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583 Obtaining Honor For The Country

 "Um? What?" Zhou Shijie got a little confused and didn't understand what Yuan Zhou meant.

"I mean what time?" Yuan Zhou repeated his words and asked again.

"What do you mean by saying what time?" Zhou Shijie asked back subconsciously.

Yuan Zhou didn't say anything this time. He just looked at Zhou Shijie silently and waited for him to react.

"You mean the flight to Japan?" Suddenly, Zhou Shijie reacted and asked in surprise.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded the head naturally.

Having gotten Yuan Zhou's positive answer, Zhou Shijie just looked at Yuan Zhou with a speechless manner.

"Who said just now that he was not so stupid as to get hot-headed and go obtain honor for the country after listening to a few of my sentences? You really don't do things in a normal way." Zhou Shijie couldn't help ridiculing in his heart.

No wonder Zhou Shijie grumbled. After all, Yuan Zhou had just refused him solemnly before he turned to ask about the take-off time of the flight. He indeed didn't do things in a normal way.

Consequently, the numerous exhortations prepared by Zhou Shijie became ineffective.

"Zhong Lili will be responsible for handling all of your trifles this time. You need to prepare nothing but ID, money, and some clothes as well as yourself." Zhou Shijie swallowed the ridiculing words at the tip of the tongue and then instructed.

"It will last for seven days, namely, a week." Zhou Shijie thought for a while and told him the duration of the stay.

"Okay. Will you also go there?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

"An old man like me won't go there this time. I have to concentrate on the exchange meeting on this side." Zhou Shijie emphasized the two words of "old man" heavily.

"Um." Yuan Zhou had no reaction regarding Zhou Shijie's emphasis and contrarily nodded his head approvingly.

"It is lucky that a brat like you doesn't speak more often, otherwise you'll probably be beaten to death by others." Zhou Shijie revealed a helpless look, but still couldn't help ridiculing.

"Speaking little can make me concentrate better." Yuan Zhou bullsh*tted primly and meanwhile, he tried to persuade himself by saying "I'm an aloof prince charming. I'm an aloof prince charming." in his heart.

After all, Yuan Zhou spoke little before this just because he didn't know how to communicate with others. But now, he just found it hard to swallow his pride of being an aloof prince charming. What if the girls didn't like him anymore?

Of course, Yuan Zhou's voice in his heart was quite active.

"Alright. You are always right." Zhou Shijie felt all his patience was used while dealing with Yuan Zhou.

"Um. Goodbye." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then saw him to the door.

"Okay. Take a rest. I'm leaving first." Zhou Shijie also stood up and prepared to leave.

"Be careful." Yuan Zhou walked out of the kitchen and accompanied Zhou Shijie to the door.

"Don't bother to see me out. But I do hope that you can enlarge your restaurant quickly. Isn't the neighboring store also yours?" Zhou Shijie said abruptly while walking to the door. There, he easily caught sight of Boss Tong's dry-cleaning shop that was closed.

"I don't have that plan yet." Yuan Zhou looked towards the store following Zhou Shijie's sight and then said.

"Make it larger so that this old man can wait in line for less time when I come for meals." Zhou Shijie was quite considerate about himself.

"You can make a reservation." Yuan Zhou pointed at the silver queuing machine and said.

"I know. You can go back." Zhou Shijie waved his hand and then walked out of the side street with steady footsteps.

However, Yuan Zhou only turned around and went back into his restaurant after he saw Zhou Shijie being picked up by somebody at the side street.

"It seems that I have to figure out a reason to ask for leave." While walking, Yuan Zhou was thinking about this serious problem earnestly.

Yuan Zhou stroked his forehead and thought carefully and seriously.

Just when Yuan Zhou was racking his brains for a reason to ask for leave, somebody was also discussing about him at the other side.

" Senior brother, do you think that man will go with us?" Liu Tong got seated in Li Minghui's office leisurely and asked curiously.

"Others will surely go. As for him, I'm not sure." Thinking of Yuan Zhou's attentive manner, Li Minghui said with uncertainty.

"Why? Our teacher has gone to invite him personally. Will he still not agree?" Liu Tong rolled his eyes angrily.

"If it were Master Chu, do you think he'll go?" Li Minghui said while handling the work at hand.

"Master Chu definitely won't go. He's too prideful. I'm just not sure about Boss Yuan." Liu Tong thought for a while and said to the purpose.

"Fifty-fifty." Li Minghui answered him with an ambiguous tone.

"I hope he can go this time, but stay at home next time when we hold the exchange meeting one month later." Liu Tong shrugged and said.

"Um." It was rare for Li Minghui to agree with Liu Tong's word.

With his thoughts being agreed on, Liu Tong became more excited and said extremely quickly.

"So, you also agree to my opinions, right? If he comes, he will inevitably draw all people's attention to himself. And others will think I have lived so long in vain." Liu Tong felt a headache thinking of Yuan Zhou's culinary skills.

It was naturally a very good opportunity to make a name for himself and show others his culinary skills. Such a prideful and complacent person as Liu Tong naturally hoped that others can witness his culinary skills. And he liked to make a name for himself abroad very much, too.

"No. We can manage this exchange meeting by ourselves. He should fix his attention on the meeting one year later. That one is more important." Li Minghui shook the head. Actually, he wasn't worried about the matter of making a name for himself.

"You are becoming more and more like our teacher." Liu Tong let out a sigh and said helplessly.

"What?" Li Minghui was a little puzzled.

"You are as selfless as him." Liu Tong supported his head with the hand and looked at Li Minghui.

"Our teacher is indeed a culinary craftsman. He has a unique spirit of a craftsman." When Li Minghui spoke of Zhou Shijie, his respect to him was clearly seen by everyone.

"What a joke! My teacher is naturally the best." Liu Tong nodded his head and revealed a look of agreement.

While the two of them were talking about Yuan Zhou, Yuan Zhou was nevertheless thinking about the request for leave in his restaurant, not worrying about the exchange meeting.

After all, he was a man that mastered a set of complete banquet dishes. With his abilities, he wasn't afraid of that.

"Got it." Yuan Zhou suddenly patted his head as he had figured out a good idea of asking for leave.

"It seems that this low-profile person has to be high-profile for once." There revealed an implication of "I'm very low-profile, but I usually don't say it out loud." from his tone.

After a "Dong Dong Dong" sound, he went upstairs quickly. Then he drew out an A4 paper and a black marker pen from the bookcase, preparing to write his request for leave.

"It will cost one week to go there. Of course, I can't just ask for leave perfunctorily. Besides, I'm not such a stupid person as to keep saying "obtaining honor for the country" all the time." Yuan Zhou muttered while writing the request.

"It's fine for me to tell the truth. After all, I'm so introverted." Yuan Zhou's pen point emitted a "Shua Shua Shua" sound upon coming into contact with the paper.

On the A4 paper, Yuan Zhou wrote clearly that,

Request For Leave

[The boss has gone to Japan to attend an exchange meeting of culinary skills and obtain honor for our country. Therefore, I hereby request leave for a week. I hope for your understanding.]

The signature was naturally Yuan Zhou, too.

After he wrote it, Yuan Zhou stood up and looked at the request for leave carefully.

"Well, it's really nice. My handwriting is still so good." Yuan Zhou said contentedly.

As for what consequences this request for leave would bring, that wasn't in his scope of consideration.

"When the time arrives, I will let Zhou Jia post it. I just don't know if the take-off time is in the morning. If it is, I can leave very unhurriedly." Yuan Zhou looked at the request for leave and revealed a thoughtful expression.

Yuan Zhou stood at the table and thought for a while. Suddenly, he revealed a helpless smile on his face and touched his own face before saying.

"It seems rather annoying to have such good culinary skills and become so popular."

This guy had totally forgotten that he didn't even have a girlfriend. How did he get so popular? However, his culinary skills were indeed perfect.