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575 I Can’t Afford it!

 As Lee Yanyi held the pen, the pen point drew across the smooth paper, emitting a "Sha Sha" sound.

[I believe that a good chef is capable of drawing out the best taste of the ingredients. Till now, this opinion of mine is still correct. But I must add another opinion now.]

[The new one is that a top chef should also know the growth and details of every ingredient. Only in this way can he grasp the subtle taste and change.]

[I'm very lucky today to come across such a chef. He knows all ingredients that he himself has processed including the place of origin and how to plant them. Presumably, he can be a top-notch agricultural talent even if he isn't in the industry of cooking.]

With the sound of "Shua Shua" being heard without an end, Lee Yanyi spoke highly of Yuan Zhou. Furthermore, he wrote very quickly.

In less than an hour, Lee Yanyi had written thousands of characters at great length, of which he described in detail the lemon water from Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Everything, from the cup to how to adapt to each person's personal preferences and the attention the chef paid to the customers' physical health were all set forth completely with concise words.

Such a review was very interesting and rich in content to read. That was also the point why Lee Yanyi's gourmet reviews were liked by others.

"Dong Dong Dong". Three knocks at the door sounded regularly and orderly.

"Come on in." Lee Yanyi set down the pen and then said.

"Teacher, I came to take your review." As soon as Yan Jia entered the door, he directly said.

"Um. Take it. When it's published, you may upload the content to the internet." Lee Yanyi nodded his head and then said.

"Okay. I'm leaving now, teacher." Yan Jia nodded his head and took the note seriously.

"Go ahead." Lee Yanyi waved his hand and then took out a book to read.

Yan Jia took the manuscript on the table and then shut the office door lightly. He was prepared to bring it to the person in charge and send it to the magazine office.

Lee Yanyi contributed to that magazine every month, but the time wasn't fixed. Every time Lee Yanyi's gourmet review was published, however, that issue would sell out quickly.

Therefore, the people of the magazine office didn't feel that Lee Yanyi was troublesome at all. Instead, he was very popular. After all, they usually came into contact with the nice guy, Yan Jia, rather than Lee Yanyi, who always spoke sharply.

"Little Wu, this is the manuscript from my teacher. Please do send it over by yourself." Yan Jia gave the manuscript to a young man who was waiting downstairs.

"Okay. Rest assure, Brother Yan. You have my word." The young man gave a soldier-like salute, then he turned around and ran to the parking lot quickly to get his electrical vehicle.

Having finished the work arranged by Lee Yanyi, Yan Jia sat back on his seat and prepared to be summoned for a meeting.

As soon as he returned to his seat, however, he found Lee Yanyi walked to him quickly with big strides.

"Where's the manuscript? Don't publish it." Lee Yanyi furrowed the brows and stared at Yan Jia.

"Hua". Yan Jia suddenly stood up and then answered.

"Little Wu has just taken the manuscript and left." Yan Jia said clearly.

"Call it back and don't publish it." Lee Yanyi said neatly.

"Okay." Yan Jia nodded the head and immediately called Little Wu.

After he told him in the phone to send the manuscript back, Yan Jia hung up the phone.

"Teacher, is there anything wrong with the manuscript?" Having done that, Yan Jia asked with puzzlement.

After all, it was the first time that Lee Yanyi had called back a manuscript, therefore, Yan Jia felt rather strange in his heart.

"Never mind. After you get it, send it back to my office." Lee Yanyi's knitted brows slightly relaxed. Then, he turned around and went back into his office.

"Okay." Yan Jia nodded the head and didn't continue asking.

After he came back into the office, Lee Yanyi said inwardly.

"Fortunately, I'm quick-witted. I almost got cheated by that list of ingredients and help to advertise his restaurant. Humph. I have to wait in line for a long time even now. If I help him publicize it, I will probably not have a chance to eat anymore!"

"That Little Brat Yuan is so fraudulent!"

Lee Yanyi said with a complacent tone as if he had done a very smart thing. After all, he wasn't cheated by Yuan Zhou, in his opinion.

While Lee Yanyi kept his manuscript unpublished at his side, the business time for dinner had also arrived at Yuan Zhou's side.

At that moment, a girl who was carrying a big backpack on her back walked into the restaurant. She seemed quite strange because the backpack was even taller than her.

It was the kind mostly used by the backpackers and the kind that could have objects placed above it. The things placed on the backpack had surpassed the girl's head.

Even so, the girl still remained calm on the surface.

Once she entered the restaurant and found a seat, she put the backpack behind her chair carefully and then revealed a benign smile.

"Hi, what do you want to eat?" Zhou Jia asked courteously.

"I heard that you serve very delicious Roast Goose here?" The girl was wearing black-framed glasses did not seem very beautiful. However, she carried a manner of geniality with her. She was dressed in skiwear that was easy to move about and black, dirt-resistant pants.

"Yeah, it's the Elaborate Roast Goose. The taste is indeed very good." Zhou Jia said quite gently.

"Please get me a Roast Goose and a bowl of plain white rice. Thank you." The girl said softly with a smile.

"Sorry. We only provide three Roast Goose each month and the time isn't fixed. So this dish isn't available today. Besides that, the plain white rice only exists in the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisines." Zhou Jia explained to her one by one.

"Oh, really? May I just ask if this Roast Goose requires 5888 RMB?" The girl pushed her black-framed glasses upward and got a little surprised.

That's right. The arrival of the girl was all because of a kind-hearted person, namely Tan Song, who spoke highly of Yuan Zhou's restaurant everywhere. By accident, he did the same in a backpackers' website where most backpackers gathered.

And that attracted the girl's attention thus resulting in the scene today. Nonetheless, the girl just didn't expect a Roast Goose to require 5888 RMB in such a small restaurant.

Of course, the girl had also eaten more expensive dishes than this one. For such kind of surroundings, however, the price was indeed very high.

Moreover, the girl had already set a limit on her travel expenses every time she went out.

"Yes, but don't worry. The taste deserves the price." Zhou Jia nodded the head and added.

The girl seemed to be really warm. It was known that Zhou Jia had already been used to the customers' queries, but she rarely said such kind of words like just now.

"Okay. What dishes would you recommend today?" The girl nodded the head with the smile and then she said.

"Okay." Zhou Jia also revealed a faint smile and nodded the head, preparing to make a recommendation.

Just at that moment, the girl stopped Zhou Jia.

"Wait. No need." Even if she was interrupting others, the girl still said unhurriedly.

"What's the matter?" Zhou Jia didn't get angry although she was interrupted; instead, she asked that.

"Here's the thing. The dishes are too expensive. I'd rather wait to eat the Roast Goose." The girl said earnestly and frankly.

"No problem. Then, do come back next time." Zhou Jia nodded her head.

"Goodbye. See you next time." The girl took the backpack and then left.

From the moment she knew about the high price at the beginning, to the end when she said frankly that she couldn't afford it, the girl had appeared quite natural and straightforward, without any embarrassment.

Just because of that, Zhou Jia liked her very much.