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577 Headhunting

 Wu Hai took out his phone and found that Yuan Zhou had replied to him. However, he didn't tap the message open at once, but opened the contacts directly and started to make a phone call.

Wu Hai's fingers appeared pale because of the shortage of sunshine and his knuckles were quite thick, which made them appear flexible and strong. He straightforwardly dialed Wu Lin's phone number.

"Du... Du...". The phone was only answered after it rang for a while.

"It's me. Awake?" Wu Hai said.

"Wu Hai! Are you out of your mind? You called me at this time and ask me if I'm awake? Of course not." Wu Lin's roar directly came from the other end of the phone.

"Well, you seem to be awake now. Go to buy some medicines for headache, common cold and sore throat." Having paid no attention to Wu Lin's roar, Wu Hai only minded his own business and instructed Wu Lin.

"If you are sick, you go to see a doctor by yourself. What do you call me for?" Wu Lin said angrily.

"Though you are a woman, you are manlier than me. But I reckon you must know how to boil the ginger decoction. Now boil a bowl of thick ginger decoction and put it aside. You'll find it useful about one hour later." Wu Hai knitted his brows and thought carefully for a while and then said again.

"Even if you are my brother, I want to beat you to death. If you are sick, go to see a doctor. Don't call me." Wu Lin said indignantly. However, she still got up and put on her clothes neatly with one hand.

"Not for me. It's Zheng Jiawei." Wu Hai directly said.

"What? Jiawei is sick? Why didn't you tell me earlier?" After saying that, Wu Lin straightforwardly hung up the phone and began to call Zheng Jiawei.

Having made the phone call, Wu Hai tapped Yuan Zhou's message open and started to read as if nothing had happened.

"This guy is really heartless and merciless." When he saw Yuan Zhou's message, Wu Hai instantly felt tired in his heart, even more tired when he had to drive back by himself with the help of GPS.

He had flown for more than 10 hours and had no delicacies to eat. It was way too cruel for Wu Hai.

Nonetheless, Wu Hai didn't reply Yuan Zhou. Instead, he directly switched on the GPS on his phone and prepared to go back home for a rest. Then, he could get up early the next morning and go to eat breakfast.

After all, Wu Hai hadn't eaten anything for over a day. Without the dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Wu Hai was just capricious like that.

Wu Hai was more capricious towards the dishes ever since his stomach had been cured.

Having known that Zheng Jiawei got sick, Wu Lin hung up the phone and directly called him.

Wu Lin's instructions were simple and to the point.

"Sit well in the car. I'm going to your place and will wait for you there. The medicines and ginger decoction will be prepared for you." Wu Lin didn't say anything more.

"Thank you, Lin Lin. I will." With his voice containing some gentleness of fondness, Zheng Jiawei nodded his head smilingly and responded to Wu Lin's instructions one by one.

"Um. Now close your eyes and take a rest. You'll be home very soon." Wu Lin said gently.

After Zheng Jiawei got home, he was naturally taken good care of by Wu Lin and they had a warm time together. Meanwhile, Wu Hai drove for three hours before he returned home.

As soon as he arrived home, he went to bed and fell asleep immediately.

The following day, Wu Hai became spirited again. Without the help of the alarm clock, he woke up before Yuan Zhou opened his restaurant.

"Well, it seems that my biological clock hasn't been ruined." Wu Hai checked the time and said with satisfaction.

After he washed up and went downstairs, Wu Hai encountered the baby-faced girl.

The baby-faced girl instantly revealed a faint smile on the face. She took a look at Wu Hai, but didn't go up and greet him, not even giving him another glance.

"Yo. You are back." Ling Hong went up and patted Wu Hai's shoulder heavily and then said with a smile.

"Go away. You have nothing but long legs." Wu Hai said angrily.

"Of course. After all, you have only two tufts of small mustaches, but don't have my long legs." Ling Hong shook his legs complacently.

"My mustaches are more characteristic than your legs." Wu Hai said proudly.

"Yeah, you are right. Your mustaches are really characteristic." Ling Hong shook his head with a funny look.

"Of course." Wu Hai totally didn't know anything about courtesy. He straightforwardly received the seemingly complimentary words.

"Morning." Once Man Man saw Wu Hai, she immediately greeted him.

"Um." Wu Hai answered simply and directly nodded the head.

When Man Man greeted him, she specially stole a glance at the baby-faced girl at the side and then found she really didn't have any special behavior. The baby-faced girl didn't really appear very happy and still remained the same with how she felt before Wu Hai left.

"Didn't she like him? Wu Hai's mustaches truly have such magical use as to provide people with a sense of security." Man Man muttered inwardly.

She didn't know that people constantly spoke about a sense of security. However, a pomelo, a neon sign, or a cover of a manhole could all provide people with an inexplicable sense of security.

No one knew if it was because she had always lacked a sense of security.

Of course, Wu Hai's small mustaches were much better than the pomelo, neon sigh or the cover of a manhole at this point.

Naturally, Wu Hai didn't know about these things. He was only waiting to eat the breakfast.

Once the business time commenced, Wu Hai rushed into the restaurant and immediately ordered the dishes. Then he sat tight and just waited to eat.

"Morning." Yuan Zhou greeted him first.

"Morning. Boss Yuan, can I eat more breakfast today? I haven't eaten anything for two days." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said with a pitiful look.

Yuan Zhou took a look at Wu Hai and didn't say anything.

Of course, this behaviour obviously meant refusal. For the Welcoming Set Meal served this time, however, he found the water was slightly warm.

Naturally, Wu Hai wasn't a person that talked much. He straightforwardly drank up the water and began to eat breakfast. In the face of delicacies and Yuan Zhou, the delicacies apparently mattered more.

After breakfast, he waited for lunch. And after lunch, he naturally waited for the dinner. This was the lifestyle of Wu Hai.

Thus, Wu Hai started to wait for lunch. It was lucky that the interval time between the two meals was very short. Therefore, the lunchtime commenced soon.

Even if Wu Hai was so proactive, it wasn't him but the girl, Jia Yi, who waited at the first spot.

It was of course due to Zhou Jia's information. She was waiting here to eat the Roast Goose.

"Surprisingly, I am not the first." Wu Hai whispered to himself. However, he didn't really care about that. It made no difference being first or the second.

"Lunchtime will start now. The first ten customers, please come on in." Zhou Jia said loudly and melodiously.

"An Elaborate Roast Goose and a bowl of plain white rice of 100 Styles of Rice Cuisines. The payment has been transferred to you." Jia Yi immediately began to order dishes even before she got seated.

This was actually told to Jia Yi by Zhou Jia. Apparently, Jia Yi listened to Zhou Jia and followed her instructions carefully. And that was why Zhou Jia ordered the dishes so quickly.

"Okay. One minute, please." Zhou Jia nodded the head smilingly and directly ordered the dishes.

"Wait. Do you have the Roast Goose today? I also want one. Keep some for me." Wu Hai reacted quickly and said that.

"You have to ask Jia Yi about that, Brother Wu." Zhou Jia gestured toward Jia Yi who ordered that dish.

"Hi, beauty. A Roast Goose is too big for you to eat up. Why not share? I can pay you." Wu Hai looked at Jia Yi and then found he didn't actually know her. Therefore, he immediately said politely.

"No need. I am used to eating alone." Jia Yi shook the head with a smile.

"If you don't eat it up, you'll be blacklisted. I don't think it's a good idea for you. Let's share and I can pay a bit more money." Wu Hai frowned and said with a hurried tone while looking at the hectic Yuan Zhou.

"I'm just here to travel." Jia Yi said with an uncaring tone.

"This is way too wasteful. Listen to me. We can share this Roast Goose every time." It was rare for Wu Hai to persuade someone patiently.

"Really, I don't need it." Jia Yi smiled gently as usual, but she still refused with a resolute attitude.

"I only need a leg." Wu Hai said with a manner of "I'm so generous."

Nonetheless, Jia Yi was a little helpless, thus she didn't answer him anymore.

Just as Wu Hai wanted to eat the Roast Goose by asking her again and again, he didn't know somebody was about to headhunt his own agent Zheng Jiawei at the same time.