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581 The 1/3 Eating Method

 "Go, go, go. I don't want to go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant today. Let's go to the roast duck restaurant over there. The Roast Duck Rice there is said to be very good." As soon lunchtime arrived at noon, Ma Zhida pulled Huang Ye out.

"What's wrong?" Huang Ye asked with slight puzzlement.

"Never mind. I just have an internal injury as I eat too frequently in Yuan Zhou's restaurant recently." Ma Zhida revealed a look of heartache and covered the region of the heart with his hand.

"Are the dishes not good? But I think they are very delicious. They don't give me stomachaches nor make me feel uncomfortable. Besides, didn't you often eat there before?" Huang Ye became more puzzled.

"An internal injury means internal bleeding and the internal bleeding means the wallet is bleeding. You understand now, right?" Ma Zhida touched his own wallet and said sadly.

"Yeah, I can't agree more." Huang Ye realized what he was talking about finally. His wallet was supposed to be bleeding, too.

"So let's go to eat Roast Duck Rice today." Ma Zhida emphasized again.

"Ok. Since we didn't manage to eat the Roast Goose, the Roast Duck is also a nice choice." Huang Ye said honestly and frankly.

"Hey, don't say that out loud." Ma Zhida gave a look at Huang Ye angrily.

"Alright, got it." Huang Ye nodded the head.

The two people just walked out of the company and then arrived at the gourmet street they often visited during normal times.

The street was quite boisterous. After all, there were so many CBD buildings around here and the white-collar workers inside all came here for meals. Therefore, the restaurants were all hectic once mealtimes arrived.

"Here it is. Let's go inside. The business of this restaurant couldn't be better." Ma Zhida and Huang Ye walked to a restaurant called Roast Duck with quick strides.

"Is it because of Boss Yuan's Roast Goose?" Huang Ye was still immersed in Yuan Zhou's Roast Goose.

"I guess so. Anyway, this restaurant's business is very good." Ma Zhida shrugged.

When they arrived, the restaurant had been full of customers just as expected, but the shrewd boss also laid several foldable chairs and tables outside the door.

At that moment, somebody happened to stand up and prepared to leave. With a speed of fighting for food in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Ma Zhida took the seats swiftly along with Huang Ye.

Of course, the position where Ma Zhida got seated was the clean side. The remaining two positions had just been occupied by the previous customers and hadn't been cleared yet.

"Boss, two bowls of plain white rice and half a Roast Duck." Ma Zhida ordered the dishes quickly and loudly.

"Okay. One minute, please." The boss took a paper sheet in his hand and had the wallet tied around his waist. On hearing that, he answered readily and wrote the order down before he sent it to the kitchen.

It was very busy at noon, so strangers would come to share the table as a square table usually could hold four people.

After he reported the order to the kitchen, the boss immediately came over to clear the table.

"What do you two want to eat?" There arrived new customers. While clearing the table, the boss asked them.

"A bowl of plain white rice and one-third of a Roast Duck." One of the two customers, who had a flaunty haircut, said at once.

"Me, too. A bowl of plain white rice and one-third of a Roast Duck." A man dressed in a black cotton-padded jacket said at the side right after his friend.

"What? One-third of a Roast Duck?" The boss thought he had misheard something. What the hell was one-third of a Roast Duck?

"Yes. One-third of the duck. Half a duck is a little more than necessary and an intact one is too much." The man with a flaunty haircut said affirmatively.

"I'm sorry. We don't sell one-third of a duck. You can choose either half or an intact one. How much do you want?" The boss explained enthusiastically with his tone unchanged.

"How can you not sell one-third of a duck? What if girls can only eat one fifth of a duck?" The man with a flaunty haircut knitted his brows and said.

"Well, I'm sorry, but we only have these two kinds of portions for sale. Or else, one fourth of a duck is also acceptable, but the price of the duck leg and duck wing is different." The boss felt he could almost start sweating in this cold winter, thus he explained again hurriedly.

"I only want one-third of a duck. I don't see any difficulty in doing this way. You can just slice it and split it." The man with a flaunty haircut said with ease.

"Exactly. Boss, you really haven't advanced with the times. Nowadays, this eating method is very popular, one-third or one fifth, etc." The man dressed in the black cotton-padded jacket also chimed in at the said.

"Is there this kind of eating method now?" The boss was a little confused.

"Of course. It's a very popular eating method now." The man with the flaunty haircut nodded the head affirmatively.

"But I truly have never sold the duck this way since my restaurant was opened. What about you make an exception today?" The boss believed that harmony can bring wealth, therefore, he suggested kindly.

"Alright. Half a piece of a duck for each of us." The man with the flaunty haircut thought for a while and then agreed.

"Good. One moment, please." The boss first got relieved. Then, he wrote the order and went to report to the kitchen.

"This restaurant has fallen behind the times. He surprisingly doesn't know how to cut one-third of a duck." The man dressed in the black cotton-padded jacket said discontentedly.

"Never mind. Let's go to another roast duck restaurant to eat next time." The man with the flaunty haircut nodded the head and then said.

The eating method of one fifth or one-third of a duck always made Ma Zhida who sat beside them feel inexplicably familiar to the ears about their conversation.

"Hi, there. Where did you hear about this eating method for duck?" Ma Zhida asked curiously.

"From the internet. It's said on the internet that it is out of date to eat an intact one or half a duck." As they were all young people and besides sitting at one table, the man with a flaunty haircut answered him with an obvious expression.

"From the internet?" Ma Zhida suddenly felt he was approaching the truth.

"Yeah. People from those forums all say so and they are even talking about how many portions one should divide for the best way to eat a duck." The man dressed in the black cotton-padded jacket added.

"Did this first originate from the gourmet forum and the forum of Yuan Zhou's restaurant?" Ma Zhida asked tentatively.

"Yeah. So, we feel that it's quite right." The man with a flaunty haircut nodded the head.

"Thank you." Ma Zhida thanked him with a normal look, but in the heart, he began to ridicule madly.

"What the hell! Didn't Tang Xi say the Roast Goose must be shared with others and no one can order an intact one alone? What's going on now?" Ma Zhida looked quite speechless.

"Is it because of that post on the forum?" Huang Ye also reacted at the side. Then, he asked.

"I think so." Ma Zhida nodded the head.

"But the content does not seem to be correct." Huang Ye said with uncertainty.

"No, it's not. God knows how it becomes so." Ma Zhida shook the head and revealed a puzzled expression.

"It seems the rumors are indeed frightening. An eating method of a Roast Goose surprisingly evolved into a trend of how to divide it." Huang Ye said thoughtfully.

"You are right." Ma Zhida nodded the head and fully agreed to him.

Both of them knew the original content on the forum, but the content they knew of was totally different from what the other two young men did.

"Anyhow, we reach the same goal by different means." Huang Ye said optimistically.

"Yeah." Ma Zhida nodded the head.

While Ma Zhida and Huang Ye witnessed the power of the rumors being misinterpreted at this side, Zhou Shijie also arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

At that time, there were only twenty minutes left before the business time ended.

"Little Boss Yuan, get me something to eat." Zhou Shijie said smilingly.

"Have a seat, please. Eat something too." Yuan Zhou reached out his hand and made a gesture.

"Of course. I won't be courteous then." Zhou Shijie nodded the head.

Zhou Shijie came here at this point of time just in order to eat. Then, he would talk about the proper business after the lunchtime time ended.

Zhou Shijie indicated that eating and proper business were equally important. After all, Yuan Zhou was a chef.