed an expression of "I'm much more experienced, let me guide you."

In response to him, Yuan Zhou just leaned back against his seat back and closed his eyes, starting to take a rest.

"Are you feeling sleepy so quickly? It hasn't been 3 hours since we boarded the plane and there were still two hours left. You'll feel uncomfortable if you sleep for so long. Why don't we chat?" Wu Jun looked at Yuan Zhou, who closed the eyes, and continued saying.

Not until the stewardess delivered the food to them did he stop. Meanwhile, Yuan Zhou let out a concealed sigh of relief.

Even if he needn't answer him, it was still an unpleasant thing for Yuan Zhou to listen to an unknown person chattering beside his ears.

After Wu Jun became silent, Yuan Zhou closed the eyes and suddenly thought of Broth.

That arrogant dog which was picky about food and totally didn't know how to play cute.

Going back one day ago.

Though all the ingredients were provided and arranged by the system, Yuan Zhou would also arrange them habitually from time to time in order to be familiar with them and understand them better.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou rearranged the kitchen thoroughly once again before he came out this time. Since there were quite a few ingredients now, it wasn't an easy job to complete this work within one day. Due to that reason, Yuan Zhou didn't prepare enough food for Broth in time.

"Here. This is your food for one week." Yuan Zhou took out a bag of beef jerky and directly handed it to Broth who stayed in its doghouse at the back door of his restaurant.

"Hu Hu." Broth stood up unhurriedly and went up to him, smelling the bag in his hand. Then, there was no then.

"Hey, Broth. What are you lying there for? Keep your own rations well." Yuan Zhou moved the bag of the beef jerky forward towards him.

Every time Yuan Zhou went on a long journey, he would leave enough rations for Broth and instructed it to wait until he came back.

The only difference was that Yuan Zhou would personally make the dog biscuits for it during normal times. Of course, the wheat flour was also bought by Yuan Zhou himself.

After all, the ingredients of the system weren't allowed to be taken out. However, the remaining noodle broth during normal times didn't count as it wasn't considered to be food or an ingredient. Naturally, it wasn't in the scope of regulations of the system.

It was well known that Yuan Zhou had been constantly trying to taking advantage of loopholes.

"Hey, your rations. Don't you want it?" It was quite late at that moment and even the pub was closed. As a result, Yuan Zhou had to give Broth the beef jerky directly. Usually, it could only eat dog biscuits. But this time, Yuan Zhou had specially prepared some beef to compensate it for not being able to prepare the biscuits personally.

However, the dog Broth that lay there didn't even take a look at Yuan Zhou. It looked everywhere else except at the beef jerky in Yuan Zhou's hand.

"You only eat biscuits normally. Yet, when I give you the rare chance to have beef, you don't even want it? You usually shake your head and wag your tail happily when you eat other girls' ham sausage during normal times. What's wrong with you this time?" Yuan Zhou moved the beef jerky closer to Broth once again.

Broth suddenly stood up and took two steps backwards. He just stared at the beef jerky in the front with its two black eyes and in a manner of contempt.

He appeared as if to say, "What the hell are you feeding me with? You want to cheat me with the beef jerky you bought outside casually?" The expression of Broth was quite vivid.

"Are you still an animal? Was that the expression of contempt just now?" Yuan Zhou could guarantee that he had truly seen obvious contempt from the face of his dog.

"Are you serious?" Yuan Zhou took the beef jerky and shook it in the face of Broth again.

However, Broth still remained the same. He didn't even look at the beef jerky and just appeared to be waiting for the biscuits.

"Awwoo. You won't eat it, right? Okay, fine. You don't want it. I understand." Yuan Zhou stood up straight and took out a piece of beef jerky from the bag before starting to chew it directly. He stuffed the beef jerky into his mouth one after another and while he was eating, he spoke to Broth.

The expression on his face indicated that he wanted Broth to regret its decision.

"If you don't eat it, I will eat it. Anyway, the beef jerky tastes good. Are you sure you don't want to eat it?" Yuan Zhou ate three pieces continuously and asked it again.

The reaction that came from Broth was... no reaction. He lay down in the warm doghouse and didn't even look at Yuan Zhou at all.

"You little brat, you are really picky about food. Don't you often eat the ham sausages fed by others?" Yuan Zhou looked at Broth speechlessly.

One man and one dog started to argue with each other in the back alley. Of course, Yuan Zhou only complained about Broth while Broth just listened to him indifferently. Occasionally, it would also bark a little bit to give itself a sense of existence.

From its expression, it really deserved the phrase that Yuan Zhou often said to it. A humanlike dog.