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580 Rumour

 Having eaten her fill, Jia Yi tidied up her makeup and then walked out of Yuan Zhou's restaurant with her back straightened. Only then did she heave a sigh.

"Hoo.... I'm so full!" Jia Yi patted her belly and let out an exhalation.

Of course, Jia Yi didn't do the actions conspicuously. After all, she was a pale, pretty, and wealthy girl that received a wonderful family education.

After Man Man finished her meal, she started to discuss Wu Hai's proposal with the others in the group. Naturally, it was about the Roast Goose.

[We have a new topic for discussion today. It's proposed by Brother Wu and me] from Man Man of The Dessert Shop.

[Um] from Great Painter Wu Hai Whose Name Is Still The Longest.

[Say it] from Tall, Wealthy And Handsome Ling Hong.

[Tell us. What proposal?] from Three-Lost Pretty Woman Jiang Changxi.

[Yeah, yeah. Is it about Boss Yuan?] from The Little Fan Of Boss Yuan Tang Xi.

[The spring festival is coming soon. I'm too busy and hadn't t been to the restaurant in a long time. Man Man, just say it] from Yin Ya Is Too Busy.

The queuing committee established a separate group for themselves. There were no other group members inside but only some regular customers who always had meals in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Besides, everyone in the group was required to add their real name, therefore, such weird net names came into being.

[About the Roast Goose, all regular customers know that it has to be shared with others, but those who come for the first time don't seem to know the rule. What shall we do?] from Man Man of The Dessert Shop.

[For example, none of us managed to eat the Roast Goose today] from Man Man of The Dessert Shop.

[Is there Roast Goose today? Who ordered it? Did anyone keep some for me? I'll be there right away.] from Tall, Wealthy And Handsome Ling Hong.

[Me, too. Keep some for me, too.] from Three-Lost Pretty Woman Jiang Changxi.

[It has already been eaten up. There are only some bones left. I didn't even take a bite] from Great Painter Wu Hai Whose Name Is Still The Longest.

Wu Hai's hard feelings could be clearly seen from his answer.

[Who ate it?] from Three-Lost Pretty Woman Jiang Changxi.

[A customer who had never been there] Man Man's answer was very concise.

Those several people then started a long discussion about who had eaten the Roast Goose. Even Man Man who had proposed the original topic first was distracted and thus changed the subject.

In the end, Tang Xi sent a question mark out after staying silent for a while.

[Speaking of which, weren't we discussing about how to avoid similar things happening again?] from The Little Fan Of Boss Yuan Tang Xi.

Once she sent it out, the group instantly fell silent.

"Well, Brother Wu. Don't change the subject, otherwise you won't have Roast Goose to eat in the future." Man Man stared at Wu Hai who was desperately tapping the screen of the phone at the side and said helplessly.

It was known that Wu Hai was the most active one when the topic was started in the group.

"Oh." Wu Hai raised the head and answered simply.

[I think everyone should contribute a message in every forum stating that the most scientific way of eating Roast Goose is to share it with others. What do you think?" Man Man bit her lips lightly and then tapped her phone ceaselessly, starting to reply.

[Okay. Let me design a format shortly. Anyone who's free can help spread it to other places] Yin Ya Is Too Busy answered first.

[No problem. I'm free in half an hour] The person who followed was Three-Lost Pretty Woman Jiang Changxi.

[I will spread it after eating] from Tall, Wealthy And Handsome Ling Hong.

After that, the remaining people started to agree, too. Where Yuan Zhou was concerned, Tang Xi was always the most active one.

[Don't worry. I have many different accounts and I will make the comments rise to the uppermost position] The Little Fan Of Boss Yuan Tang Xi said energetically.

"Brother Wu, you can't slack off, either. Hurry up and give your comments." Man Man took the phone and said to Wu Hai while walking out.

"Got it." Wu Hai waved his hand casually, but he still sat there quietly and continued staying in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

What a joke! Wu Hai would never leave the restaurant until the last minute of the business time. Of course, that only happened when he returned from a journey which lasted a few days.

Not to mention Man Man, even Yuan Zhou was already been used to Wu Hai's habits.

Therefore, Man Man didn't say anything more when she saw Wu Hai nod his head. As for Yuan Zhou, he just ignored Wu Hai's eager gaze.

"Boss Yuan will not cook another serving of the dish for you." Master Cheng looked at Wu Hai who almost lay down on the table and said.

"What do you know? At least I have learned under Boss Yuan for two days. You have never been taught even for one day." Wu Hai said proudly.

"Fine. You are right." Even if Master Cheng was a nice person, he felt quite embarrassed and almost couldn't refrain himself from scolding him.

Every time Master Cheng made fun of Wu Hai, Wu Hai would say the same words as above. The key point was that Master Cheng had no way to contradict him.

And that was the truth. Master Cheng was no more than a guest-pupil while Wu Hai had at least been seriously taught by Yuan Zhou for three days. As for the process, it wasn't important.

"Of course, my relationship with Boss Yuan is different from yours." Wu Hai said complacently.

If it wasn't for Yuan Zhou who was still busying in the kitchen not far away, Master Cheng really wanted to make fun of Wu Hai. Having thought for a while, however, he felt the learning of the culinary skills mattered more, thus he managed to refrain himself from doing so.

"Fortunately, everything will be back to normal two days later." Master Cheng comforted himself in the heart.

How long would two hours last? No more than 120 minutes, more specifically, 72 hundred seconds. It took more than one second just to breathe in and out. Therefore, the ime passed very quickly.

"Lunchtime has ended. See you in the evening." Yuan Zhou stood from the inside of the countertop and said politely and courteously.

This word indicated the termination of the business time at noon.

Zhou Jia and the last customer, Wu Hai, had barely left when Yuan Zhou's phone rang coincidentally.

"Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Ling". The faint sound of the phone vibrating could be heard from the drawer.

"Zi". Yuan Zhou pulled the drawer open and took out the phone. Then his brows knitted unconsciously.

"It's actually Chairman Zhou." Yuan Zhou took the phone and didn't answer it right away.

In his opinion, every time Zhou Shijie called him, it would be for some issue. Last time, he called Yuan Zhou to treat Chu Xiao a dinner and the time before was for going to France to accept Chu Xiao's treat.

"Um. He definitely called me for something again this time." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and didn't really wanted to answer it.

After all, he was very afraid of trouble.

However, the phone just kept ringing persistently. It seemed the phone would continue ringing until somebody answered it.

"Forget it. Let me see what he will say." Yuan Zhou muttered and then picked up the phone.

"Hi, Chairman Zhou." The first word of Yuan Zhou was the greeting.

"The lunch hour has just finished, hasn't it?" Chairman Zhou said with a mild tone.

"Um." Yuan Zhou answered simply and no longer said anything.

"It's like this. I have something to talk to you. I will be going to your restaurant next Monday." Zhou Shijie knew Yuan Zhou's temper well. After small talk, he directly brought out his point.

"What's the matter?" Yuan Zhou asked straightforwardly.

"You'll know by then. It's definitely a good thing." Zhou Shijie said with a mysterious tone.

"Alright." Yuan Zhou felt curious in the heart, but answered readily.

"Okay. Done." After saying that, Zhou Shijie hung off the phone.

"Next Monday. There are five days left before I will get to know that." Yuan Zhou also wanted to know about the good thing mentioned by Zhou Shijie.

However, he also knew that Zhou Shijie was a shrewd person even though he was old. If he appeared too curious, he would find it hard to refuse him later.

Rumors were the fastest thing that spread in the world and what was faster than that were rumors about Yuan Zhou's restaurant.