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586 Broth’s Rations

 "What do you mean by saying 'A Young Wu In The Presence Of An Elder Wu'? Do you know somebody called Little Wu? You seem to know so many people. Come on. Why don't we talk about our own experiences?" On hearing Yuan Zhou's answer, Wu Jun became more spirited and thus asked with an interested look.

Meanwhile, he groped for something in his bag ceaselessly.

Wu Jun reacted quite quickly. He recognized from Yuan Zhou's words that Yuan Zhou knew another person whose surname was also Wu.

"No, I don't know." Yuan Zhou denied flatly. He can't allow this person to find another topic to bother him with.

"Oh. What a pity! I originally wanted to catch up with him. Since you don't know him, let's just drink some wine and talk about our life experiences. That will be fairly good, won't it? Hey, my treat. You don't need to say thanks. After all, I 'm a good person." Wu Jun took two cans of beer from his own bag.

Judged from their packaging, they were apparently bought from the departure lounge. The key point was that Yuan Zhou was quite curious how he managed to buy it since no one walked away from the crowd.

"I don't drink wine as it will affect my taste buds." It was rare for Yuan Zhou to give a reason with his reply. It was merely because he didn't want to hear this person asking him for a reason anymore.

So now, Yuan Zhou spoke with unpreceded seriousness.

"Drinking a little beer won't affect the tastebuds. If every chef quits drinking like you, aren't we all going to be Buddhist monks? How miserable it will be! The reason why I want to be a chef is that I can cook something delicious for myself. What fun is it if everybody is so self-disciplined like you? I'd rather quit cooking and go be a Buddhist monk." Wu Jun opened a can of the beer and drank a big mouthful of it before he said that.

"Um." Yuan Zhou answered simply lightly.

At that moment, Yuan Zhou started to look around the passenger compartment in order to find a vacant seat. Coincidentally, however, there were no vacant seats on this direct flight.

"Let me tell you. You can follow me everywhere after we get to Japan. After all, I can speak English. Of course, I don't speak Japanese. For example, if you become convinced and want to drink beer after we get there, just come to me. I can get you some. Beer is 'long', isn't it? It's so simple. If you want to get big bottles of beer, you can just make a gesture. Then, those people will understand. It's very simple." While drinking, Wu Jun said enthusiastically.

However, Yuan Zhou looked at Wu Jun with a frown and felt something was wrong. Anyhow, he had studied in college for several years. The word 'long' wasn't supposed to refer to beer.

Besides, didn't this word refer to length? A long-bottled beer?

"The word 'long' is supposed to refer to the length." Yuan Zhou kept a straight face and appeared quite solemn.

"Is that so? Oh, forget it. Don't care about these small details. The hotel has room services. I will let Assistant Zhong arrange your room beside mine so I can help you." Wu Jun waved his hand and said indifferently.

Yuan Zhou didn't say anything, but just sat there in silence. Of the two people, one talked while the other listened and both appeared harmonious.

Seated behind them, however, Zhong Lili covered the mouth and tried hard not to laugh out. Liu Tong and Li Minghui, who sat across the gangway, also couldn't help laughing.

After all, in their eyes, Yuan Zhou was a craftsman devoted to the culinary skills with all his heart. He was indifferent to anything else, but now he was pestered by Wu Jun.

"I think we are fated to meet each other. No wonder we sat together. This, I guess, is a predestined relationship. Hey, let's swap contacts with each other. You know, very few people can listen to me for so long like you. Others either tell me to shut up or hide in the bathroom. That's too uninteresting. Young man, I really appreciate you. Give me your telephone number and I will give mine to you." After Wu Jun drank up two cans of beer, he took out his phone and said happily.

However, Yuan Zhou became petrified for a while.

"Damn it. I forgot that I can also hide in the bathroom to stay away from him. Can I go now?" Yuan Zhou stayed motionless in his seat and thought in his heart.

"This expression of yours is quite familiar. Are you going to the bathroom? I'm sorry, I won't let you do this." Wu Jun said smilingly and blocked the way out.

"Ahem. No, our meal has arrived." Yuan Zhou covered his mouth and coughed gently. The indifference on his face perfectly concealed his intention of beating Wu Jun to death.

"Huh? It turns to be the lunchtime. Perfect. The food served on this flight actually taste nice. Wait for a moment and you try." Wu Jun turned the head and found that airline stewardesses were really moving towards them and distributing the food to the passengers at the same time.

The foods were all Japanese styled. They were packed in a big tray full of big and small bowls with various dishes inside.

"May I know if you need a meal?" One of the stewardesses said softly.

"Sure. I want two servings. I got up too late to eat breakfast." Wu Jun said primly.

On hearing that, Yuan Zhou nevertheless felt rather speechless. Before boarding the plane, this guy had eaten half a baguette along with yogurt.

This guy was really matchless on the aspect of telling lies.

"Okay. I will deliver another serving to you later." The stewardess said while laying out the food.

"No need. Just put two servings into one. I will feel sad to see you run back and forth laboriously." Wu Jun was originally a middle-aged man and thus had some attraction toward young ladies. As soon as he said that, the smile on the face of the stewardess became brighter.

Yuan Zhou ridiculed in the heart, "This guy likes picking up girls more than Ling Hong and is the strengthened version of Wu Hai. How terrifying."

"Okay. I will put them together into one." The stewardess answered gently.

"Do you need some food?" She began to ask Yuan Zhou.

"Um." Yuan Zhou straightened his back even when he was seated in the plane, which made him appear quite imposing and much younger. Therefore, the stewardess treated him very gently, too.

When the stewardess finished laying out the food for them and left, Wu Jun said again.

He spoke even when his mouth was still stuffed, yet his every word was clear and said in a rich tone. It was considered to be a talent.

"It's so good to be young. Unlike an old guy like me, young people don't need to flirt with girls before they get noticed. By the way, do you have a girlfriend? If you do, better behave yourself. Man will end up with nothing if he has a chases two rabbits. I don't agree on that." While eating, Wu Jun talked to Yuan Zhou. However, that didn't affect the speed of him eating the food.

"Um." Yuan Zhou answered randomly and said nothing more.

It would even worse terrible if Wu Jun suddenly remembered the matter of exchanging contacts.

"The food tastes good, doesn't it? Japanese people prefer salty food. Fortunately, this isn't genuine Japanese food and has been modified to fit the taste preference of most Chinese people. Meanwhile, it still has some exotic flavor. Isn't it nice?" While eating, Wu Jun analyzed generously.

Of course, he would be liked by more people if he wasn't so talkative and shameless.

In just a while, the two people finished their meal. Of course, Wu Jun ate more quickly than Yuan Zhou did. After all, he behaved as if he had practiced a lot on speed eating.

Then, Yuan Zhou sat up straight and got some rest. Nonetheless, Wu Jun pushed the ringing bell without a break.

"Ta Ta Ta". The stewardess walked to them with light footsteps.

"Hello. May I help you?" The stewardess smiled and asked.

The instant Wu Jun opened the mouth, Yuan Zhou suddenly had an ominous premonition, which came deep from his instincts.