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585 A Young Wu In The Presence Of An Elder Wu

 It took about 30 minutes to get to the airport from Yuan Zhou's restaurant. As Zhong Lili didn't drive quickly, she had time to carefully describe their schedule in Japan on the way to the airport.

Of course, she also mentioned the things that she was responsible for.

Simply speaking, they just needed to communicate with the Japanese chefs in the kitchen of the hotel within those three days. The remaining time was for free activities.

Of course, the accommodations and meals were all provided by the host. But if they wanted to play, they had to pay by themselves.

"Mr. Yuan, the hotel we are going to live in is called Century Kaiyue Hotel. It's seated in the boisterous and flourishing Xinxiu District." Zhong Lili continued introducing the hotel after she finished the introduction of their schedule.

"We have booked the luxury suite for you. The surroundings are fairly nice. You can watch the Central Park and night scenes of Tokyo from the suite. There is a private balcony and a special working region in the rooms. If you have any opinions, you can tell me in advance." Zhong Lili introduced the facilities in the room simply and dutifully.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"Mr. Yuan, we are arriving at the airport." Zhong Lili parked the car and then said.

"Alright." Yuan Zhou nodded the head and then got off the car from the seat.

"Ta Ta Ta." Yuan Zhou walked straight to the trunk and then stood aside, waiting for Zhong Lili to come and open the trunk.

After all, Yuan Zhou believed that the remote control of the trunk was installed on Zhong Lili's foot and thus, he naturally wouldn't open the trunk by himself.

"How many hours will the journey take?" As the two of them took an elevator upstairs and headed to the airport terminal T1, Yuan Zhou asked her.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Yuan. It was careless of me not to tell you about that just now. We are taking the direct flight and it will take us 5 hours and 20 minutes to get there. As there are only ten seats in the first-class cabin of this plane, I have bought the business-class tickets for you." Zhong Lili was a little embarrassed, thus, she immediately said quickly.

It was indeed Zhong Lili's carelessness. After all, she had said everything but forgot to tell him about how long the flight will take and the matters of boarding the plane.

"The plane will take off at 9:05 in the morning and arrive at 3:25 in the afternoon. This is the scheduled time under the condition that the flight isn't delayed."

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Yuan." Zhong Lili said with a slightly embarrassed manner.

"It's alright." After Yuan Zhou said that, he continued staying silent.

Zhong Lili tilted her head slightly and took a peek at Yuan Zhou. Then, she became relieved when she found Yuan Zhou didn't reveal any angry manner.

"Though this guy looks indifferent, he really has a good temper." Zhong Lili had a rare favorable comment about Yuan Zhou.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou was thinking of something else with a solemn look at that moment.

In his opinion, the reason why those chefs were willing to come to Chengdu to take the direct flight was because Chairman Zhou, namely Zhou Shijie, was here.

Yuan Zhou was just unwilling to socialize with others, but actually, he knew everything. He was quite clear that people had to do something to show respect to their superior if they came to his territory.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou was just thinking of the scene where those chefs visited Zhou Shijie. After all, he was bored.

"Hi, everybody. I'm Zhong Lili. I'll be responsible for the journey this time. You can contact me directly if anything happens." Just when Yuan Zhou was lost in thought, Zhong Lili had led him to the airport terminal T1 and met other chefs.

As Zhong Lili was working for Zhou Shijie, other chefs naturally gave her enough respect to respond to her greetings.

As for Yuan Zhou, he just stood there in silence and didn't intend to say anything. Nonetheless, Li Minghui greeted Yuan Zhou proactively.

"Don't be so courteous, Assistant Zhong. We are not going there for the first time. We know the rules." Li Ming said to her first as he was quite familiar with her.

"Yeah. No need to be so courteous, Sister Zhong." Liu Tong stood beside Li Minghui and said smilingly.

"Don't worry, Assistant Zhong. Let's go." A middle-aged man, who was dressed, casually chimed in too.

"You are too courteous, Assistant Zhong."

"Indeed. We should give thanks to you now as we'll inevitably bother you a lot when we get there."

"That's right. Sorry for bothering you."

"Sister Zhong is still so beautiful. Did you bring something tasty cooked by the chairman? Speaking of this exchange meeting, are we going to be challenged this time? I felt rather regretful last time as no one did so. Will they challenge us this time? If we don't accept their challenge, will that affect us on some aspects..." While other chefs all made small talk briefly, only this person kept going on and on.

The key point was that this person even walked in front of Zhong Lili and Yuan Zhou while saying that.

This person was dressed in a shirt and a grey cardigan outside. The pants were dark red and the coat was beige. Though the way he dressed was a little weird, he appeared uninhibited on the whole.

"Thank you, Mr. Wu. The chairman has not cooked anything recently." Zhong Lili took a deep breath and then answered after the person stopped.

"Let's hurry up and check in. It's not early now." After that, Zhong Lili said immediately before the person could reply.

With Zhong Lili's assistance, they checked in quickly. When Zhong Lili released the boarding pass, she hesitated for a while and arranged Mr. Wu's seat beside Yuan Zhou.

After all, in Zhong Lili's opinion, a talkative man should get along well with a person who spoke little.

Yuan Zhou felt that he had fairly good luck. Not long after he entered the departure lounge, they started to board the plane. It seemed that the plane could take off on time.

"Ah, a window seat. Nice." After he boarded the plane, Yuan Zhou saw his own seat and felt rather content.

Yuan Zhou had barely got seated when the person beside him sat on the chair. It was Mr. Wu, who had kept talking just now.

"Hoo... What a long journey! 5 hours! How shall I endure it?" Once he got seated, Mr. Wu complained.

Yuan Zhou didn't say anything at all, but just looked out from the window.

Yuan Zhou didn't know how to communicate with a stranger at all, hence naturally kept silent. However, Mr. Wu wasn't that kind of person. He was good at communicating with strangers.

"Are you displeased since you have a long face? You can see lots of pretty girls in Japan. Oh, no. Maybe they are too busy making money and you might not see many on the streets." Mr. Wu said to Yuan Zhou.

"Um." Of course, Yuan Zhou didn't want to talk to him. However, Mr. Wu not only spoke to him but also tugged Yuan Zhou's sleeve.

"I'm Wu Jun and I'm a chef. What's your name? It is okay if you don't tell me. Anyway, I feel it's really not bad to call you 'long face'. I have never seen such a young man like you among the people going to Japan. How many years have you been cooking? And what cuisines are you good at? Are you good at picking up girls? Do you want to get a drink after we get off?" As soon as Wu Jun finished introducing himself, other questions followed.

Yuan Zhou found that he hadn't answered the last question when the second, third and more questions followed.

In the end, Yuan Zhou just closed his mouth and watched this person chatter. Then, he realized he was wrong. This person didn't even need others to answer him before continuing.

"Speaking of which, the in-flight meals are really not bad. Besides that, the food provided are all Japanese food. Do you want to have a try later?" By the way, did you bring some wine? I don't like drinking Japanese sake. If you didn't bring any wine, I will treat you to the Japanese sake. The taste is not bad. Sigh! The airline stewardesses not only have long legs, but also have pretty faces. Which one do you feel is prettier? By the way, are you going to Japan for the first time? If you need any help, just tell me. I won't refuse you." Wu Hai said ceaselessly.

"I want to ask for your help now." Yuan Zhou's face was almost paralyzed due to maintaining his poker face for a long time. On hearing the last word, he finally got an opportunity to break in and thus immediately said.

"Tsk Tsk. Look at your expression. I'm so familiar with it. I know you want me to shut up. No way. Let me tell you I won't help you in this regard." Wu Jun looked at Yuan Zhou's face carefully and said affirmatively.

Yuan Zhou immediately choked. He couldn't help thinking of Wu Hai who sometimes made people speechless.

"After I meet you, I finally understand the meaning of 'A young Wu in the presence of an Elder Wu'." Yuan Zhou leaned against the back of the chair and said helplessly. Wu Hai did not seem talkative at all at this moment.