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579 Yuan Zhou’s Philosophy On Love

 Wu Hai, who totally depended on his sister, knew nothing about that. He was still debating with Jia Yi just to share some Roast Goose.

"Little girl, you'll suffer losses one day if you don't follow the instructions of the old." Wu Hai exaggerated things just to scare Jia Yi.

"Thank you, but I don't think you are old. Let me eat my goose first." No matter what Wu Hai said, Jia Yi just smiled but refused to share her Roast Goose with a resolute attitude.

"Look at the goose. If you eat it up, you'll definitely put on more than 2 kg." Wu Hai looked at the smooth and seemingly delicious Roast Goose before suddenly getting inspired, saying that.

"I exercise a lot, so it won't happen to me." Jia Yi moved the bowl and chopsticks towards herself and then said.

"How wasteful it is if you can't eat it up!" Wu Hai revealed a manner of "I'm helping you to solve the problem".

"Thank you. It's not necessary." Jia Yi still refused him with the usual tone.

"You are overdoing it. Aren't you open to any suggestions?" Wu Hai lay prone on the table and looked at the Roast Goose with a grieving manner.

However, Jia Yi didn't say anything. She just took up the chopsticks and prepared to eat.

"Tsk. It really looks oily. I am not sure if I can even eat it?" Looking at the Roast Goose shinning with the oil, Jia Yi also felt a little hesitant.

Though Jia Yi behaved quite unflappable in the face of Wu Hai, she also believed that she was unable to eat the goose up alone. Most girls probably wouldn't be able to.

However, she did not have the habit of sharing food with others, let alone with an unknown man.

"Actually, all of us share the Roast Goose together every time somebody orders it." At that moment, Man Man uttered hesitantly.

It was known to all that Yuan Zhou provided only three Roast Geese every month. Therefore, every time it was served, customers scrambled for it with great effort.

Moreover, most people could only eat most of the goose, but could not eat it entirely.

The words of "eat it entirely" here referred in particular to Wu Hai, who always chewed up every bone for its taste. One probably can eat anything one liked if one had good teeth.

Under such circumstances, the queuing committee notified the customers, hoping that some people could split the cost and share the goose together whenever the Roast Goose was served.

In this way, the conflicts could be reduced to the largest extent, and more importantly, it could reduce waste.

This proposal was welcomed by most customers. After all, a Roast Goose was worth of 5888 RMB and not everyone was wealthy enough to eat it without blinking.

Then, more customers could afford it. Of course, Wu Hai was against this proposal at the very beginning. After all, it was like taking food from his bowl. However, his objection was rejected by Jiang Changxi straightforwardly.

"Thank you." Jia Yi kept smiling, but began to feel impatient in the heart.

After all, was the Roast Goose really so delicious that everybody wanted to share a mouthful of it?

"I'm sorry for bothering you." Man Man was quite sensitive and thus she immediately found this problem. Then, she apologized at once and no longer bothered Jia Yi about it.

"Finally, I can eat something in silence." Jia Yi said inwardly.

However, other customers all felt despair. This was the last Roast Goose for this December. If they wanted to eat more, they had to wait until next month.

As Jia Yi didn't share the Roast Goose with others, the Roast Goose carried out by Yuan Zhou was an intact one, without being cut apart.

Jia Yi poked it with her chopsticks gently. The touch of the chopsticks and the Roast Goose emitted a clear and melodious sound of "Ka Ca".

The skin broke immediately, following the sound. Jia Yi directly picked up a piece of goose meat. It was wrapped in the skin and there was scalding gravy flowing out of the lean interior. And the inside was covered with sparkling oil droplets, which appeared quite greasy.

But now, Jia Yi didn't care about that anymore. She directly stuffed it into her mouth.

"Wow, it's so delicious." Jia Yi suddenly narrowed her eyes and said subconsciously.

As it was picked up by herself, the shape was actually irregular. The fat and lean weren't well-distributed, either. Even so, it didn't affect the taste of the Roast Goose.

The brown and crisp skin gave out a kind of sweetness like honey and the subcutaneous fat directly entered her mouth with a suck as if it were very smooth and tender tofu. Furthermore, it carried a little bit of the fragrance and sourness of sour plums, which straightforwardly neutralized the greasiness.

No. Leaving the grease aside, even the taste of the oil was pretty good. There was only the delicate fragrance of the goose meat without the usual harsh feeling of the meat itself. The lean meat wrapped inside was tender and had abundant gravy and thus tasted great.

Fortunately, Jia Yi had a very good family education. Except for the exclamation at the beginning, she said nothing more, merely eating the Roast Goose attentively.

During the process, she didn't forget to eat it along with the plain white rice. This time, however, she obtained some new feelings from eating it. Once the rice entered her mouth, it was wrapped in the gravy and grease, but that totally didn't affect the delicate fragrance of the rice grains.

The combination of both simply made people want to cry due to the delicious taste.

During the intervals of the meal, Jia Yi stopped to have a rest. Only then did she understand the minds of the people who kept pestering her just now.

After all, it was quite painful to look at such a delicious Roast Goose seated in front of them but not being able to eat it.

"I think I need to come again after the spring festival." Jia Yi couldn't help making an arrangement of another tour in Chengdu.

"Sigh... My Roast Goose." Seeing the Roast Goose becoming a skeleton slowly, Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and revealed a reluctant look.

"It does feel bad." Even Man Man couldn't help swallowing her saliva.

"I don't think it works this way. We must deliver an announcement that no one is allowed to order such a big Roast Goose alone. It's useless for us to complain here, so we must figure out a feasible regulation in order to establish it. Otherwise, the newcomers like her wouldn't know that at all." Wu Hai hardly ever spoke so primly.

Even Zheng Jiawei would feel surprised if he saw Wu Hai's prim attitude as such. During normal times, Wu Hai had never been seen to behave so seriously even when he sold his paintings.

"I think Brother Wu's proposal is fairly good. Let me sort it out and discuss about it in the group." Man Man responded immediately.

Hence, the attraction of the Roast Goose could be seen.

Just when Man Man discussed about the proposal in the group, Jia Yi also ate up the intact Roast Goose and a bowl of plain white rice gracefully and quickly.

Even the gravy that flowed in the plate from the Roast Goose was specially poured into the remaining rice and eaten up by Jia Yi.

"Girls' stomachs are a really amazing existence." Yuan Zhou couldn't help sighing with emotion inwardly.

When Yuan Zhou went out to look for delicacies, he always saw some girls eating less than even a sparrow. However, those girls in his restaurant ate even more than a man.

For example, Jiang Changxi who usually ate a serving of Egg Fried Rice and Egg Fried Rice Set.

Man Man who usually ate a serving of Clear Broth Noodle Soup and Dongpo Pig Knuckle.

And Yin Ya who ate no less than them, as well as Jia Yi who could eat up an intact Roast Goose just now.

"I hope my future girlfriend can eat a lot, too. Then, we can run together every day and spend more time together." Yuan Zhou thought in his heart.

Yuan Zhou's idea was very good. After all, he was busy all the time every day, thus when he was in the restaurant, he will not be able to spare much time to take care of his girlfriend. But if they can run together every day, they would have more time to communicate with each other and bond.

Yuan Zhou indicated that love required communication and interaction. He was very clear about that. After all, he was a prince charming that had abdominal muscles so it was a piece of cake to exercise together with his girlfriend.

"I feel so full." After eating the goose up, Jia Yi suddenly reacted and instantly felt stuffed in her stomach. Then she straightened her back in order to lessen the pressure on her belly.

Delicacies and a good figure cannot be reached at the same time, so she would rather take the delicacies rather than the good figure.

"How fearful! My Roast Goose is eaten up just like that?" Wu Hai ordered another dish again indignantly to comfort his wounded heart.