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576 Wu Hai And Zheng Jiawei

 When there were only ten minutes left before lunchtime commenced, the girl with black-framed glasses arrived again. However, she didn't go to line up straightforwardly, but walked straight towards Zhou Jia.

"Jia Jia, is there Roast Goose today?" The girl with black-framed glasses didn't carry her big backpack this time, but still wore easy-to-move-about clothing. As usual, she spoke gently.

"I'm sorry, Jia Yi. Boss Yuan didn't cook this dish today." Zhou Jia looked at the girl and said with an apologetic tone.

"Okay. Thank you, Jia Jia." The girl with black-framed glasses, namely, the girl called Jia Yi by Zhou Jia, lightly nodded her head and then left.

"Wait. Jia Yi, how long will you stay here?" Zhou Jia asked hesitantly.

"About five days." Jia Yi thought carefully for a while and then said.

"Well, I heard there was a patch of lavender outside the third ring road and you can make the essential oils by yourself. Are you interested in going there for a look?" Zhou Jia racked her brains and suddenly thought of the matter that she was told by others. Then she smiled and told her immediately.

"Okay. I'll go there and look around today. Thank you." Jia Yi said happily.

"You are welcome. Goodbye." Zhou Jia waved her hand and said goodbye.

Once Jia Yi left, Zhou Jia immediately turned the head and took a look at Yuan Zhou. By then, there were only five minutes left before business time would commence. It appeared that Zhou Jia wanted to say something, but felt embarrassed to speak.

Zhou Jia turned the head repeatedly. In less than two minutes, she had turned the head for quite a few times.

"It shouldn't be very busy at noon today." When Zhou Jia turned the head again, Yuan Zhou suddenly said that.

"Ah? Never mind, boss. I'm not tired." Zhou Jia answered subconsciously.

"Um." Seeing the earnest expression on her face, Yuan Zhou only nodded the head without saying anything.

"Boss, actually I want to ask a question." Zhou Jia said in one go.

Yuan Zhou didn't answer if she could or not, but gave her some attention. He stopped his hands and looked at Zhou Jia.

"Well, a person has been asking about the Roast Goose for a whole week. I want to ask when this dish will be served again." Zhou Jia asked straightforwardly. After that, however, she felt a little uneasy.

Previously, she had never asked Yuan Zhou about the arrangement of any specific dishes and just worked hard every time. Having asked that in this way for the first time, Zhou Jia felt a little bit perturbed. After all, there were indeed quite a few people who came to ask about the Roast Goose every day.

"What shall I answer if Boss Yuan asks me why I ask so?" Zhou Jia slapped herself secretly in her heart and felt a little regretful.

"Within these few days, but it is still unconfirmed." Yuan Zhou said lightly.

Though Yuan Zhou didn't tell her the exact time, he told her it would be served within these few days and that was already considered his the best answer. After all, Yuan Zhou hadn't said things like it depended on the mood of the goose or himself.

"I'm sorry, boss." Zhou Jia lowered her head and was a little uneasy.

"Never mind." Yuan Zhou didn't really care about that and nor did he ask why Zhou Jia inquired about that.

"Um. Thank you, boss. You are a nice person." Zhou Jia appeared to be touched and then said without the least hesitation.

On hearing that, however, Yuan Zhou didn't feel very happy. Are you kidding! Aren't the words "You are a nice person" given to those nice guys that wouldn't be able to find a girlfriend?

"I'm not a nice person." Yuan Zhou contradicted her with a solemn look and added inwardly that "I'm a prince charming."

"Well, you are always right." Zhou Jia was accustomed to the way Yuan Zhou spoke, thus she just said replied with a smile.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't find anything wrong. He returned to his position and wiped the azure stone countertop again before washing his hands, preparing for the customers' order.

After she got Yuan Zhou's sort-of-affirmative answer, Zhou Jia was very happy. When the closing time arrived, she immediately sent a text to Jia Yi to tell her this good news.

Jia Yi was a person anyone could feel close with. Even if Zhou Jia knew later that she was actually a pale, pretty and wealthy girl, she still liked her very much.

On the contrary, she felt that Jia Yi was even better. Because of that, Zhou Jia helped her to ask Yuan Zhou concerning this question. If it were others, she wouldn't say anything, not to mention going to bother Yuan Zhou.

After all, Zhou Jia respected Yuan Zhou very much.

One day passed very soon and so did Yuan Zhou's busy day. Even the business time of the pub came to an end.

"Ding Dong". Yuan Zhou's phone suddenly rang. It was an alert that there were new messages from QQ.

"It's so late. Who's that?" Yuan Zhou took up the phone and had a look.

Yuan Zhou was somebody that had a QQ account, though his contacts were even less than 10. Therefore, he would have a look at them every time there was new messages, but he wouldn't reply every time.

The messages appeared to come from Wu Hai.

[Yo. I am back in Chengdu. Asking for a midnight snack] from Great Drawer Wu.

"This guy came back so quickly?" Yuan Zhou was a little surprised upon reading the message. Suddenly, he smiled and started to type a reply on his phone.

[No. Sleeping] from Boss Yuan.

After Yuan Zhou replied to him, he directly put down the phone and muted it. Then, he washed up and went to sleep. He had never intended to wait for Wu Hai's replies.

Having barely landed, Wu Hai didn't take his phone out to read immediately though he had heard the phone ringing. He stroked his small mustaches and said to Zheng Jiawei at the side.

"You take a taxi back. I drive by myself." Wu Hai said to Zheng Jiawei who was pushing their luggage beside him, empty-handed.

"Little Hai, let me drive you back first." Zheng Jiawei said with a soft tone.

"No need. I said I can drive back by myself." Wu Hai always sounded impatient when he repeated his own words.

"But Little Hai, you don't know the way back." Zheng Jiawei looked at Wu Hai with a helpless look on his face.

Apparently, Wu Hai was a little older than Zheng Jiawei. However, when Zheng Jiawei looked at Wu Hai like that, he felt like the parent and Wu Hai was a kid that caused trouble for nothing.

"I can go anywhere with the GPS." Wu Hai said indifferently.

"Don't do that, Little Hai. Let's get out of here first. Then, I will drive you back so that you can have a rest." Zheng Jiawei's tone was obviously a little weak and his complexion was also a little pale.

"Give me the key." Wu Hai paid no attention to Zheng Jiawei, but reached out his hands to ask for the key.

"Little Hai, you don't know the way, though you have the GPS. But if it tells you to turn right at about 100 meters ahead, do you know how far 100 meters is? And you can't even distinguish the four directions. Listen to me. Let me drive you back." Zheng Jiawei didn't seem to be comfortable, but he still tried to persuade him patiently.

"Stop it. Give me the key." Wu Hai said persistently.

"Alright. Send a message to me when you get home." Zheng Jiawei compromised helplessly and then handed the key to Wu Hai.

"Um. Let's talk about that later. You take a taxi by yourself." Wu Hai took the key, pushed the suitcases and went directly to the parking lot downstairs.

"Little Hai, be careful." Zheng Jiawei shouted behind Wu Hai.

Wu Hai nevertheless just responded with waving his hand.

"Ta Ta Ta". While walking forward, Zheng Jia raised the hand and rubbed his forehead.

Just like that, he got out of the airport. Though it was late at night, there were still many empty cabs outside that waited to pick up the passengers that returned.

"This guy even took my luggage away." After he got on the cab, Zheng Jiawei found Wu Hai had taken all their luggage.

At the other side, Wu Hai located his own car neatly and put all their luggage inside. After he sat in the driver's seat, he didn't start the engine immediately, but instead, took out his phone.