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578 Understanding

 "Ta Ta Ta". A succession of footsteps could be heard. As usual, Zheng Jiawei wore a white shirt with a lace collar and a sky-blue business suit with all the buttons buttoned up neatly. On the whole, he appeared attractive, capable and experienced.

Such a temperament definitely matched Zheng Jiawei.

"Hi, Mr. Zheng. I'm Zhou Xinsheng. I was the one who made this appointment with you." A man, who was dressed briskly in a business suit, walked to Zheng Jiawei in quick steps.

"Hi, Mr. Zhou." There were some gentleness and clearness in Zheng Jiawei's voice. It sounded a little shrill, but was full of enthusiasm.

"Don't be so courteous. Please sit here." Zhou Xinsheng turned his body hurriedly and started to lead the way.

"Sorry for bothering you." Zheng Jiawei nodded the head to express his gratitude.

"No, no bother. Our Manager Qin has been waiting for you inside and tea has been prepared." Zhou Xinsheng said that while leading the way.

"Thank you so much." Zheng Jiawei kept walking forward and meanwhile, didn't stop the small talk.

"Dong Dong Dong. Manager Qin, Mr. Zheng is here." When they arrived at a door, Zhou Xinsheng went up first and knocked on the door.

"Come on in, please." There came a middle-aged man's voice from inside.

"Zhi Ya". Zhou Xinsheng opened the wooden door and then he let Zheng Jiawei into the room first.

"Hi, Manager Qin. Sorry to keep you waiting." Zheng Jiawei entered the door and smiled with an apologetic manner on his face.

"No, it was not very long. I know you are a busy man." It was a middle-aged man who was called Manager Qin. He had a plain look, but his eyes brimmed with strong vigor.

"We are just a small business. How can we compare to you, the general manager of Jingyun Company? You are much busier than us." Zheng Jiawei made small talk while he was getting seated.

Jingyun Company was a cultural and recreation company. With Zheng Jiawei's network, he had already known why Manager Qin came for him, but he didn't intend to talk about that first.

These obviously flattering words sounded very sincere and earnest when they were uttered by Zheng Jiawei.

"Haw-haw. Little Zheng, you overestimated me. You are the best agent in our circle." Manager Qin smiled happily and meanwhile, he reached out his thumb and praised Zheng Jiawei.

"Manager Qin, you are too courteous. Why did you invite me here for?" As Zheng Jiawei was still concerned about his luggage, he didn't go around in circles, but asked straightforwardly.

"Little Zheng is a direct person. Let me say it straight. I also went to the exchange of pointers meeting held in France last time." Manager Qin kept smiling and said.

"It seems you also like art." Zheng Jiawei didn't ask anything more as if he weren't interested in this subject.

"Of course. We, the Jingyun Company, have signed a fairly good newcomer recently and he wants to work with you, Little Zheng." Manager Qin said intimate words like 'we' or 'Little Zheng' whenever he talked with Zheng Jiawei.

"I'm sorry. People in this circle all know my situation. I'm afraid that I have to disappoint you." Zheng Jiawei refused flatly.

Too many people had been trying to headhunt him these few years, the movie stars, writers and every industry that required an agent or assistant. Almost all had tried to headhunt him like this and Zheng Jiawei was already been used to that.

"Little Zheng, I came to talk to you about this matter very sincerely. What do you think of this price?" Zheng Jiawei's refusal came as no surprise, so he remained calm and just reached out his hand to make a gesture.

The price really astonished Zheng Jiawei. The maximum price that others had offered him was three times his current salary, but this Manager Qin offered him more than 5 times his current salary.

"Of course, there are also other benefits. For example, everything can be decided by you without interference. Every able person will also get the best and utmost career development in our Jingyun Company. No matter in networking or ability-wise, I think you are the best." Seeing Zheng Jiawei say nothing, Manager Qin became relieved halfway and then continued saying.

Actually, Manager Qin also used great efforts in this high-priced headhunting activity. Manager Qin, as it were, had never seen such a person like Zheng Jiawei, who had such a high ability but still dealt with things extremely mildly. And that just made people feel comfortable.

"Thank you for your appraisal, Manager Qin." Zheng Jiawei first thanked GM Qin's appraisal earnestly, but didn't give an answer about the job-hopping.

"Don't be courteous, Little Zheng. We will be colleagues in one company later." Manager Qin waved his hand smilingly and let Zheng Jiawei not take it to heart.

Zhou Xinsheng also chimed in continuously at the side, saying, "Yeah. Mr. Zheng's capabilities can be seen by everyone. Everyone in our circle knows about that."

Actually, the reason why Jingyun didn't mind giving such a high price and preferential conditions to poach Zheng Jiawei was that Zheng Jiawei showed great working capabilities in the exchange of pointers meeting held in France.

Zheng Jiawei carried the burden of all the communication and arrangement work alone. The reason why Wu Hai could become the best young artist now, besides his paintings being truly excellent, was because of Zheng Jiawei's contribution.

And that resulted in the scene today.

"Manager Qin, Mr. Zhou, you are too courteous. Thank you for your kindness. However, I'm afraid that I cannot agree." Zheng Jiawei smiled and said with an apologetic tone.

"Mr. Zheng, why don't you think about it carefully?" Zhou Xinsheng got very surprised at first and then tried to persuade him.

"Yeah. Little Zheng, you can think about it carefully and discreetly. The remuneration and conditions provided by Jingyun are really not bad." Having fallen silent for a while, Manager Qin said now.

"Thank you for your kindness. But I think you know that I love Wu Lin. I love her very much." Speaking of Wu Lin, Zheng Jiawei revealed a smile that contained a lot of happiness.

Naturally, Manager Qin and Zhou Xinsheng knew that the Wu Lin referred to by Zheng Jiawei was Wu Hai's younger sister. But so what? This was about career development and plenty of alluring money. Who could refuse these two aspects? What's more, Zheng Jiawei's capabilities were indeed underutilized while working for Wu Hai, at least for now.

"Of course. Little Zheng is really reputable in this circle for your integrity. But since you love her so much, she will presumably understand you." Manager Qin said affirmatively.

"And moreover, this matter is related to your future career development." Zhou Xinsheng said that right after Manager Qin.

"Yeah, she will indeed understand me, but I don't want her to have the chance to understand me. Thank you, both of you." Zheng Jiawei nodded the head and then said affirmatively.

"Little Zheng, you won't have such a good opportunity again if you miss this one." Manager Qin said with sincere words and earnest wishes.

"Thank you very much." Zheng Jiawei revealed a faint smile on the face, but didn't intend to change his mind.

"Okay. I hope we can have a chance to cooperate next time." Manager Qin looked at the determined gaze of Zheng Jiawei and said that after he burst into laughter.

"I look forward to cooperating with you in the future. Thank you." Zheng Jiawei stood up said smilingly.

"Let's have dinner together?" GM Qin turned to propose that.

"No, thank you. I have an appointment." Zheng Jiawei looked happy and sweet as if he had a date with his girlfriend.

"Okay. I won't hold back the young people's sweet time. Little Zhou, see Little Zheng out." Manager Qin burst into laughter and turned his head before saying to Zhou Xinsheng.

"Sorry for bothering you." Zheng Jiawei didn't refuse that. He just let Zhou Xinsheng see him get into his own car and then drove away.

When he passed by the crossroads, Zheng Jiawei suddenly laughed out, "Lin Lin, I love you so much."

The way Zheng Jiawei said that was soft and gentle.

That's right. Zheng Jiawei knew that even if he chose Jingyun today, Wu Lin wouldn't have an opinion and she would understand him. It was a necessity for further career development.

However, Zheng Jiawei didn't want Wu Lin to try to understand that, not at all, even if the price was so alluring and surpassed his so much.

If others knew the matter that Zheng Jiawei turning down Jingyun, they would probably envy that Wu Hai had a younger sister, again.

After all, Wu Hai had such a dutiful agent because of his younger sister...